Indianapolis Colts: Why LB Pat Angerer Will Earn League Respect in 2012

Kathleen So@@kathleensoCorrespondent IIJuly 30, 2012

Indianapolis Colts: Why LB Pat Angerer Will Earn League Respect in 2012

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    A few important details and new additions will help linebacker Pat Angerer thrive in 2012.

    The Indianapolis Colts have completely restructured their staff and team.

    Much of the focus this season will be on new rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and how the offense fares under his leadership. But the Colts will see big things happen on the defensive end as well.

    Pat Angerer is a fairly new player to the team, but he is quickly making a name for himself in Indianapolis.

    The Colts will need to see some of his best performances this season. And when they do, Angerer will be noticed and will earn the respect of the NFL in 2012.

Angerer’s Track Record

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    2012 will be Angerer’s third season with the Indianapolis Colts.

    While he hasn’t played pro football for very long, if he improves on his numbers from last season, he will likely gain attention from players and coaches throughout the league.

    Angerer has already seen a lot of improvement in his performance from 2010 to 2011. Last season, he racked up 148 total tackles. Of that total, 70 were assisted and 78 were solo tackles.

    Angerer solidified his role on the Colts by leading the defense in number of tackles. According to a player analysis from, Angerer was a “tackling machine for the Colts in 2011.”

    After last season, it looks like he’s already being noticed.

New Additions

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    Angerer and the rest of the Colts defense have a few new resources to work with in 2012.

    New defensive coordinator Greg Manusky and head coach Chuck Pagano are likely bringing a 3-4 defensive scheme to the team.

    The two coaches bring a lot of defensive experience, and a lot of the focus of this season will be on building up the Colts’ linemen to solidify a tight 3-4 setup.

    Angerer will gain a lot more knowledge and opportunities with these two coaches taking charge of the Colts defense.

Room for Improvement

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    Expect Angerer to be a key component to the Colts defense.

    He can only improve from last season.

    The Colts are coming off of one of their worst seasons in franchise history, and now with the hype of a completely remodeled team, all eyes will be on Indianapolis.

    This is the best opportunity for Angerer to improve his performance and become a reliable linebacker for the Colts defense.

    If Angerer can deliver even bigger defensive play in 2012, he will definitely gain respect throughout the league.