WWE Over the Limit 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from Last Night

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 21, 2012

WWE Over the Limit 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from Last Night

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    WWE presented Over the Limit last night live from North Carolina. The three-hour event was shown on pay-per-view for all the great paying customers of the WWE Universe.

    Remember all the discussion of the terrible build? Remember how not much was hyped very well? Remember how this show was doomed to fail?

    Throw all that out the window!

    Once again, WWE shows who is boss. They will forever be the top company in the industry, and they showed why again Sunday night. It was not perfect, but it earned a B grade on my scale.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

10. Kane vs. Ryder

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    Well, he is the Internet champion!

    Kane vs. Zack Ryder made sense on many levels. Both men showed up and put on a great performance for fans. Being on the pre-show, I hope fans re-considered their stance on ordering the show (or not).

    The big man picks up a win. Ryder continues to act like a goofball.

    What else is new in WWE?

9. Battle Royal

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    WWE informed everybody of a battle royal earlier on in the day.

    The winner would go on to earn a title match against either Santino Marella or Cody Rhodes. It is about time the United States Title and Intercontinental Title was shown some attention.

    While many of the wrestlers had no shot of winning, it was very nice to see Christian as one of the final entrants. Being a big fan of his work, as long as he has a purpose to come back (he does), I like it.

    WWE played this very well. His entrance and the start of the battle royal was just as the pre-show was ending. If anybody wanted to see how the cliff hanger concluded, you had to purchase the show.

    Again, I doubt many actually clicked the "Buy" button on their remote control. It was a nice try, though, by the company. You have to respect that.

    Either way, Christian won. That was very clear once he came out. He teased going after Santino, but we found out the real answer later on.

8. Filler

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    Ryback destroyed Camacho. Fans had their fun and chanted "Goldberg." In the end, it did not last long.

    Brodus Clay beat The Miz. I was too worried about seeing Cameron and Naomi to care about Miz dancing, but it was entertaining. Again, it was a quick win for the bigger man,

    The backstage segments all night were fine. Nothing took too much time on the pay-per-view, so it was harmless filler. Even the commentary team was good last night.

7. Divas Title

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    Layla defended her Divas Championship against Beth Phoenix.

    Yes, Layla is the champ. Really! Notice it.

    She had a great match with Beth. Both delivered in the spotlight, and I wish to see more of this. While the world continues to wait on Kharma, there is no harm in having good diva matches.

    Last night, we saw that. Layla kept her title, and a new challenger may be ready to step up.

6. Tag Titles

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    R-Truth and Kofi Kingston make a nice team. With the titles, I really would like them to get a name. Without it, they are still just two guys thrown together.

    Speaking of that, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger need to get away from each other. The partnership has not done much. Vickie Guerrero did look stunning, though. I am not sure what Jerry Lawler was talking about...

    As good as Swagger and Ziggler are, their quest for tag gold has failed once again. Kofi and Truth retained in a very entertaining back-and-forth contest.

    It may have been the best tag match in a long, long time.

5. Intercontinental Title Match

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    It was later revealed that Cody Rhodes would be defending his title against Christian. It was a nice "twist" during the night, but I do not think the fans caught on.

    Christian was set up to return as a face here, but it did not seem like many noticed. I am not excited about him playing the "good guy" again, but WWE has enough heels right now.

    Fans need people to cheer for.

    I also do not like constant character changes. Last May, Christian was a face. A month later, he was a heel. Now, he is back to being a face?

    Again, it is fine. I just wish something was actually done to get from Point A to Point B.

    In any event, Christian and Cody Rhodes had a nice match. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't think the live crowd was invested much. That is too bad.

    Both brought out the best, and a title change had to happen.

    Bringing back Christian would have made no sense. Where Cody goes from here is anybody's guess. Maybe stay in the middle of the card? Maybe faces Sheamus?

    I am very intrigued.

4. Extra Thoughts

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    1. I really do not approve of double duty. Sorry, but it needs to be discussed once again. Do not blame me! This is on WWE folks...

    Miz had two matches. That is not too bad, as he did not do much work. However, there was one major problem with the other instance.

    Christian is just back from injury. His first night back on television he is in two matches. That has to be a joke. A man back in full health after many months is pulling double duty right away.

    Wow. If any current or past WWE, TNA, independent wrestler wants to let me know any positives about wrestling twice in one night, feel free to find me on Twitter (@JustinWatry).

    2. A lot will be made about this show being predictable. Most make that out to be a bad thing. Guess what, folks? Predictability does mean something is wrong.

    Super Mario will save the Princess to close every game, yet it makes millions each year. The super heroes kill the villains to end every film, yet fans make the companies billions each time. If the story is well told, a simple ending is just fine.

    3. Finally, I am just dying to see this buy rate. Everybody can praise the wrestling matches up and down all week until they are blue in the face. If nobody paid for it, the statements are empty and mean nothing.

3. Main Event

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    Let me just ask one question first.

    What is the difference between John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena last night and Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon from St. Valentine's Massacre?

    Not their characters. Not the names. Not the build.

    From bell to bell, there was next to no difference.

    The heel ran away, while the face played around and had fun. He could have won many times, yet decided to embarrass the authority figure instead.

    As usual, the Attitude Era match will get praise as being epic. The exact same formula being used in today's generation gets criticized.

    As most expected, Big Show helped Mr. Excitement keep his job. Big Johnny pinned Cena to close the event, as many questions will need to be answered on Raw.

2. World Title Match

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    This was a great World Title match. Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and Sheamus put on an amazing effort for the North Carolina crowd.

    They were a nice live audience, but they were very loud during this. Many will discuss the winner, but it was really just a simple process of elimination.

    Chris Jericho was never going to win. Everybody "fantasy booking" may think otherwise, but I don't. In the real world, Jericho does not care about wins and losses.

    We saw them almost a decade ago. We saw that during his latest run, losing clean to Evan Bourne and Heath Slater in 2010. Yet some still haven't gotten the message.

    For the fifth straight pay-per-view, Jericho made a new star look like a million bucks. That is exactly what he came back for. Just like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Triple H the past few years, another title means nothing to him.

    Del Rio may win down the line, but not against Sheamus.

    Randy Orton is in the same boat. He may get a big win over the Celtic Warrior someday, but that is not anytime soon. The only logical option was Sheamus.

    He pinned Jericho to retain his title, and it was the perfect "predictable" finish.

1. WWE Title Match

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    This was the reason many bought Over the Limit. If anybody ever wanted a "change," they had to prove it with their wallets and order this show.

    CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. Many expected to be let down. Many thought the title would change hands, thanks to AJ. Many (likely) did not pay to view this match.

    As usual, WWE knows what they are doing.

    The cynics, negative thinkers and doubters were shown a wonderful match. The "fantasy bookers" saw no AJ at ringside. She appeared backstage, but did nothing once again.

    Finally, this back-and-forth contest proved to be well worth the price. It is just too bad the buy rate is going to be released in a few weeks. That is going to tell the real story as to whether they are the "best in the world" or not. It may not be very pretty for Bryan and Punk.

    As for the finish, I liked it. We saw it on Raw and Smackdown a few times with these two. They are so evenly matched that a clear winner was still very closely decided.

    Punk retains. Again, it was the easy decision, but that does not make it bad. Using logic and sense should never be looked at as a negative. I do not know about anyone else, but I would love to see a re-match. I Quit? Ironman? Anything with time would be acceptable.

    Maybe fans will buy that...

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