WWE: 6 Potential Superstars/Roles in Laurinaitis' New Corporation

Craig Bidiman@@CrigBididmanContributor IIIMay 29, 2012

WWE: 6 Potential Superstars/Roles in Laurinaitis' New Corporation

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    With the state of stables being in perpetual purgatory, it seems one man is building up a powerful assemblage of Superstars to carry out his bidding—I’m speaking of course of John Laurinaitis.

    Big Johnny has firmly cemented support from his Legal Counsel, David Otunga, his Executive Administrator, Eve, Tensai—who is apparently no longer a Lord—and Mr. Heel-Turn, himself, The Big Show.

    I feel this stable will round out with up-and-coming heels that are primed to take on a new role in the business. I’ve chosen a few Superstars that can align themselves with Laurinaitis and this New Corporation.

    I’ve also assigned what roles I see these Superstars playing when they join this budding would-be stable. It would be great to see Creative push this into an all-out stable; especially with the build for Summerslam looming.

    Maybe you’ll agree and see some of these connections making sense.

5 & 6. Darren Young/Titus O’Neil: The Henchmen

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    My first few suggestions are in hopes of giving some of the younger talent a more important role in the company, and these guys are ripe with potential for being added to this stable.

    It seems Young/O’Neil are already in the midst of an interesting push over the last few months and I’m convinced they could be major players in the future of the tag team division.

    I also see these two being the henchmen of the New Corporation, willing to do the dirty work for Laurinaitis and the rest of the crew.

    They’ve already put on some solid matches with a mess of oddly constructed tag teams lately, most notably the well-established Usos—which was also the basis for the best promo last Friday on Smackdown! The two have some great talent on the mic and I only see them getting better at it.

    Moreover, I see Otunga acquiring an incredible mentor relationship to these two—it would add more to his character and keep him in the mix.

4. Ryback: The Muscle

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    Sure, one could claim that Big Show and/or Tensai are the muscle of this group—however, neither of those men genuinely incite such a response as Ryback.

    Big Show doesn’t resonate as a scary beast like he once did—when he had hair—and Tensai is forever subject to the “Albert” chants and a complete lack of heat.

    Ryback may have a similar issue—barring resemblance to the WCW Goldberg booking, whilst adorning RVD’s old singlets—but he can provide more impressive actions in the ring than Big Show and Tensai combined.

    Currently, Ryback sits with no real forward movement in storyline, so throwing him into this Corporation could provide him some representation—enter: Eve.

    Eve is proving to be quite well-suited in her new role as the Executive Administrator to Mr. Laurinaitis and could easily take on the assertive role as Ryback’s manager. She would definitely add more to his heat, much like what Vickie provides for Swagger.

    Ryback could even find himself amidst a US Title run or even a short, meaningless main event skirmish or two.

3. Damien Sandow: The Voice

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    In a group full of poor elocutionists, Sandow would stand out as the obvious voice of the stable.

    After a few weeks of teasing us with his soliloquies, Damien Sandow debuted in the ring and proved to be an incredible all-around performer. Not only can he provide extremely strong promos, he can wrestle…really well.

    I was definitely surprised to see this intellectual villain don the vibrant pink tights, but he proved—much like Ziggler—that pink is a man’s color.

    His matches in FCW proved he could adapt a persona to his impressive in-ring ability. He already has the undeserved esteem of accomplishment that will help him fit in well with the rest of the stable.

    Sandow has an insanely bright future with the company, and if he can connect with this group, I see his stock soaring through the next few years.

2. Alberto Del Rio: The Legitimacy

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    Alberto Del Rio has impressed me a great deal since his return from the groin injury. He is in much better shape and has been putting on some great matches since before his break—therefore, I feel he’s brought a lot of legitimacy back to his character.

    Del Rio brings a flair to this stable—a finesse. His aristocrat nature plays well into the sense of well-being that the stable already harnesses, but he’s one of the few in this would-be stable with an actual championship background, establishing some legitimacy to Laurinaitis’ People Power.

    His classic wrestling background also adds some delicacy to this somewhat overpowering stable.

    Not to mention, he brings Ricardo with him—who is essentially getting his own feud with Santino right now, which I approve of because the two work incredibly well together.

    However, this doesn’t bode well for the U.S. Championship, but Otunga had #OtungaForUSChampion over the weekend, which gives some indication that there may be a future for those two—thus, still keeping it within in the stable.

    But there’s one man I feel should join forces with this New Corporation to turn this into a powerhouse of potential…

1. Daniel Bryan: The Champion

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    Daniel Bryan’s current feud—full of well-orchestrated matches that trump any of the main events they precede—with CM Punk and virtually cementing himself into WWE history with the “Yes!” chant make him a shoo-in for this would-be stable.

    I call him the Champion because he’s done it all—in all realms of the wrestling world. His in-ring tactics make up for his size and have shown much restored faith in the consummate wrestling fan.

    This feud also promotes a strong potential for a long feud for Punk and Bryan, which it’s looking to extend to at least No Way Out, where I realistically see Bryan getting a decision over Punk—seeing as the score was finally evened between the two on this week’s Raw.

    Bryan brings along a massive following—while it’s difficult to determine whether he’ll maintain a rise, when it seemed he was getting buried at WrestleMania—I can tell he’s sticking around for a while. 

Conclusion—the Future of People Power

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    It’s hard to tell if stables will be pushed any time soon, but I see Laurinaitis in need of more backup and henchmen than what he has.

    With this new era of People Power, his sway will give way to more opportunities for interesting feuds and turns. While I’m not particularly a fan of Laurinaitis or of People Power, I am a fan of organization and potential for new teams.

    And if these cards can be thrown into the People Power deck, it will make this stable’s hand much more powerful. There will be no bluffing from Laurinaitis if he adds this cavalcade of talent to his roster.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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