WWE: Who Should Be Undertaker's Next Opponent?

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIMay 15, 2012

WWE: Who Should Be Undertaker's Next Opponent?

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    Saying Undertaker has done it all at WrestleMania is a huge understatement. He's conquered the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair and Kane over his 20-win streak.

    But how about next year's WrestleMania opponent? Who should be the Deadman's next challenger at WrestleMania 29?

    Here are the top-10 options for The Undertaker in his 21st 'Mania match.

10. Randy Orton

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    Before you skip this slide in dismay, allow me throw it at you. 

    I know what you're saying and I can't help but agree. Randy Orton has indeed come across as rather boring and bland over the past two years and yes, he has already faced off with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 21.

    But quite frankly, wouldn't Orton have the ability to put on an incredible bout with Taker?

    He sure would.

    We've seen it already in their previous 'Mania match as well as their extremely well-executed feud.

    Orton may not be the most popular amongst fans in the Internet Wrestling Community right now, but there's no doubting the potential high-quality match these two can work together for.

9. Batista

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    Here's another guy Taker has already faced at a WrestleMania event. The difference from Orton, however, is that there should be much more intrigue for a match with Batista.

    For one, his potential return would certainly rattle things up in the WWE. With the lack of star power currently in the company, Batista would provide a nice boost to the roster.

    Additionally, Batista would give The Undertaker a legitimate challenge. Unlike 98% of the roster, fans  actually believe Batista has a shot at ending the streak given his prior dominance. 

8. Goldberg

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    Speaking of "Who's Next," how about Goldberg?

    Yes, it's a tad far-fetched given his lengthy absence from the industry. But this is about WrestleMania, The Undertaker and the streak. So why not try to go all out?

    For those of you that remember, Mr. Bill Goldberg had quite a streak of his own over at a little promotion called WCW. The Atlanta native scored 173 consecutive victories over at Ted Turner's product. His undefeated streak came to a halt when Kevin Nash, of course, took him out at StarrCade '98.

    So if these two can face off, it'll be a streak vs. streak showdown of sorts. Goldberg would confront Taker, favoring his feat. He would want to end Taker's streak, proving that his 173 wins in a row is greater than 20 at WrestleMania.

7. Sheamus

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    Pitting Undertaker against Sheamus would be a slick move for the company.

    The credentials are all there. Sheamus is legit, he's got the build and he has yet to face Taker.

    But most importantly, a match with Taker at WrestleMania would further solidify Sheamus as a main event talent. Like I stated in the Batista slide, the company is in need of top of the line guys not named John Cena.

    If the WWE can throw Sheamus into a match of this height, it'll only help increase his credibility, even if he loses.

6. CM Punk

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    Sticking on the theme of solidifying stars, CM Punk would be a nice fit to face off with Taker.

    Although the company's been pushing him since last summer, I personally don't look at Punk as a viable alternative to Cena. I do, however, believe he is just a step away.

    Having him take on the Deadman would undoubtedly put him over the top. He's already disposed of a legend in Chris Jericho and needs to come out strong against a few more top tier names of the industry.

    And again, it wouldn't matter if he ultimately drops the match to Taker. What matters is that he was big enough to be a part of the feud with The Undertaker. 

5. The Rock

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    After defeating the big fat Fruity Pebble at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Rock accomplished a feat never even dreamed of by anyone in the business. With that victory, The Great One became the only wrestler to defeat John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania.

    The one thing The Rock hasn't done at 'Mania, however, is face The Undertaker. And if he seized that opportunity, he would become the first man to ever defeat Taker at WrestleMania. (Even though that wouldn't happen).

    The Rock can return in his quest to accomplish yet another feat that has never been accomplished before. 

    But given his promise to regain the WWE Championship, it doesn't seem very likely that he'll be standing in front of Taker at the next event.

4. Chris Jericho

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    Although a bout against Chris Jericho would be of similar implications to that of a Rocky one, I think Undertaker would match up much better with Y2J.

    I believe Jericho's style as well as his angle in the company can fit in rather nicely against Taker.

    And not only would it be a hell of a show, but it's something we've never seen before. Even though they've been members of the WWE during the same time periods, we have yet to see an extensive and meaningful feud between the two.

    Jericho's history would give us a credible and entertaining opponent for the Deadman.

3. John Cena

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    This is something that many fans want to see. Yes, many IWCers can't stand John Cena. And personally, I'm not his biggest fan either.

    But what Cena can do is bring the big match feel to WrestleMania and some doubt as far as the streak goes.

    Sure, it seems unlikely Undertaker's streak will die after defeating both Triple H and Shawn Michaels twice in the past four years. But isn't it also unlikely Cena would lose his third consecutive 'Mania match?

    I know it's much more realistic to have Cena take the hit for yet another WrestleMania. That intrigue should, however, place at least a small bit of doubt in many fans' minds.

    And above all, a Cena-Taker match will certainly be very refreshing.

    It's new, it's different and it's something we have yet to see on the biggest stage of the industry. 

2. Sting

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    Raise your hand if you got trolled by WWE's 2-21 videos last year? Yup, me too.

    Although the cryptic promos were made for Undertaker's return, a vast majority of wrestling fans were hoping it represented the WWE debut of Sting. Unfortunately, it did not.

    But a new statement from the Stinger himself should be raising some interest. In a recent interview, Sting claimed that he regrets not doing WrestleMania. He also stated that he would like to face Undertaker at some point.

    This match goes under the "things we could have, but have never seen" category. In fact, it's almost as interesting as the Austin-Goldberg match we never got.

    Either way, this match has the chance to be special. It's a matchup between two of the biggest and most popular icons this industry has ever seen.

1. Brock Lesnar

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    Out of any on this list or in the entire industry for that matter, Brock Lesnar would undoubtedly present The Undertaker with his toughest WrestleMania challenge yet. Plus, it's all there.

    These two have in-ring history, out-of-ring history and are two of the biggest stars in the business.

    Taker and Brock have the ability to brawl at each other, wrestle against each other and grapple with each other. They've given us some slobber knockers in the past and would certainly deliver on the industry's most prominent stage.