WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan Explains How Drug Arrest Hurt His Career

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistMay 9, 2012

WWE legend “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan thinks the fork in the road for his career came in 1987 when he got pulled over by the police.

Duggan was riding with The Iron Sheik when his vehicle was pulled over in a routine traffic stop. Duggan confessed to the officer they had marijuana in the car but Duggan didn't know The Iron Sheik had cocaine in his possession.

Duggan revealed in an exclusive interview with PWTorch.com

"I don't think I ever regained the momentum I would have had before the arrest with the Iron Sheik," he said. "I think I was on the fast track [before the arrest]. I think I would have been World Champion, Intercontinental, or Tag Team Champion. I never regained the momentum. I think a lot of guys it would have totally crushed their career, but I was lucky enough to survive it and actually thrive after the arrest."

As Duggan and history will recall, he was brought back to WWE not long after his departure but was never treated as anything more than mid-card filler.

Duggan's autobiography just got released this month, where he goes more in-depth on the incident and his opinion on how it affected his career. I think it's refreshing to hear Duggan's honesty with the situation. All too often we find guys who will find every reason that has nothing to do with them directly as to why they didn't reach higher heights.

The interview certainly made me think of what could have been for the man always carrying the two by four. I also think the honesty in the interview is not only good moral showing, but a positive tease at the type of straight-forward perspective Duggan will give to his career as well as his interactions with such stars as Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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