NBA Free Agency 2012: Why Miami Heat Have No Chance of Signing Chris Kaman

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIJuly 6, 2012

NBA Free Agency 2012: Why Miami Heat Have No Chance of Signing Chris Kaman

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    The Miami Heat are the current NBA Champions, but that does not mean they can just expect to win next year with the same roster.

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are still among the top players in the league, but outside of these there, the Heat lack other consistent talent.

    That is especially true when looking at their center situation. Reports indicate that Chris Kaman has drawn the attention of the Heat. This of course makes perfect sense as Kaman is one of the better centers in the league when healthy.

    Will the champs land him? Highly unlikely.


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    Alright get this out of the way nice and quick. Chris Kaman made over $14 million this past season and the Heat can only give him three million.

    That is a huge pay cut and one that I can’t see Kaman taking. A player likes making the money he deserves and three million dollars is very little for a guy like Kaman who still has some good basketball left in the tank.

Centers Are in Need

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    Every NBA team likes having a good center down low every night and Kaman is a good option. As free agency rolls on teams are going to turn their heads to Kaman and they will be able to offer him more than the Heat can.

    The Pacers met with Kaman recently, no doubt looking at other options after free agent Roy Hibbert (pictured) agreed to a max deal with Portland.

    The Spurs are also in contention and they are a team that also has a lot of prestige and are title contenders.

    Miami is not the only team looking and they are for certain not that highest bidder.

Limited Role

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    Chris Kaman had a lot of issues in New Orleans this year due to his limited role and requested a trade during the season.

    His role will not get any bigger in Miami and while he will see good minutes on the floor, he will not get the ball in his hands much.

    LeBron and Wade are both willing passers, but they also need their shots and Chalmers is quickly becoming a better all-around player.

    For a guy who wants to have a big part of a team’s offense, signing with Miami would be a very baffling decision.

What Are His Intentions?

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    Does Kaman want a title, or does he want points? There is really no way to tell as I am not in the guy’s head. He has never played for a strong contender so he might want to chase a ring.

    However, there are teams out there who are contenders and can offer a larger paycheck. The Heat give Kaman the best shot at the title, but that is the only thing they can offer.

    Little money, limited touches and a title is what Miami is offering every free agent. Will Kaman hop on board? I say no.

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