Alex Rodriguez's Press Conference a Success

Max ColtenCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

"I was young and stupid..."

A phase that was repeated throughout Alex Rodriguez's press conference that to many does not seem like a good enough defense for ARod.

By constantly talking about not going to college and saying he should have to grow up, ARod has answered to the best he can, all the questions the media has.

I refuse to sit and debate the validity of what Rodriguez said and whether that was enough for me personally to accept the apology. What everyone must understand is that ARod is an extremely sensitive person and found it very difficult to come before everyone and just talk freely about steroids, which he did during the Q and A.

ARod choking up when first trying to address the teammates that came to support him can seem staged, but the fact that he did get to talk to them when asked about it shows he really is sincere in causing the problems he knows have arisen from all of this.

What really impressed me about his speech (of which I wish he would have memorized it a little more and look around more), was that he told us what he took, where he got it from, and most importantly, how it was administered.

ARod not saying the name of his cousin who injected him with the bole tells us that he is trying not to get anyone else in trouble in this mess and is trying to just own up to what he did and get passed it (hinting this would be a very big year for the New York Yankees).

The fact that ARod also mentioned another drug he was taking during his Mariners years was very important for him to say because he is making sure that there is nothing else that will come out and hurt him in the next few years.

Now, here is my prediction for Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees. ARod will hit around .325, slug 45 home runs and drive in 152 RBI's and most importantly, will bat a respectable .305 with five home runs in the playoffs leading the Yankees to a World Series. Not necessarily to a title, but to the series nonetheless.

In summary, Alex Rodriquez's press conference was a success because he hit pretty much all of the major points that anyone really had in terms of the questions asked. He did not directly say that he cheated but that he feels very bad, and at the very least, did something wrong.