Fantasy Football Draft 2012: 5 Guys You Weren't Going to Draft but Should

Cole Dolan@@ColeDolanCorrespondent IIIMay 22, 2012

Fantasy Football Draft 2012: 5 Guys You Weren't Going to Draft but Should

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    The 2012 NFL season is quickly approaching. While teams gear up and begin their quest towards Super Bowl XLVII, fans prepare for, what some consider, an equally important season.

    Fantasy football is also about to kick off.

    While everyone wants to get their virtual hands on Tom Brady, there is always that player you regretted overlooking.

    You might want to take a second look at these five players.

Demaryius Thomas

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    Just admit it.

    You hadn't really heard of Demaryius Thomas before he caught Tim Tebow's 80-yard, game-winning touchdown pass in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of last year's playoffs.

    That wasn't Thomas' only highlight of the year either, and that's something noteworthy when talking about a passing game led by Tebow.

    Times are changing in Denver.

    Out with Tim Tebow and in with Peyton Manning.

    Reasonably speaking, any receiver's statistics are going to go up with that transition, but Thomas will prove to be a step above the rest next year.

Brandon Spikes

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    Brandon Spikes really brought his game to another level during the New England Patriots' Super Bowl run last year. 

    After sitting out seven games due to injury, Spikes exploded for 26 tackles, one interception and a forced fumble during the playoffs.

    After a terrific career as a Florida Gator, Spikes looks like he is well on his way to becoming the anchor of Bill Belichick's defense.

    With the versatility to get into the backfield and create big plays paired with his coverage skills, this is a player who is about to bust onto the scene in 2012.

Tim Tebow

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    Before you kick and scream, hear me out.

    Tim Tebow is coming into an offensive system that sometimes stalls behind Mark Sanchez. With offensive coordinator Tony Sparano specializing in the Wildcat package, all signs point towards Tebow getting legitimate time on the field.

    Then, if he produces, his time on the field increases.

    Tim Tebow will be racking up those goal-line touchdowns, which could be a very valuable addition to your fantasy team.

Jay Cutler

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    With so many other quarterbacks ahead of him, especially within the division, it's easy to throw Jay Cutler to the wayside.

    However, Brandon Marshall lines up at wideout and the Bears will have a nice run game. Cutler should naturally produce solid numbers—barring injury, that is.

    Just don't forget about Cutler's record-setting 4,526 passing yards performance in 2008, back when Marshall was Cutler's teammate.

    With the one-two punch of Marshall and promising rookie Alshon Jeffery, Cutler will put up nice numbers if he stays healthy.

    If you're willing to take a risk with the injury bug, Cutler should be a nice choice if you wait to address the quarterback slot.

A.J. Green

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    Andy Dalton's first year as a quarterback in the NFL would be considered a success by many, but the Cincinnati Bengals were still 20th is passing yards.

    Despite a developing passing game, A.J. Green still reeled in 65 receptions for over 1,000 yards.

    Dalton and the rest of the Bengals passing game can only see improvement in the young quarterback's second year on the job. 

    Improvement in the passing game can only mean one thing for Green.

    Bigger numbers.