San Antonio Spurs: 10 Free Agents Who Would Complement Tim Duncan

Garrett Jochnau@@GarrettJochnauCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2012

San Antonio Spurs: 10 Free Agents Who Would Complement Tim Duncan

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    After failing to secure a title in the 2012 season, the San Antonio Spurs may look to make a splash in free agency by adding a player to further guarantee success.

    Tim Duncan's years are numbered, and if he elects to play for another year or two, it would be wise to look for a complement to sign during free agency.

    While players like Dwight Howard are nearly impossible to lure in, there are plenty of small-name players whose talents and size help to make them a good fit for the Spurs' system.

Omer Asik

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    The Spurs' frontcourt, outside of Duncan, consisted of a struggling Tiago Splitter, as well as a group of undersized power forwards and centers.

    DeJuan Blair (6'7'') and Boris Diaw (6'8'') are both small considering NBA standards, and Matt Bonner's lack of athleticism makes him just as ineffective on the defensive end as these undersized players.

    What the Spurs need, especially considering Tim Duncan's eventual retirement, is a true seven-foot center, who can provide the Spurs with height during Duncan's rest periods, as well as after his retirement.

    Omer Asik's height makes him a great fit for this position, as his seven-foot frame and his long wingspan allow him to be an excellent shot blocker.

    His unrestricted free agent status allow him to be a perfect target for the Spurs, who should consider spending any extra money on the Turkish big man.

Kris Humphries

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    Rumors surfaced announcing that during the 2012 free agency period, the Brooklyn Nets would look to add a new power forward to their roster.

    Whether it be Ersan Ilyasova or Kevin Garnett, it appears as though Kris Humphries will not be a part of their future.

    Their lack of interest in re-signing Humphries is surprising, as he has established himself as a solid contributor both on the scoreboard and on the glass.

    Performing double-doubles have become fairly routine for Humphries, who despite lacking elite talents, can be a solid starter or backup for any team looking to add him.

    The Spurs lack of size not only hurts them on the defensive end, but on the boards as well, as the team has had difficulty out-rebounding opponents whose rosters are teeming with size.

    His athleticism and energy on the glass allow him to be a perfect fit for the Spurs, if they want to add size to their roster.

Jordan Hill

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    After being traded to the Lakers, Hill proved his potential with his energy on both sides of the floor, as he contributed to the scoring and rebounding columns with ease.

    However, with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the Lakers focus this summer should be on adding a point guard, not another big man.

    Hill may very well have a new home, and if he finds himself searching for a new suitor, a return to Texas should not be out of the question.

    Like Humphries, Hill can help solve their issues on the boards, while also providing help on the defensive end.

    While he is only 6'10'' his athleticism allow him to hang with bigger opponents, making him the perfect player to complement Tim Duncan.

Robin Lopez

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    Robin Lopez, unlike many of the others, is a restricted free agent making him harder to obtain than if he was unrestricted.

    Still, Lopez was not a star with Phoenix, and with their many other options at power forward, he may be searching for a new home for next season. Unlike his brother Brook, who is an offensive-minded player, Robin's hustle allows him to be a great defensive competitor and a beast on the boards.

    His energy would help to make up for Duncan's aging legs, and his shot blocking ability and size makes him the perfect piece to fit the Spurs' puzzle.

Darrell Arthur

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    After missing the 2012 season due to injury, Darrell Arthur may not be re-targeted by the Grizzlies who already have their fair share of big men.

    He isn't the defensive or rebounding force that the Spurs really need, but his offensive game and strength make him a potential candidate to help fill out San Antonio's roster.

    His game is similar to Boris Diaw, but Arthur's age and strength give him a strong upside. He has shown much improvement throughout his seasons in the league, and under the wing of Duncan and Gregg Popovich, Arthur could become even better.

    While he may not be the strongest option when it comes to filling the Spurs' needs, he should be considered if they can get him on the cheaper side.

Marreese Speights

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    If the Grizzlies elect to re-sign Arthur, there is little room on their roster for Marreese Speights, the 24-year-old center who was traded to Memphis to fill Arthur's void during the season.

