100 Greatest Jerseys in NBA History

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 7, 2012

100 Greatest Jerseys in NBA History

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    Teams in the NBA seem to change their jersey styles more than teams in any other sport, and for a variety of reasons.

    The mark of a new era, a new owner coming in and making sweeping changes or just the desire to change a stale and stagnant design have been good reasons in the past, and it has usually led to a team throwing together a new design almost every year.

    Most recently, the Washington Wizards changed their jersey style in a move that was undeniably for the better—most would agree—as what they have now is a nod to the Washington Bullets' jerseys of old.

    So, in a tribute to the history of this great sport, I've compiled a little list of the greatest jerseys in NBA history, and to put them in perspective as far as time period goes, I've picked out a player who personified each jersey in his days with the team.

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100. Kevin Durant's Dress Blues

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    Slowly but surely, the Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys are growing on me. They still aren't great works of art, but they're not ugly as sin—the blue ones, at least.

    The white jerseys with the blue lettering, however, seem so generic that they should have been thrown out the window the minute the team arrived in Oklahoma City.

99. Paul Millsap's New Old-School Look

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    The new Jazz jerseys that they started using a few years back are the best example of why sometimes the best way to move forward is to look back.

    The rustic-looking blue and the 1980s Jazz logo really mesh well together, and it brings forth a rough-and-tumble image of this team.

98. Kevin Love in the New Look

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    The new Timberwolves jerseys that hit Minnesota a few years back have all the ferocity of the jerseys back when they came together in the early '90s with none of the over-the-top look.

    The black and blue looks cool together, as it always has, and the jagged, horror-movie style of the lettering has always been a cool touch.

97. Gilbert Arenas in Blue

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    I was never a big fan of the color scheme of the Wizards ever since they changed their name from the Bullets to the Wizards, but the overall design of the jerseys is pretty cool.

    The slanted team name across the chest along with the offset number makes them stand out against any other team design.

96. Baron Davis Looks Like Mardi Gras

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    The turquoise and gold would likely clash if it were any other team, but with the Hornets being in New Orleans, the color scheme just seems to work.

    Baron Davis' old No. 1 jersey is probably the most memorable until they switched over to the pinstriped unis back in 2008.

95. Ben Wallace

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    There was always something about the home Pistons jersey back in the early 2000s that made Ben Wallace seem even more fierce than he was in those days.

    He made the white, red and blue almost as cool as it was back in Isiah Thomas' days. Almost.

94. DeMarcus Cousins in Black

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    DeMarcus Cousins has become the fierce, new face of the volatile Sacramento Kings, and the uniform design that they have going on these days really seems to go well with the guys on their team.

    Downplaying the purple and emphasizing the black while adding a bit of silver makes the entire thing come together well.

93. Luis Scola in Red

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    The newer Rockets jerseys do their best to blend in with the rest of the league, yet stand out at the same time.

    There isn't anything overly exciting about the colors or design, but the skinny numbers and letters, along with the subtle differences—like the way the "R" makes a cross in the top right corner—are pretty cool.

92. Bob McAdoo's Pistons Lightning Bolt

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    These jerseys only lasted a few years, which is a shame because if the Pistons could have gotten a few good players and made their team more memorable, these could have been classics.

    Unfortunately, this was the Pistons jersey of the Dick Vitale years, which weren't exactly memorable.

91. Bill Russell's White

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    Bill Russell's white jersey, with the green "CELTICS" and the "6" nestled inside its arc, is one of the most memorable jerseys of all time.

    The colors are classic, and the jerseys were so perfect that the Celtics have had no reason to change them since the days of Russell.

90. Dirk Nowitzki's Blue

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    Dirk Nowitzki has worn the Mavericks blue for his entire career, and he always looks cool in it.

    The newer Mavericks jerseys are a lighter shade of blue than the old ones, and with the silver numbers and black letters, you get a look at some unique design styles.

89. DeMar DeRozan in Red and Black

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    The Toronto Raptors haven't had much going for them in recent years, but at least they have some really cool uniforms to look at.

    The Raptors' most recent uniforms look like they would make good designs for a space suit in about 100 years, what with the red stripe down the side with the silver arrows pointing down. Just damn pleasing to the eye.

88. Jeremy Lin's Knicks Uni

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    At some point during "Linsanity," the Knicks guard's jersey became more or less iconic, even if his reign on top of New York was just for a few months.

