WWE Raw 1000: 10 Reasons Why It Didn't Live Up to the Expectations

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJuly 25, 2012

WWE Raw 1000: 10 Reasons Why It Didn't Live Up to the Expectations

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    Raw 1000 has come and gone. The monumental show has garnered mixed reactions from the WWE Universe, but is a huge milestone nonetheless. 

    While Raw 1000 was full of moments we'll never forget, did it really live up to all the hype and the lofty expectations? 

    To put it simply, NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! 

    Here are a few reasons why...

No Surprising Legends

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    While we had a few nostalgic treats during Raw 1000, I was kind of disappointed by the legends we saw. Most of the legends were the ones we've seen destroy Heath Slater over the past few weeks. The other main legends we saw were ones that we see a lot throughout the year at different big shows like Hacksaw, Mean Gene, Trish, and the Fink. 

    We did have some happy surprises in Lita, the APA and DX, but for the 1000th episode I really expected to see a few more big names that we haven't seen for some time like Ultimate Warrior or even Goldberg. 

    On a night when Vince was "pulling out all the stops", I expected a little more than the same few we've seen for the last month. 

Not Enough Story Line

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    Again, WWE was able to fit a few storyline pieces into the night with HHH and Lesnar (although it was in no way a surprise), AJ becoming GM (because WWE weddings NEVER get interrupted), and Punk possibly turning Heel. 

    In three hours of a huge, historic, awesome extravaganza you give the WWE Universe three stories? THREE?

    At least to me, it seems like you would want to make something big happen. Have some huge, epic, events that fans can take away from the show that can carry on throughout the summer.

    Punk kinda sorta turning heel is not that much of an earth-shattering kaboom, especially if he doesn't go full heel.

    No story lines made or addressed for anyone not named Daniel, AJ, CM, John, Hunter or Brock? Color me unimpressed.  

Weak Matches

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    WWE is still pretending to have wrestling right? I understand that you want fans to be involved in social media, and know about how important it is to stop bullying, and how crazy it is that there's a wedding in a WWE ring, but shouldn't you have some matches? 

    Having a three hour show and having just a couple of matches? Kind of weak. Not only was there a low number of matches, they weren't all that good.

    Miz and Christian was solid, Punk and Cena was ok, but the rest? Nothing special.  

    Brodus squashing Swagger for no reason? I thought we were done with three-second squash matches for the "Funkasaurus"

    I guess I was wrong. 

Nothing New

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    Throughout the evening there were a few times that it looked like the WWE was going to give the fans something new, a breath of fresh air from what we've been seeing with the holding pattern WWE has been in since Money in the Bank. 

    Every time something new was popping up, it was put down immediately. The Jobbers who were tired of jobbing who wanted to take out Kane in a Nexus-esque picture? Demolished by Kane and Undertaker for a cheap pop with the crowd. Damien Sandow making noise against DX? Another cheap reaction. 

    The WWE didn't really give us anything different from what we've seen so far this summer. Starting a new era of the WWE while adding an extra hour of show was a great opportunity to start something new and monumental. 

    Brodus beating someone in four seconds? Nothing new...

Too Many Commercials

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    This wasn't really a part of the show, but it was darn irritating and really took away from the momentum of Raw 1000. 

    It felt like there were 1,000 commercials. They seemed to time it perfectly to happen after each and every segment, even if it was a two minute recap of one of the three minute matches that was interrupted by a five minute commercial break. 

    If moving into the three hour era means that we're going to have the same amount of Raw with way more commercials, I'll take two hours any day. 

Social Media Bombardment

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    While the WWE's utilization of social media is going to be important to the overall product seeming new and interactive, they need to pump the brakes. 

    The constant touts, tweets, and plugs for social media and all the attempts at integrating the product was really over the top for one night. 

    We'd get rolling with the show and then have all of the momentum taken away from a video of a fan in his bedroom saying "Cena is the best."

    More matches and story, less social media. 

Where Are the Young Guys?

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    WWE has some great young talent on the roster and coming up through FCW. With names like Cesaro, Sandow, Kidd, Gabriel, Ryback, Steamboat, Rollins, Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, the WWE has a very bright future...shouldn't we have got a glimpse of it?

    The WWE used the 1000th episode to pay homage to a lot of the guys who were in episodes 1-1,000, but what about the guys who will be here for the next 1,000? Why not use a night with one of the largest viewing audiences to showcase some new talent? What better way to debut Ambrose, Rollins, or Steamboat than the biggest episode of the summer?

    Going in to the epic Raw 1000, I really expected to see the legends along with some new faces...instead I got Mae Young's "son".  

Where Are the Belts?

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    Another underwhelming part of Raw 1000 was the lack of champions. Raw 1000 was a great opportunity to show the current state of the WWE to a larger audience than normal weekly episodes. 

    We saw the IC Championship won by the Miz in a great match. A decent match for the WWE title between Punk and Cena, zero Divas, nothing of the tag-team champs and we watched Santino, the US Champ, hand out stuffed animals. 

    Seems like the WWE would want to show off the current cream of the crop on the biggest night of the summer. 

    Instead...stuffed animals. 

Where Is Vince?

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    Vince McMahon has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. The announcer turned head honcho has been known to put himself into feuds and even step into the ring if the occasion called for it. 

    You would think that at the show of shows Vince would be there to do something huge. We saw the Chairman introduce DX (which was confusing) and announce AJ as the Raw GM (which was underwhelming altogether). We didn't get to see a "YEEEERRRRR FIRRRRREEEDDD" or even an induction into the Kiss My Bum Club, both huge parts of the history of Raw. 

    Of all the times for Vince to stay out of the limelight, this was not the night. Vince has done so much for Raw and this business that I would've loved to see more of the man behind the business. 

Nothing Exciting with an Extra Hour

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    One of the biggest areas in which Raw 1000 didn't live up to the hype, was the third hour. I felt like Raw 1000 could've easily been done in two hours if you cut off the Brodus squash match, some of the uninteresting back stage skits and the 800 commercials. 

    If Raw 1000, the first three hour Raw of the three hour era feels thin with all of the legends and other added ingredients, how will it survive for the next 1,000 episodes? 

    If the WWE plans to just add commercials and useless spots about stuffed animals and Sonic being delivered to the announce table, drop the hour and go back to two. 

In Conclusion...

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    Raw 1000 was a much better show than your normal, every Monday Night Raw, but monumental and epic? I don't think so. 

    Raw 1000 had some great moments (especially the moment shown above) but just wasn't all that it was made up to be. 

    Hopefully Raw 1000 will inspire the WWE to keep raising the bar, and maybe Raw 2000 will get it right.