    With both of their contracts expiring, the Grizzlies may be forced to let one of them go, so Speights may end up being the one on a different team by next season.

    His size makes him a more ideal fit for San Antonio, as he is a quality offensive player with a good jump shot. He also is a decent rebounder, and when motivated can be a threat on the defensive end too.

    Speights showed his potential with his under-the-radar breakout performance with the Grizzlies, and if the Grizzlies don't go after him, the Spurs certainly should see if they can steal him away.

Chris Kaman

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    Earlier this season, there were rumors of a possible union between San Antonio and Kaman. However, after it was made apparent that Kaman would be staying in New Orleans for the remainder of the season, the idea was soon forgotten.

    Now, Chris Kaman will enter the summer of 2012 as an unrestricted free agent, making him fair game for any team interested.

    It is highly presumed that the Hornets will select Kentucky big-man, Anthony Davis with their first overall pick in the draft, and he will likely be thrown into the fire, decreasing Kaman's role with the team.

    This unattractive possibility may drive Kaman out of New Orleans, right into the arms of a contender like the Spurs.

    While his age may not be ideal compared to other free agent options, Kaman possesses the ideal, 7'0'' height, making him the perfect player for the Spurs to chase.

    His veteran experience will allow him to blend into the offense, and his rebounding skills will help solve the Spurs' problem.

    While his basketball IQ is low, his athleticism makes up for that, as he has the ability to run the floor well, something rare for a player of his size.

    He also is a great free throw shooter, which is a bonus considering the extent to which the Spurs struggled from the charity stripe this season.

Spencer Hawes

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    Hawes is another player whose size makes him an ideal fit for the Spurs. At 7'0'', Hawes possesses the physical tools necessary to compete in this league.

    While his size and lack of athleticism hinder his efforts on defense, he still manages to be a quality rebounder, and a very good scorer.

    He is also on the younger side, and can be a good piece for the future if the Spurs look to retain him.

    With the Sixers targeting a big man in this year's draft, Hawes may be forced to find a new home during the summer.

    While he may not be the strongest, most athletic guy on this list, his pure height is a rarity among NBA players, and for that, the Spurs should not pass on him.

Boris Diaw

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    After Diaw's lack of effort earned him a one way ticket out of Charlotte, the Spurs quickly scooped him up, a move that was monumental to their playoff run.

    Despite his lack of elite height, Diaw's other skills make up for his smaller frame. While he can play defense and rebound, he is also a great offensive player, with moves that allow him to score from in the paint or from beyond the arc.

    His ability to distribute the ball like a guard is important too, as the duo of him and Duncan gave the Spurs what was arguably the best passing frontcourt in the league.

    His overall attitude-change showed how much he loved being in San Antonio, and the Spurs should not let him walk this summer.

    After being such a big part of their late-season success, re-signing Diaw should be at the top of their to-do list for this year's offseason.

Kevin Garnett

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    Kevin Garnett grew up in the league as a villain in San Antonio. A complete opposite of Tim Duncan, Garnett's nasty attitude caused a common dislike to emerge between the players.

    However, despite these rumors, the Spurs have emerged as one of Garnett's potential suitors this offseason.

    His energy and nasty attitude makes him a player that many would hate to play against, but would love to have as a teammate. Both Duncan and Garnett are veterans, and even if they do not like each other, a mutual respect would prevent disruption in the locker room.

    He's also be the perfect backup for Duncan, as playing Garnett would make it much easier to rest Duncan. While neither can play many minutes anymore, together they can make up an entire game, and their leadership and style of play would make it easier to comfortably substitute one out.

    Both are defensive minded players, with a good jumpshot and a nice touch around the rim. Duncan's laid-back style and Garnett's contrasting upbeat personality would complement each other nicely, and make the Spurs an overall competitor. 

    While he isn't a long-term solution, Garnett allows the Spurs to make one more strong run before entering rebuilding mode for the next few years.