    The classic blue base and orange lettering are as good as they've ever been, but the unique No. 17 just seems to stand out.

87. Rudy Gay's Light Blue

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    There isn't a lot to dislike about the Memphis Grizzlies' most recent alternate jerseys.

    The light blue is about as cool a color as any team in the NBA. Pair that with the skinny letters and dark-blue numbers, plus the hint of yellow at the neck, and you've got yourself a fly set of unis.

86. Danny Granger in Crisp White

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    The Indiana Pacers have never gone off the edge with their uniforms; the wildest thing they've done over the years is go with a pinstriped number back in the '90s.

    The current Pacers home jerseys pretty much stand pat with the basic basketball jersey, as they let their intense yellows and deep blues do all the talking.

85. LeBron James in All Black

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    The Miami Heat debuted their all-black uniforms this year, and I've got to say, if there's one thing I like about this team, it's those duds.

    The white piping around the letters and numbers, plus the single stripe around the neck and arm holes, makes the whole thing pop.

84. Derrick Rose in Black

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    If there's one thing that Derrick Rose seems to have made his own in his few years with the Bulls, it's the black-based uniforms with the red lettering.

    The red unis with cursive letters are always somehow affiliated with Michael Jordan, the black pinstriped ones with Dennis Rodman, but every time I see the regular black Bulls jerseys, I think of Rose.

83. Josh Smith's Fierce Blue

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    The Atlanta Hawks have always had fun and interesting jerseys, but 2007 was the first time in 30 years that the team decided to fiddle with the color scheme, and it ended up being a pretty good idea.

    The new jerseys (well, I guess they aren't that new) feature a dark blue that really seems to go well with the team's current identity.

82. Blake Griffin in Red

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    The Los Angeles Clippers haven't really changed their jerseys much over the years, as they've had some pretty solid uniforms, but the subtle tweaks they've made have been for the better.

    The red base paired with the cursive "Los Angeles," blue numbers and white stripe up under the armpit have a cool, somewhat retro look.

81. Zach Randolph's Dark Blue

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    The Memphis Grizzlies have jerseys that are hard to hate for the first time in their team's history, and they're more or less very good uniforms.

    The dark blue with the light-blue lettering throws out the notion that there's got to be white somewhere in the uniform.

80. Shawn Bradley on the Sixers

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    There isn't a lot about Shawn Bradley's career that is remembered positively (which is a damn shame if you ask me), but the uniforms from the early '90s that the Sixers rocked were so bad that they were amazing.

    With a generic field of stars adorning the front, below a slanted "SIXERS" that looks like an eight-year-old made it with Word Art, it completely embodies the cheesiness of the '90s.

79. Kyrie Irving and the New-Look Cavs

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    Not many people have noticed, as not many people have seen the Cavaliers in action since LeBron James left two years ago, but Cleveland's new uniforms are rather dope.

    They went back to a color more true to the origin of the team, but didn't try to go for a gaudy design like the team had from 1974 on.

78. John Wall and Washington's Throwbacks

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    The first day of the season, when I realized that the Washington Wizards had gone back to their roots, I celebrated for fans of basketball jerseys everywhere.

    The old-school red, white and blue is far cooler than their old, basic blue jersey. The only thing they need to do now is go back to being the Bullets.

77. Brandon Roy in Blazers Black

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    Brandon Roy rocking the classic Blazers look is something I've missed terribly this year, and I think I'll continue to miss it for years to come.

    Roy looks like a natural in the all-black uniform accented by the red-and-white diagonal stripes and white lettering popping off the background thanks to the red border.

76. Kevin Durant in Sonics White

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    It's a shame the Sonics up and moved to Oklahoma City, mostly because of the change in uniform that occurred. 

    Kevin Durant looked damn good in the home white Sonics jersey with the yellow shoulders and green arch across the middle.

75. Andre Iguodala Cropped Tight

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    The Philadelphia 76ers have always had some of the coolest designs—whether it be because they're historically cool or historically ridiculous, the Sixers know how to grab the eye.

    Andre Iguodala's current away jersey displays what's great about the Sixers, historically, with the red base, close-cropped white lettering and blue border.

74. Dwight Howard's Blue

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    The Orlando Magic brought back the pinstripes about four years ago now, and I can't say it was a bad idea.

