FC Barcelona: 25 Questions We'd Love to Ask Lionel Messi

Xoel Cardenas@@XoelCardenasContributor IIIJune 5, 2012

FC Barcelona: 25 Questions We'd Love to Ask Lionel Messi

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    What if we, the sports fan, could sit down and ask our favorite footballers a question or two?

    As a columnist, asking questions to athletes is part of the job.

    But we columnists/writers are still fans as well.

    I decided to write the 25 questions that we FC Barcelona fans would love to ask the best player on the planet, Lionel Messi.

    Some of the questions are serious; some questions are two-part questions, while others are to add a touch of humor to the conversation.

    I may not ask all the questions some of you may have. Sorry, but I wouldn't ask questions like "Do you think you're better than Cristiano Ronaldo?"and so on.

    Do you really expect him to say "no"? Come on now.

    Here's the 25 questions we FC Barcelona fans would love to ask Lionel Messi.

Question 1

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    Have you ever looked at game video and were amazed at the things you did on the pitch?

    I'm curious if he ever surprises himself when watching replays of his performances.

Question 2

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    What has been the greatest advice Diego Maradona has given you? Pep Guardiola?

    I'm sure Diego has given him plenty of advice both as a mentor and a coach when Maradona coached Messi during Argentina's 2010 FIFA World Cup run. I'd like to know what was the one thing Diego has said that resonates in Messi's mind.

    Pep Guardiola has given great advice to Leo as well. Just like Maradona, I'd like to know what was the one thing Pep has said or taught Leo that resonates in his mind.

    PS: Yes, that is a very awkward looking photo of Leo and Diego.

Question 3

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    At what age did you notice your skills were superior than everyone else’s?

    I want to know at what age he felt validated about his skills. Leo always knew he was good; I just want to know when everyone else knew he was not like other players.

Question 4

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    Premier League; Do you have any competitive desire to play in England?

    Many people wonder if Messi's greatness would be any different if he played in the much more physical and (at times) slower-paced offense of the EPL compared to the faster, more open play of La Liga.

    I wouldn't ask him if he thinks he can play in the EPL because he's obviously going to answer yes.

Question 5

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    You are going to be a father soon. You and your girlfriend have decided on the name Tiago. How many teams do you think are already preparing to scout and sign your son?

    This is just to get a laugh out of him, plus for Leo to talk about becoming a father.

    I'm sure Arsene Wegner is planning to send Arsenal scouts to whichever Argentina hospital the kid is born in.

Question 6

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    What did you learn from watching Ronaldinho for the time you two were teammates?

    No explanation needed. Just want to know if Dinho taught him anything.

Question 7

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    Do you ever feel like responding to Pele’s continuous comments where he minimizes you and your greatness? Explain.

    Probably yes.

Question 8

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    Do you think Pelé says these things simply because you’re Argentine or because he is worried you will surpass him in the minds of football fans as the greatest player of all-time?

    Many people think Pelé says Neymar is better than Messi because of pride of country.

Question 9

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    What is it about Xavi and Andres Iniesta that has made this offense so successful as well as helped bring out the best in you?

    I want to hear him talk about his great teammates.

Question 10

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    Which Barcelona teammate is your most trusted friend and confidant?

    Just curious.

Question 11

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    Who’s the player you watch on TV and say, “He’s something special to watch.”?

    I'm interested in the player Messi thinks is amazing who is not a teammate of his at FC Barcelona.

Question 12

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    Do you ever want to laugh at your opponents when you beat defenders and score a goal?

    He'd probably say no, but you know he must laugh sometimes when he makes a fool of defenses.

Question 13

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    What’s is it about your game that separates you from Cristiano Ronaldo?

    Don't dodge this question, Messi.

Question 14

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    What other sport(s) do you love to play, and how would you rate your skills?

    I doubt he's as great playing another sport as he is playing football, but I want to know if he shoots hoops like his countryman, Manu Ginobili, or does he play another sport in his spare time.

Question 15

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    What are your philanthropic goals in the future?

    Messi loves to give back. I'd like to know what he plans on doing to help others in the future.

Question 16

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    If you weren’t a football player, what profession would you have gone into?

    He'd be an artist of some kind (painter, sculptor, musician) in my opinion.

Question 17

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    What’s on your iPod right now? What music genres and which artists do you enjoy listening to before a match?

    What gets Messi pumped up before a game?

Question 18

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    What’s the most frustrating game you’ve ever been a part of?

    There a plenty of candidates, including the 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid in last year's Copa Del Rey Final, Argentina's penalty shootout loss to Germany in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals where Messi had to watch helplessly from the bench as the Germans eliminated Argentina, the 4-0 destruction of Argentina by the Germans in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals or this year's 2-2 tie and elimination by the hands of Chelsea where Messi missed a PK.

Question 19

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    Who’s the goalkeeper—currently playing or in the game’s history—would you love to face off and score a penalty kick against?

    He's scored PKs on Iker Casillas and others. Perhaps he would have loved to have faced off against Oliver Kahn, René Higuita or another goalkeeper from the past.

Question 20

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    Do you want to coach/manage one day? If so, which team would you choose if both jobs were available: Argentina national team or FC Barcelona?

    Interested in seeing which team Leo would pick to manage.

Question 21

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    What was the most devastating loss in your career?

    This question may sound like the earlier question of "What's the most frustrating game you've ever played in?", but it has a completely different meaning. The most devastating loss could have been a game Messi played great in.

    Picture: Messi crying after the 2011 Copa Del Rey loss to Real Madrid.

Question 22

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    What was the great victory you've been a part of in your career?

    It certainly has to be one of the UEFA Champions League titles. Is it 2006, 2009 or 2011?

Question 23

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    Which player in the game's history not named Maradona would you have loved to play alongside with?

    Pelé? Johan Cruyff? Michel Platini? Maybe it's a current player like CR7 or Neymar.

Question 24

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    Would you consider your career incomplete if you do not ever win a World Cup?

    May sound like or be an obvious answer, but I want to hear why/why not.

Question 25

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    How do you want the world to remember Lionel Andres Messi when it's all said and done?

    I just want to hear his answer. 

    Thanks for reading. Always appreciated.

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