10 Best-Dressed Stars of the 2012 NBA Playoffs

Natalie Saar@NatalieSaarContributor IIIJune 9, 2012

10 Best-Dressed Stars of the 2012 NBA Playoffs

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    When you're in the playoffs, it's important to win, but you should also look good doing it. Walking into the arenas and pressers are the times when players best get to show off their personal style.

    Some are crazy, but hey, some of the best designs are the most risky! Here are the top 10 best-dressed stars of the NBA playoffs.

Russell Westbrook

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    Russell Westbrook is known to wear some pretty ridiculous things, but you could also say he's one of the most fashion forward in the league. He's worn silly glasses, a shirt with fishing lures on it, and the styles just keep coming.

    He's young, and maybe trying to come into his own style. Who knows, but it's certain that he's win the Most Unique award of the NBA playoffs.

Rajon Rondo

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    Rajon Rondo has really stepped his game up this year, both on and off the court. 

    He's been wearing blazers with contrasting patterns and even some glasses. Whether they're prescription, who cares. The fact is that this guy is actually trying to be in style, and it's working.

Amar'e Stoudemire

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    Luckily for us, Amar'e Stoudemire can't get enough basketball, and fashion-lovers can't get enough of him.

    Sadly, his Knicks were knocked out early, so we didn't get to see a ton of his fashion choices, but he's been showing up courtside at games. 

    He's so cool he has to wear sunglasses indoors! A jean vest with stud accents? Risky, but he pulls it off well.

Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe Bryant isn't about all the trendsetting that many other players are. He keeps it simple and crisp.

    One thing he does though that's amazing is he wears skinny ties. Skinny ties are risky, but if worn well make a much bigger statement than a regular tie. 

    Kobe is extremely well dressed (when in the playoffs).

Nick Young

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    While he was only in the playoffs a short time, Nick Young made a big statement at press conferences with his outfits.

    He wore crazy print shirts and sunglasses. It was something that people will probably be talking about years from now. 

    Young is happy to be back in LA, and seems to be chasing some sort of apparel sponsor in the offseason.

James Harden

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    Hopefully you saw James Harden when he was receiving his Sixth Man of the Year award.

    When he was initially awarded it, he wore a coral-colored suit and a bow tie! The bow tie is something that immediately catapults you into Best Dressed lists. 

    Well played, Harden.

Carmelo Anthony

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    You're eyes aren't playing tricks on you; Carmelo Anthony effectively wore a brooch. I'm a woman and I can't even pull off a brooch.

    It's doubtful that he dresses himself in the morning, but that doesn't matter. He's always dressed to the nines, and knows it. 

    His outfits are always a joy to see.

Chris Bosh

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    We've gotten to see a lot of Chris Bosh in a suit lately, so he had to make the list. What's nice about Bosh is that he knows fashion really well and can easily combine things like a simple black shirt and a black blazer.

    The black on black is risky in case the shades of black are different or it just comes off as trying too hard. This isn't the case with him.

LeBron James

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    LeBron James is always at the top of his fashion game. Always. This year is no different. 

    The King no doubt has a stylist who keeps him looking crispy and wearing suits that look perfect on him. Even when he's not in a suit, he still looks en vogue. He's certainly a player with enviable style.

Chris Paul

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    Chris Paul has certainly used his move to LA to his advantage. He appeared in Sports Illustrated alongside supermodels and has looked great in many a press conference. 

    His casual-cool style, complete with tweed blazers, makes him an excellent dresser among NBA players