    Dwight Howard displays the best version of it, as you can see how the pinstripes take on the shape of the jersey, rather than going straight up and down, which is pretty slick.

73. Chris Paul's NOLA

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    The Hornets really knocked it one out of the park when it comes to their alternate jerseys, and the Chris Paul "3" on the stomach makes it even cooler.

    With wide-spaced pinstripes, a shouting yellow and the now-iconic "NOLA" across the chest, there's not much to dislike about these uniforms.

72. Grant Hill's Pistons Jersey

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    Sure, the '90s jerseys with the giant graphics across the front are as cheesy as they are ridiculous, but they also have a secret little place in the heart of every basketball fan who grew up in the '90s.

    Plus, it doesn't hurt that the giant "PISTONS" staring back at you from the chest reminds you of a time when Grant Hill could actually make use of his lower body.

71. Jason Kidd's Royal Blue

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    Much like the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Nets have made use of a great color scheme over the years to pump out some truly special basketball jerseys.

    The early 2000s Nets jerseys were just one of many that they've had over the years, and it's, of course, personified by the most famous and effective member of the team from that time period, Jason Kidd.

70. Phoenix's Orange and Silver

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    Here's a jersey that never really got as much love as it should have over the years in Phoenix, but it's so unique that I couldn't possibly pass it up.

    The orange alone is enough to like this bad boy, but the silver along the side and subtle white line around the outside pull it all together.

69. Nate Robinson's Green

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    Normally, I'm not a big fan of the green Knicks uniforms; it seemed like an overly obvious attempt to try something new. 

    However, with Robinson's "4" on the stomach of the jersey and the circumstances surrounding this particular style, it has become iconic and even a bit cool.

68. Tracy McGrady's Stars

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    With a final farewell to the '90s, the Orlando Magic threw together these beauties near the end of the decade to a mixed reaction.

    The jerseys, more cartoonish than before, feature a load of stars in slightly different shades of blue scattered among the blue background.

67. Chris Webber's Purple

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    The early 2000s were great to the Sacramento Kings, even if the NBA wasn't, and it was a time when they embraced the purple in their uniforms.

    For years, they rocked the light blue up until the mid-'90s, when they switched to all-black numbers with purple trim. But once 2002 rolled around, they embraced the purple, which was a pretty cool idea.

66. Dikembe Mutombo's Wingspan

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    These jerseys only hung around in Atlanta for a few years near the end of the '90s, but damn, were they everything the '90s ever tried to be.

    With the big hawk graphic across the chest and the color fading from black to red, the jerseys just look cool.

65. Kevin Garnett's Rookie Jersey

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves always seem to have some of the coolest jerseys in the NBA, and it's amazing that they didn't succumb to throwing a giant wolf on the front during the '90s.

    These puppies were the first jerseys of the Timberwolves, with the menacing blue enhanced by the light-green numbering for a really cool effect.

64. Tim Duncan's Clean White

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    There are few things in the NBA that have been as reliable as Tim Duncan over the years, but one of those things happens to be the jersey that Duncan himself wears.

    Duncan in white with the black accent and silver border pulled together with the spur as the "U" in "SPURS" is probably one of the coolest jerseys out there today.

63. Dirk Nowitzki's Early Mavericks Days

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    The '90s and early 2000s for the Dallas Mavericks was a time of excitement and really cool jerseys to boot.

    Impressively, they made it through the '90s without putting a giant horse on the jersey and ended up using these slick bad boys until 2001.

62. Bob Pettit's Old Duds

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    The jerseys from the '50s and '60s in the NBA were never too flashy and always did their best not to look too ridiculous, but there was something special about those jerseys.

    One of the most iconic of the time has to be Bob Pettit's Hawks jersey with red and white running against each other to look slick.

61. Dave Bing's Old Pistons Gear

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    The old Pistons jerseys don't really get that much love because, well, the old Pistons teams were never really that great, but these classics are too cool to overlook.

    Detroit has changed its jersey style a lot over the years, but this one that the Pistons wore for a few years in the early '70s is bold, yet refined and pretty cool.

60. Monta Ellis' Golden Gate

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    As usual, the Golden State Warriors have some of the best jerseys in the NBA today.

    They went back to the old design style in 2010 after realizing that they weren't the same team without the circle in the center of the jersey, and the result is these beauties.

