Philadelphia Eagles: Most Disappointing Acquisitions of the New Millennium

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent IMay 22, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: Most Disappointing Acquisitions of the New Millennium

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have had their share of disappointing players in the 2000s era. Some of these came in the form of draft busts, while others came in the form of disappointing free-agency signings and players who failed to live up to their expectations.

    This list will not include draft busts but will focus instead upon disappointing free-agent signings and trades.

    Here are five players who were most disappointing in the 2000s and failed to live to their potential.

1. Ernie Sims

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    The Eagles acquired Ernie Sims in 2010 hoping to add to their linebacker's depth and give the middle of the defense a solid starter. The Eagles were impressed by his speed and his strong play with the Detroit Lions.

    However, Sims played poorly with the Eagles. He tackled poorly, showed slow reaction time, and in general, just seemed lost. 

    Sims was not renewed for a second season and not much came from this signing.

2. Stacy Andrews

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    Shawn Andrews' brother was possibly brought aboard to try to keep Shawn in line, but Stacy wound up being a much bigger disappointment than Shawn.

    Shawn Andrews at least had a few good years as a Pro Bowl player, but many hoped Stacy Andrews would help solidify an aging Eagles O-Line needing rebuilding.

    Stacy did not succeed in doing any of this. Instead, he struggled to return from a prior injury, and he struggled to earn any playing time. He was simple a bust of a signing and a very disappointing free-agency acquisition.

3. Terrell Owens

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    While Owens had a very productive season with the Eagles and helped lead the Eagles to a 13-3 record, it's safe to say the Eagles' management was expecting more than one-and-a-half seasons out of one of the best receivers in the league at the time.

    After heroically and courageously playing with screws in his foot during the Super Bowl, Owens demanded a better contract, held out of team practices and called out the Eagles' management and organization, as well as many other controversial actions. He was eventually suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, and then released, before signing with the Cowboys.

    What a disappointing way to end a tenure in Philadelphia, as Donovan McNabb had his finest season with Owens, and it was with Owens that the Eagles got closest to their championship dreams. If only the two had remained together longer, one can only wonder what the Eagles could have accomplished.

4. Marlin Jackson

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    The Eagles signed Marlin Jackson hoping he could solve the Eagles' void at free safety. While Jackson played cornerback, he had experience in the past playing safety, and the Eagles hoped he would be able to improve the situation.

    Instead, Jackson blew out his Achilles tendon in training camp and would never suit up once for the Eagles. Sure, it was not a heavy investment from the Eagles, as Jackson was signed to only a two-year, $6 million contract, but it was very disappointing that Jackson failed to play a single snap for the Eagles, considering his veteran experience.

5. Sean Jones

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    Sean Jones was signed with high hopes, as he had shown promise with the Cleveland Browns. Many hoped that he could help to fill the void at safety by competing for the free-safety position. 

    The job, however, went to Macho Harris, and Jones only played in select situations. Jones won the starting free-safety job as the season went on but was not able to fix the Eagles' gaping hole there since the departure of Brian Dawkins.

    Jones was not re-signed after the 2009 season, and the Eagles decided instead to go in a different direction by drafting Nate Allen, essentially giving up on Jones as a possible starter.