WWE Over the Limit 2012 Results and 5 Matches We Need to See at No Way Out

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IMay 21, 2012

WWE Over the Limit 2012 Results and 5 Matches We Need to See at No Way Out

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    As we close the book on Over the Limit, the fast track towards SummerSlam truly begins. A pay-per-view that was better than expected, Over the Limit entertained us but left enough questions open for four weeks from today, when No Way Out makes its return to the WWE pay-per-view lineup.

    From the looks of it, No Way Out will have a themed feel to it. There will likely be some steel cage matches, as well as a few other matches where there isn't a place to run off to.

    Rivalries were renewed last night, as well as some matchups that we saw and are not completely done just yet. At No Way Out, however, some unusual stipulations may come into play.

    So as we get closer to June 17, here are five matchups we can expect to see at the event, as well as some ideas about stipulations we may be seeing with the matches.

Big Show vs. John Cena

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    It was anticipated but also discussed everywhere following the main event last night. Big Show, the recently fired giant of WWE, literally had John Laurinaitis in the palm of his hands. Laurinaitis said something to the big man, prompting Show to let go of him and attack John Cena.

    The attack helped the GM of Raw and Smackdown get the victory over Cena and keep his job. One can only imagine that Big Show was informed that he would get his job back if he helped Laurinaitis win the match.

    Big Show will likely get that wish tonight on Raw, and Cena will take offense. Big Show will say that he was looking out for himself to get his job back, while Cena will say that there is a better way.

    Eventually, the now-tweener Big Show will have to toy with becoming a full-fledged heel again. It will revive a great rivalry in the history of Cena's career. It was Big Show who lost to Cena at WrestleMania XX for Cena to win his first championship in WWE.

    The negativity by some of the locker room on their Twitter accounts make me feel like the locker room may be split in what Big Show did. Steel cages can't really hold Big Show down, but maybe the WWE roster can. Big Show and John Cena can face one another in a Lumberjack Match—yet another way to not have any way to escape.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    The Fatal 4-Way match last night did not disappoint. All four men were extremely impressive, and the bout really got the crowd amped up prior to Bryan and Punk later on in the night.

    Sheamus ultimately defeated Chris Jericho, which all but knocks Y2J out of the title picture and probably out of WWE for the time being. As for Del Rio and Orton, neither were involved in the decision. Because of that, both men have a gripe for another chance at the belt.

    At No Way Out, both gripes can be answered in a triple-threat match.

    Also, the feuds between the three men can all be settled inside a steel cage match. If you want to end a feud, you put it inside a steel cage. That's a basic booking tactic, and being a cage-themed pay-per-view, this allows Sheamus to move past both men in the title hunt with a victory at No Way Out.

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

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    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were far from disappointing as well.

    So many submission holds also prompt the stipulation I will suggest. The Anaconda Vice and the Yes Lock will be on display as Punk and Bryan lace them up again, this time in a Submission match.

    Bryan has the argument that he made Punk tap out, but footage proves that the pinfall by Punk occurred first. In a submission-based match, none of that will matter. It will be all about tapping out and nothing else. When one of these holds gets locked in really tight, there may not be a way out.

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

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    The new Intercontinental Champion better enjoy having that title, because he will be threatened in a few weeks by former champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was blindsided with the title bout and put up a great fight before falling victim to the former world champion.

    Christian and Rhodes can face each other in just a standard match, or a stipulation can be added. All that will matter is the fact that they compete with one another for the Intercontinental Championship, which is becoming a bigger and bigger deal to hold on to.

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

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    Complain about the Divas division all you want, but last night would have fooled anyone. Beth Phoenix and Layla delivered at Over the Limit and they have earned another chance to impress us.

    If the rest of the roster is not ready yet, then so be it. Phoenix is always game, and Layla did well for herself as she still tries to work herself into regular fighting condition.

    Phoenix did a lot of the heavy lifting at Over the Limit, but Layla can pull her weight at No Way Out.

    I challenge the creative staff to have fun with this feud. Give them a stipulation to have fun with. If the Divas division getting some hype is what you crave, a No Way Out match for these two Divas building off of their success from last night is just what the doctor ordered.