2012 NBA Playoffs: 15 Most Shameful Flops of the Postseason

John Friel@@JohnFtheheatgodAnalyst IMay 22, 2012

2012 NBA Playoffs: 15 Most Shameful Flops of the Postseason

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    I should not have to be writing about flopping in the NBA.

    It was a minor nuisance when primarily foreign players were doing it on occasion, but now LeBron James?

    Seriously, LeBron James?

    And it's not just him. Tony Parker, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Dirk Nowitzki are all multi-time All-Stars who will be featured on this list. 

    In this day and age, flopping has become the cool thing to do—kind of like wearing those hipster nerd glasses at post-game press conferences. The fact is that neither of those things are cool—and they never will be. Why? Because they are annoying and obnoxious.

    Flopping has become so prominent in this year's playoffs that it's actually become an issue with the league office. David Stern recently made comments about flopping and how it is a practice that should be frowned upon. It's not exactly a decree of issuing technical fouls for flopping, but it's a start.

    I would tell you to avert your eyes from what you are about to see, but that wouldn't make much sense, so just read the article.

    Disclaimer: The flagrant foul on Tyson Chandler is not here because it wasn't a flop. Chandler can be seen going chest-first into LeBron James, who was hit on the head only a month after dealing with a concussion.

15. Marc Gasol Gives Reggie Evans a Taste of His Own Medicine

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    You didn't just think the Los Angeles Clippers were going to constantly flop and get away with it, did you?

    While the officials might fall for it, the Grizzlies decided to take matters into their own hands by flopping a few times as well.

    Marc Gasol had the worst one for Memphis with this bump off notorious flopper Reggie Evans.

    Watching two giants fall over and flail around from minimal contact for seven games was definitely one of the lower points of the playoffs. 

14. Ronnie Brewer Wins an Oscar

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    It's certainly not one of the worst flops we've seen in the playoffs, but it's enough to warrant a selection on this prestigious list.

    Ronnie Brewer of the Chicago Bulls doesn't even allow Evan Turner to get up a shot before taking contact, flailing his arms as if he's about to fall off a building and ultimately tipping over. 

    Once again, the reaction of the contact and then falling over are completely out of sync.

    If you're going to flop, you can at least do it right.

13. Tony Parker Gets His Against the Clips

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    Matching the San Antonio Spurs with the Los Angeles Clippers was horrible for two reasons.

    Reason number one being that the Spurs are a lot better than the Clippers. 

    Reason number two should be obvious—the flopping.

    There are some world-class floppers on both of these squads. The Spurs have a pioneer in the field in Manu Ginobili, while the Clippers boast terrific floppers in Blake Griffin, Reggie Evans and Chris Paul.

    This series ending in four games was probably a blessing, because I sure did not want to see more bodies flying all over the place with minimal contact.

    Tony Parker decided to enter the flopping gala with an excellent acting job against fellow flopper, Chris Paul, on a charging call.

12. Mike Miller Flops and the Refs...Don't Call It?

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    Let's just bask in the beautiful silence of watching a player fall to the ground after receiving minimal contact and then hearing no whistle, shall we?

11. Derek Fisher Is Just Too Strong for Dirk Nowitzki

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    This is almost on par with Anderson Varejao's flop against Derek Fisher.

    Fisher does have a forearm in Nowitzki's back going for the rebound, but is it truly enough of a shiver to launch a 7-foot, 237-pound man out of bounds?

    Dirk Nowitzki nearly falls over from a forearm from Derek Fisher. Think about that sentence and attempt to rationalize the meaning of those words I just put together.

    Derek Fisher hasn't played physical basketball in a decade, and he's surely not going to start now.

10. Danilo Gallinari Takes a Bruising Hit From...Pau Gasol

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    Following a close loss in a decisive Game 3 in the Denver Nuggets' first-round series against the Los Angeles Lakers, Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari had this to say to an Italian newspaper:

    [The referees] would certainly have called that type of pick on our big guys. It was a crystal clear foul but, as everybody knows, they call fewer fouls for you when you play against the Lakers.

    Here's the problem with that statement. While it is completely true that a team like the Lakers may get the benefit of a few calls, the referees were still right not to make any sort of call on the bump Gallinari received courtesy of a Pau Gasol screen.

    That's exactly where the problem lies in Gallinari's argument. He got sent to the ground off a Pau Gasol screen. Nobody is going to get laid out by Gasol screens, especially someone who is listed at 6'10", 225 pounds.

9. Blake Griffin Cuts Lip, Falls to Court in Agony

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    In the Miami Heat's Game 4 win over the Indiana Pacers, Udonis Haslem received nine stitches above his right eye following an inadvertent elbow from Louis Amundson.

    Haslem responded by calmly walking over to the sidelines, getting the necessary treatment and walking back to the court. The end.