59. LeBron James' Crisp White

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    Back before everything that went down to turn LeBron James into the biggest villain in the NBA, he was more or less viewed in a positive light. He was not without his critics, but he stood in a positive light nonetheless.

    That's why when he wore the crisp white Cavs jersey with subtle wine-and-gold trim and big Cavaliers logo across the front, everything just seemed right.

58. Michael Jordan's Team USA Uniform

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    They weren't exactly works of art, but the 1992 USA Olympic jerseys were iconic and instant classics as soon as the team hung gold around their necks.

    The jerseys seem a bit clunky, but they have the simple uniqueness that many jerseys of the early '90s had.

57. Robert Parrish's Double Zeros

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    Whenever a player with a unique number ends up being a good player, it becomes much easier to remember that player and the team he played for. 

    There's something about the green against the white "00" on Robert Parrish that's cooler than most other Celtics jerseys throughout history.

56. Reggie Miller's Artist Rendering

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    The Indiana Pacers have had some very cool uniforms over the years, but these are probably the strangest they have ever gone for.

    With the diagonal triangles of color and thick, yellow border around the dark numbers and letters, it seems like they sent this one off to an artist to design, rather than their normal uniform designer.

55. Allen Iverson Early 2000s

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    With one of the most iconic jerseys of the early 2000s, Allen Iverson's Sixers jersey made the big team name across the front a cool concept, which many teams would follow in the years to come.

    Seriously, between this and the Kobe Bryant No. 8 jersey, you could walk out your front door to the nearest playground and see at least one kid wearing one every single day.

54. Karl Malone's Mountains

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    I always found these to be cheesy and probably one of the worst jerseys of the time period when every team was putting a huge graphic on the front, but it's impossible to deny that they're classic.

53. Dwyane Wade in Black

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    The solid, old, go-to road uniforms for the Miami Heat have always been quite slick, and whenever I see them, I always think of Dwyane Wade.

    Wade personifies these uniforms, and the black base against the white lettering with the red trim all seems to come together well.

52. Mitch Richmond's "Normal" Warriors Jersey

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    Sure, these aren't the Warriors jerseys that we all know and love with the classic circle logo smack-dab in the middle, but these are rather pleasing to the eye, don't you think?

    Golden State switched over to these beauties in 1989 before the wave of giant logos on the fronts of jerseys came through, which is probably a good thing because they might have taken that trend a little too far.

51. 1950s Knicks Jersey

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    I can only really associate this old-school Knicks jersey with Spike Lee because he's the only guy I've ever seen wearing it.

    However, it was way ahead of its time. The orange and blue dashes along the sides and the bold orange lettering look like something out of the '70s, not the '50s.

50. Larry Johnson In...teal? Is That Teal?

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    There aren't many jerseys throughout NBA history that go as far off the normal spectrum as the old Hornets jerseys.

    However oddly-colored the old Hornets jerseys were, what with the teal and the purple pinstripes, they ended up being some of the coolest in the league at the same time.

49. Gary Payton in Green

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    Gary Payton always did look cool in the classic Sonic green, which is why it was a shame that they ever changed their jersey style.

    The version of the jersey that The Glove always looked best in was the away duds, which differed slightly from the older away jerseys with yellow letters inside the white arch.

48. Mike Bibby's Vancouver Jersey

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    The Vancouver Grizzlies were doing something right in the '90s when they came out with these babies, regardless of what most people say.

    Sure, they're gaudy and the team name looks like it was chiseled out of stone, but for an expansion team, these bad boys were damn cool.

47. Bernard King's Knicks Mix-Up

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    It seems like whoever designed these old Knicks jerseys did so without ever seeing a basketball jersey before in their lives. But that's what makes them memorable.

    Bernard King's "30" adorned atop the "New York" and then the Knicks logo on the shorts makes this bundle of confusion a unique uniform at the end of the day.

46. Kobe Bryant's No. 8

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    Sometimes it doesn't take much for a basketball player to change his identity, and Kobe Bryant is a living example of that. 

    Still, I was always a bigger fan of Kobe in his old jersey with the "8" on the front, rather than the No. 24 that he has nowadays.

45. Kevin Garnett in Black

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    For one of the most rough and tumble basketball players of the past 20 years, this happens to be the best jersey he has ever worn.

    The over-emphasized, frightening letters are cool, but the green border makes it look like Garnett just wandered in out of the forest to play a basketball game.

