Chris Jericho, Fans Fight In Parking Lot After Show In Victoria

Colin Vassallo@wrestlingonlineCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2009

Chris Jericho was involved in a fan invasion attack yesterday after the WWE show in Victoria, BC.

Following the show, Jericho got in his rental car and drove away from the parking lot as fans started to give him trouble. After stopping on a stop sign, one rowdy fan decided to attack his vehicle which prompted the former WWE champ to get out and take action.

Several friends of the attacker jumped on Jericho, including a female who spit in his face but received one in return and Jericho also ended up shoving her down.

All hell continued to break lose before some security guys decided to step in. Jericho eventually managed to get himself free after a few more shoving and punching and drove off with the police arriving minutes later according to an eye witness report.

Two videos are already online documenting the incident. The second video clearly shows the woman get in Jericho's face as he's getting in the car and Jericho reacts by shoving her away.

One of the fans calls Jericho a "disgrace to Canadians" while another one calls him a "m'fer". You can also hear Jericho yelling at the security to do their "f*cking jobs."

Please note that the videos contain very strong language. You can see both videos on Wrestling-Online.com.


The Times Colonist reported earlier that the man who gave Jericho a hard time and his girlfriend who was punched and spit on by Jericho himself were arrested by police officers but were later released without a charge.

Police came on the scene several minutes after Jericho left the parking lot where the altercation with the fans occurred. Const. Theresa Tuttle said no charges have been laid and the incident is under investigation.

WWE then issued a statement saying that Jericho's car was "attacked by a mob" and after he got out to clear the path he was "physically and verbally assaulted."

The fan who started all the chaos, Kalen Johl, said that Jericho made a derogatory remark towards him. Johl is South Asian.

His girlfriend, 20 year old Ashley Levey, stuck her nose in as well and said that Jericho spit on and punched her after she called him a racist.


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