    Blake Griffin, a 6'10", 251-pound athletic freak, runs into Manu Ginobili's shoulder going for a loose ball and immediately crumbles to the court in agony. Replays later showed that Griffin's face hit Ginobili's shoulder, which led to Griffin's lip getting cut and needing stitches.

    Word is that Griffin's tooth went through his lip. Pretty gross, but is it worth missing an offensive possession because you're lying on the floor over a busted lip?

    After seeing what Haslem went through, I highly doubt it.

8. LeBron James Plays the Pacers Like a Fiddle

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    LeBron James' flopping in the first round transitioned over to the Heat's semifinals series against the Indiana Pacers.

    In this instance, James decides to act like he got fouled rather than attempting to pass out of the physical double-team provided by David West and Danny Granger.

    It actually appears as if he loses the ball, but then uses West's arm as a decoy and acts as if he got hit hard enough to be sent to the ground.

    The guy is 6'8" and rumored to be 270 pounds—how are the officials falling for this type of nonsense time after time?

7. Chris Paul Gets KO'd Somehow

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    The Los Angeles Clippers will be making a few appearances on this list, as anyone would expect.

    Chris Paul, as you would expect, is a must-add to a list like this. He was a notorious flopper in New Orleans, but it skyrocketed out of control in his first year with the Los Angeles Clippers. Throughout the team's series with Memphis Grizzlies, if Paul wasn't scoring, he was usually found sprawled out on the court.

    This time, a weak shoulder by Mike Conley, Jr. on a drive is enough to send Paul to the ground as if there was a sniper hiding in the rafters.

    He actually went airborne and had hangtime—on a flop.

    Of course, Paul shot right back up after the Clippers got the rebound on the missed shot.

6. Jason Terry Dribbles, Falls and Gets a Foul Call

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    What exactly went through the referee's head when he made this call?

    Does James Harden throw any sort of elbow or attempt to trip Jason Terry? Not that I can see.

    Is he bumping him? If anything, it appears that Terry is initiating the contact. Not like that truly matters, since the offensive player will get the benefit of the doubt every time. 

    What does Harden even do? He's running alongside Terry, while the "Jet" is throwing an elbow and then falling to the ground for no other reason than to exploit the official's quick whistle.

    For shame, Jason. For shame.

5. Chris Paul Attempts to Sell a Technical

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    This one is just shameless.

    Chris Paul isn't just trying to sell a foul in the middle of the game, he's attempting to sell a foul during a loose ball timeout.

    We're complaining about LeBron James and Blake Griffin flopping? Paul currently has a copyright on the head-jerk, a move that dupes officiating crews night in and night out. 

    The best parts of this video? The referee not falling for it and Dante Cunningham just walking away.

4. Josh Smith Takes a Swan Dive

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    Josh Smith isn't known as a flopper, but anything has become possible in this wacky season.

    In fact, this flop by Smith may be one of the worst of the entire playoffs because of how badly it was sold.

    Brandon Bass places his hands on Smith's back for a rebound and Josh's first instinct is to drop to the floor as if a drill sergeant was commanding him to do push-ups.

    The dive is horrific. It's bad enough that the reaction doesn't even come close to syncing up with the contact, but the fact that he dives on the floor and gets the foul is insane.

3. Reggie Evans Is Down for the Count

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    The flopping of the Los Angeles Clippers is on its own level. 

    I understand the disgust shown at the Miami Heat for their flopping, but the Clippers are constantly flailing, jerking their heads or just plain falling to the floor. 

    Once again, I'm not sure how the referees fall for this. Off minimal contact, a 6'4", 213-pound Tony Allen is able to send a 6'8", 245-pound Reggie Evans to the floor as if he just delivered a kidney shot courtesy of Mike Tyson.

2. LeBron James Trolls the NBA World

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    I have a theory concerning LeBron James and his flops.

    Never before have we seen James flop this much. He hardly did it with the Cleveland Cavaliers and there weren't too many instances in his first year with the Miami Heat. However, this season has been absolutely littered with James going to the floor off the smallest of bumps. 

    It's depressing that the officials are falling for it. LeBron James is the most athletic player in the NBA and is arguably the strongest pound-for-pound, too. He's not going to fall out of bounds after a forearm shiver by J.R. Smith, a player with half his strength. 

    My theory is that James is trolling. By trolling, I mean that he knows what he's doing and is doing it for the sole purpose to get more people angry with him. This is a guy who's supposedly in love with his image and what people think of it, so isn't it a little strange that he's putting his image at stake for some shameless flops?

    Isn't it odd that James is suddenly earning this reputation as a notorious flopper in the playoffs, but is still doing it game after game?

    Well played, LeBron.

1. Chris Paul Doing What Chris Paul Does Best

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    Hold on, I think I'm going to be sick.

    In complete honesty, I have nothing against Chris Paul. He is the best point guard in the league and I have said that all year long.

    These flops, however, are so absurd that they should be shown on a Twilight Zone episode.