44. Charles Barkley's Suns Duds

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    Some people find these jerseys utterly reprehensible, but I, for one, could never pass up an opportunity to sing the praises of these beauties.

    The Suns took the giant logo trend of the '90s and went completely over the top. Only it worked and worked well.

43. Tracy McGrady with a Dinosaur Shirt

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    Oh, were we talking about giant logos just now? Well then, how could we possibly leave out the Toronto Raptors?

    These are unlike any jerseys in NBA history, as they've thrown every cool trend together into this train-wreck to terribly beautiful results. 

42. George Gervin in Black

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    The black and white Spurs jerseys have always been pretty darn slick, and the No. 44 of George Gervin makes it seem even cooler.

    What makes it even cooler is the fact that they were from the days of the ABA, but they didn't try to be overly flashy, just straight cool.

41. Dominique Wilkins in Red

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    The '80s Hawks had some of the most fly jerseys in the NBA, and it was fitting because they had quite a few guys on their team who could fly themselves.

    Their beautiful road jersey with the slanted, off-set yellow numbering was always something to marvel at, especially when Dominique Wilkins was throwing down a patented windmill.

40. Dr. J Sans Afro

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    The '80s were a great time for jerseys. Teams toned down the whacky designs but kept the cool color schemes, and the result was pretty impressive.

    The 76ers jerseys from the early '80s kept the red, white and blue color scheme but toned it all down and came out with this.

39. John Stockton from Way Back

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    The Utah Jazz have always had jerseys that are iconic in NBA history, dating back to their New Orleans days.

    The jersey style with the "J" as an eighth note, however, seems to be always the way I remember John Stockton, even though he played through the mountain range years and beyond.

38. Mark Price in Blue and Orange

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    There's nothing like the good ol' Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys in orange and blue to remember just how cool basketball jerseys could be. 

    It's impressive that a team can get so far away from their original color scheme and come out with a cool jersey. And who can hate the "V" being used as a basketball hoop?

37. Young Man Reggie Miller

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    These futuristic numbers from the past were always my favorite jersey style of the Indiana Pacers, but they never dared differ from their classic color scheme.

    As a team that has always done a good job with jersey designs, this one is a solid effort to branch out in style, always made better with the colors.

36. Clyde Drexler in Blazers Black

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    The Portland Trail Blazers have always been a team with cool unis, just altering them slightly ever since the late '70s.

    However, the late '80s and early '90s begat the Blazers jerseys you see here with the red and white stripe across the black background.

35. Yao Ming Takes off

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    I could never take Hakeem Olajuwon seriously when the Rockets switched over to these children of the '90s, what with the giant logo and the pinstripes, but once Yao Ming came around, he fit into them well.

    I don't know if it was the fact that he was so tall and the cartoonish look just worked on him or if the ridiculousness of it all eventually grew on me, but something made me like them.

34. Reggie Theus' Blue Beauties

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    Whenever a team comes out with baby blue, it always seems like another attempt to throw down with the classic Lakers jerseys.

    Competing with something that classic is difficult, but the Kings' unis from the '80s definitely come close.

33. Chris Mullin's Blue Warriors Jersey

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    Like I've said before, the Golden State Warriors could do no wrong so long as they had the big circle logo in the middle of their jerseys.

    These beauties that spanned the mid-'70s well into the '80s had the most beautiful shades of blue and yellow, plus really cool lettering on the "Warriors" that spanned the top of the arc.

32. Penny Hardaway's Magic Blue

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    When the Magic were looking like the best young team in the NBA, Penny Hardaway was out there rocking this uni.

    The tight pinstripes and the dark blue were an amazing combo, and it was easily one of the coolest, most memorable uniforms of the '90s.

31. Bob McAdoo Sports Buffalo Blue

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    The Buffalo Braves didn't spend a whole lot of time in New York, and it's a shame when you wonder what they could have done to keep the baby blue around in the NBA.

    Bob McAdoo was the prime example of beauty in these jerseys with his crisp No. 11 sitting in the middle of that sea of blue.

30. The Round Mound in Red

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    Another of the many great Sixers jerseys over the years, these chugged through the '80s before they decided to go full '90s and put a field of stars on the uniform.

    Charles Barkley wore them well once he came to the team in all his bulbous glory.

29. Any Glorious 1996 All-Star Jersey

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    Nothing about these uniforms is good, but the amount of terrible that was spilled across the jerseys makes them good in the end.

