WWE Judgment Day 2006: Top 10 Moments from Rey Mysterio's Big Night

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 10, 2012

WWE Judgment Day 2006: Top 10 Moments from Rey Mysterio's Big Night

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    At Judgment Day 2006, the Smackdown exclusive show produced a few exciting matches. The card was solid from top to bottom, and the Blue Brand brought out their best.

    However, this night is best remembered for Rey Mysterio's shining moment. While he gets top billing, a lot of other great memories were made on this (B grade) event.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

10. Jillian vs. Melina

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    Jillian Hall was the face, while Melina was the heel.

    The company was trying to build up Jillian, but it didn't work. She was great with JBL and always shined as the heel.

    On this night, Jillian picked up the victory in a good match. This entire segment was given nearly ten minutes on pay-per-view. Shocking, huh?

9. Helms vs. Crazy

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    Gregory Helms was the Cruiserweight Champion, while Super Crazy was the challenger on this night. These two were a nice fixture for the Blue Brand and showed why here.

    They put on a solid effort and just kept going. This match went just about ten minutes, and it was well worth the time given.

    Helms had a nice Smackdown run. His crowning as Cruiserweight Champion was a hidden gem in the past decade. Crazy did well here, but couldn't get the title.

8. Henry vs. Angle

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    Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry was thrown together pretty quickly. Being a Smackdown exclusive show, nearly all of the talents had to make it on the event.

    Thus, it made sense to begin a story between one of the top heels and the top faces.

    Sadly, this match didn't deliver. It featured two future WWE Hall of Famers going at it, but this never got off the ground. It went ten minutes and wasn't anything special.

    Henry shocked the world with a count out win. Angle destroyed him after the match.

7. Kurt Angle's Future

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    This was Kurt Angle's final Smackdown pay-per-view.

    He was drafted to the ECW brand (Tuesdays on Sy-Fy) a week or so after and was gone from the company three months later. It was a steep decline for the man in 2006.

    By the fall, he was in a TNA Impact Wrestling ring.

6. Khali Pins Undertaker

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    The Great Khali had just debuted in WWE.

    For the next year or so, he was treated as an absolute monster. If you didn't watch wrestling in 2006, you missed out on his dominant run. Now, you may laugh, but he was a legitimate threat six years ago.

    At Judgment Day, he was battling Undertaker.

    After a nice exchange for ten minutes, Khali pinned Taker in the middle of the ring. Very few men own a "clean" victory over the Dead Man. Khali is one of them.

5. Opening Match

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    The opening match was MNM defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against Paul London and Brian Kendrick. It was given over ten minutes, and both teams delivered an excellent match.

    I won this pay-per-view through a trivia contest, so I can't say this was well worth the price of admission, but it certainly had to be for other viewers. This was top notch!

    If anybody has not seen this match, I highly suggest watching it. The crowd reaction for London and Kendrick winning the gold was excellent!

4. Morrison and Mercury

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    Watch that video promo! It is very interesting that the term "Beautiful People" is used in late 2006.

    Anyways, MNM broke up after their big loss. John Morrison and Joey Mercury were arguing for awhile, but they started beating each other down.

    The live audience loved it, and Melina clearly chose Morrison in a dramatic moment. The team was soon "fired" from Smackdown, while Morrison and Melina showed up on Raw a few weeks later.

    The team eventually did reunite, but their run was over at Judgment Day 2006.

3. King of the Ring

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    Smackdown held a King of the Ring tournament in 2006.

    The finals were held at Judgment Day 2006 between Booker T and Bobby Lashley. While logic would have pointed towards Lashley getting his big moment, it was not meant to be.

    King Booker was born!

    He won the crown and used his momentum to ride to a future World Title run that summer. He was on top of Smackdown for the rest of the year, and his huge run began here.

    Lashley ended up getting a few more chances to succeed in the main event scene on Smackdown, before trying his luck with ECW and Raw.

2. World Title Main Event

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    Rey Mysterio was the reigning World Champion.

    JBL was the heel challenger for him.

    In the weeks leading up to the event, Rey lost a few non-title matches. JBL used this to his advantage during the build up to Judgment Day.

    The two delivered a strong main event, with the champion retaining.

    A week later, they had another match on Smackdown with JBL's career on the line. He lost and would do color commentary for a year and a half for the Blue Brand.

    JBL did eventually return to the ring for Raw in late 2007, before leaving for good in 2009.

1. Mysterio's Night

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    Rey Mysterio was treated as a great act in ECW. Years later, he was simply a"small" Cruiserweight in WCW. When he signed with WWE in 2002, Mr. 619 was back to being a fun attraction.

    However, he was under six feet tall and well under two hundred pounds. Most assumed he had his limitations on how far he could go in this industry.

    At Wrestle Mania XXII, he won the World Heavyweight Championship.

    While he had the big gold, the man still was not treated as the top star. Something was always overshadowing him.

    That all changed at Judgment Day 2006.

    Rey was the top star that night. He was in the main event, defending his World Title. Nothing else was drawing in the crowd or pay-per-view buys. This night belonged to Mysterio.

    It had to be a major moment for him, as he was always told what he couldn't do. On this night, he showed exactly what he could do!

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