    Whenever you have a chili pepper on a jersey, you've got something terribly memorable.

28. David Thompson's Gold Digger

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    The Denver Nuggets have had some of the most interesting jerseys over the years, and if it weren't for a time period in the '80s when they had some of the greatest jerseys of all time, they might be able to call these their most unique. 

    However, David Thompson's gold-digger jersey is going to have to settle for second best when it comes to the Nuggets.

27. Gus Williams' Bold Green

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    The Seattle Supersonics have had the gold and green color scheme for the entirety of their existence, save a six-year period in the '90s when the gold turned to rust.

    Anyway, none of the early Sonics rocked the dark green with the gold arch quite like Gus Williams when he was helping lead the '79 Sonics to a title.

26. Big Lew's Bucks Duds

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    The old Bucks jerseys were never anything special, but one man and one man alone was able to make them special.

    The Bucks jerseys of the 1970s weren't as flashy as most of the others in the day, but the "Alcindor" stretched across the back made them all the more cool.

25. Dr. J's Sixers Blue

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    Pretty much anything that has ever graced Julius Erving on a basketball court is just about the coolest jersey one could buy.

    This majestic piece of Americana with the deep blue and the red stars adorning the sides is easily one of the most patriotic things the NBA has ever pumped out.

24. Larry Bird's Sweet Green

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    Few players in the history of the NBA have more NBA history attached to their legacy than Larry Bird.

    When Bird wore the Celtic green, it seemed as if he had been born to wear it. And if he were to have put on any other jersey in his days in the NBA, he might not have looked as cool while he was tearing up the league.

23. Bill Walton's Vertical Blazers Jersey

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    Never has there been a more unique jersey in NBA history, and never has there been a more unique basketball player.

    Bill Walton's time with the Blazers was very up and down, but they did end up winning a title. However, the real prize was these unique duds.

22. Wilt Chamberlain's Classic Yellow

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    The yellow of the Lakers jersey has always made the purple pop, and when you put the two together around the white numbers, it pops even more.

    One of the most unique things about these jerseys is the fact that while the numbers are in white, the letters are purple.

21. Pistol Pete in Green

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    There's a lot about Pistol Pete that is hard to explain. It's hard to explain his legacy in real terms when talking about the NBA, especially since he is a ringless man, but it's not hard to explain how fly the guy actually was.

    Just look at how well he rocks these Hawks '70s specials, what with the inexplicable green along with the meandering blue and white stripes.

20. Hakeem Looks Like a Dream

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    Hakeem Olajuwon always seemed to be a perfect fit for the Rockets jerseys of the early '90s, and the minute the latter part of the decade rolled around, he just started to look odd with that cartoon rocket flying off his chest.

    No, the old red-on-white with the slanted team name across the chest fits the big man much better. His game had enough pizazz to it that there was no need to distract with some crazy jersey design.

19. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Purple

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    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the longest-lasting superstars in basketball history, and the fact that he spent most of his career wearing the iconic purple and yellow of the Lakers means he's been able to raise up the Lakers jersey even higher than it has been.

    Kareem in purple is always the picturesque Kareem that pops into my mind whenever I hear his name. 

18. Isiah Thomas in Blue

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    Something about the Pistons jerseys of the '80s makes it seem like this team was the embodiment of the '80s.

    Sure, between Bird's Celtics and Magic's Lakers they shared eight titles, but Isiah Thomas' Pistons just seemed like the '80s through and through.

    The field of blue contrasted against the red lettering, which is in turn surrounded by white. Just feels good to look at.

17. Michael Jordan's No. 45

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    Sometimes the slightest changes to a jersey make all the difference, and when Michael Jordan returned in 1995 and wore No. 45, he seemed like a different man.

    Still, Jordan's "45" jersey is one of the most iconic in NBA history, and it looks pretty cool, as most styles of Bulls jerseys have.

16. Wes Unseld in Blue

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    The Bullets were never the best team on the block (well, I guess they were in 1978), but they almost always had the coolest duds on the block.

    Wes Unseld was the Bullets for over a decade, and he always looked cool in these red, white and blue beauties.

15. Magic Johnson in Lakers Yellow

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    Where I always see Kareem in purple, Magic always seems to pop into my mind in yellow for some strange reason.

    The Lakers jerseys in the '80s were the same all the way up until the late '90s, but the white shadow on the purple numbers always seemed to look cool.

14. Spud Webb's Home Jersey

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    Spud Webb is easily the most famous little man in NBA history, but he also has the honor of rocking one of the coolest uniforms of the '80s as well.

    In a time where the norm was to go conservative, the Hawks jerseys were not. They weren't flashy, but they certainly weren't conservative.

13. George Mikan's Throwback

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    If looked at for face value, the old Minneapolis Lakers jerseys are ugly as sin. They are dull, the colors seem to clash, and they just don't look very cool.

    However, the historic value behind the jerseys is too much to ignore.

12. Rick Barry in the City

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    The Golden State Warriors have had some of the coolest jerseys in the history of the NBA, and they've never changed them much, save for a strange period in the early '90s and then a stranger period in the late '90s.

    Anyway, the home jerseys from Rick Barry's days with the team have to be the most iconic, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the circle in the center and "The City" arching down over top of it.

11. Dennis Rodman in Black

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    While the '90s Magic made pinstripes on basketball jerseys popular, my favorite pinstriped man will always be Dennis Rodman in the Bulls' alternate black jerseys with red pinstripes.

    The fact that Rodman's No. 91 always graced his chest definitely seemed to make his jersey more memorable, and this fierce black pinstriped jersey seems like it was made for him and him alone.

10. Michael Jordan in Cursive

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    The Bulls jerseys in the 1980s were some of the coolest in the league, they just needed someone to come in and rep them.

    Once Michael Jordan came along and donned the cursive uniforms with the off-set number in the lower left-hand corner, they became iconic.

9. Austin Carr's Wine and Gold

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers were one of the first NBA teams in the 1970s to embrace the ABA flair, and nobody's jersey was more memorable than Austin Carr's.

    The gold base with the wine, white and gold dashes along the outside look as cool as any jersey could. It's a shame they followed these up with the abominations of the Ted Stepien Era.

8. Oscar Robertson's Royal Blue

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    The Cincinnati Royals seem to be a forgotten franchise at this point in the NBA's history, but if there's one man who is threatening to keep their spirit alive, it's Oscar Robertson.

    Of course, it doesn't hurt that they had these beautiful jerseys to live on forever, either.

7. Wilt's Globetrotter Jersey

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    Sure, they aren't NBA jerseys, but what is an article about basketball jerseys without mentioning the Harlem Globetrotters?

    On top of that, we've got one of the most iconic men in NBA history wearing one of the most iconic basketball jerseys ever. What's not to like?

6. Moses Malone's Spirit

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    Some jerseys are cool because they're unique, others because of the color scheme, and still others because of the design, but these old ABA jerseys are all of the above.

    The orange is very unique for an NBA jersey, and the airplane flying out of the "S" in Spirits is like nothing I've ever seen before on a basketball jersey.

5. Shaq's Pinstripes

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    Okay, so I love Dennis Rodman's classic black and red pinstriped jersey, but no pinstriped jersey is cool and as iconic as the black Shaq jersey with white pinstripes.

    Shaq made the Magic meaningful in the NBA, but beyond that he gave us a reason to love the Magic jersey beyond it looking so darn cool.

4. Jerry West's Blue Baby

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    These beautiful babies only lasted for the first five years that the Lakers were in Los Angeles, but they should have lasted for—I don't know, ever.

    The dark blue with the baby blue shadow on the number and white, cursive "Los Angeles" across the front make one of the coolest jerseys in basketball history.

3. Alex English's Nuggets Mountain

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    There are a lot of jerseys out there that are as polarizing as they are cool, but there are very few people out there that I've met who hate the old Nuggets' rainbow mountain jerseys.

    When Alex English put on the dark blue and the rainbow, it just worked perfectly as one of the greatest jerseys in NBA history.

2. The 'Pistol' Jersey

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    Sometimes a man's nickname takes on a life of his own, and he becomes that nickname, just as Pete Maravich became Pistol Pete.

    That's why when Maravich donned the jersey that said "Pistol" across the back, it officially became one of the best jerseys in basketball history.

1. Dr. J's Red, White and Beautiful

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    There are a lot of things that Dr. J was good at, but one of his best talents was the fact that he could make any jersey look good. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he always seemed to end up on teams with great jerseys.

    The New York Nets were technically an ABA team, but the NBA's history is so ingrained with the remnants of the ABA that this jersey is impossible to ignore.

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