WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night's Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 8, 2012

WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night's Show

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    Raw has seen better nights. While last night's show wasn't bad, there just wasn't a lot there. As positive as I am in life, my opinions are very clear.

    The Red Brand put on a solid effort, but I just never became totally invested. On my grade scale, I will give Raw a C- Monday night. That is the lowest grade I have given out in months!

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

15. Divas Match

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    Layla and Kelly Kelly defeated Maxine and Natalya in a tag team match. Beth Phoenix was on commentary, talking about her title match at Over the Limit.

    I expect her to lose to Layla at the pay-per-view, as we will all be waiting for Kharma to return.

    As for the match, it was fine. The faces picked up the victory, but it was great to see Maxine on Raw. She was on NXT Season 3, in the greatest three months of television ever produced.

    I understand she still appears for FCW and NXT, but I don't follow them anymore. Moving her up to the main roster would be a welcome surprise. She impressed on NXT Season 3, so let's see her step up.

14. Live Crowd

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    WWE Raw was filmed live in Greensboro, North Carolina. The wrestling history in that state speaks for itself. Last night, I felt disappointed.

    Blame the quality of the show. Blame the wrestling matches. Blame the fans.

    Whatever the excuse is, the fans in North Carolina were not very excited. They were often loud and hardly reacted to the last 30 minutes of the show.

    If anybody was there live last night, feel free to let me know how it was to be there. I would love for a live perspective to explain the fans' reactions.

13. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

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    Well, it was nice of the new tag team champions to get a name. Well, nothing was announced on Raw. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth just appeared as two singles performers.

    Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi in a one-on-one match. Jack Swagger and the stunning Vickie Guerrero were at ringside for this. Of course, they caused a distraction towards the end.

    While this was going on, the All World group led by Abraham Washington watched on. My "it" girl, Rosa Mendes, was there, as were Primo and Epico.

    I assume they are waiting to cash in their re-match for the tag straps.

    Things got very interesting when Mason Ryan appeared backstage. He caught the eye of AW, as he seemed very interested in recruiting the big man.

    Could we have another international star added to the stable?

12. Opening Segment

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    John Laurinaitis starting Raw was a good idea. However, not much was accomplished here.

    He built himself up and talked about his wrestling past in Japan. At least that ties him into Lord Tensai coming back to the company, right?

    Johnny Ace spoke about his match at Over the Limit against John Cena, before CM Punk interrupted him. That is where things got dull.

    We have seen these two back and forth for the past year.

    The "pipe bombs" mean nothing. Punk rambling about little things that nobody knows about was ridiculous last year. There is no need to bring any of that back in 2012.

    We finally got to the point 15 minutes later.

    Punk vs. Tensai was the main event, and nobody was allowed to make fun of Mr. Excitement's voice.

11. Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

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    Cody Rhodes defended his Intercontinental Championship against Big Show in the opening. I am very interested in seeing how the segment drew in the quarter-hour ratings.

    My guess is nobody cared to see this match...again!

    Cody walked out to keep his title, while Show won by count out. The aftermath was where things got fun for a change.

10. Authority

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    Big Show had a rough night listening to his boss

    When your superior tells you not to do something, don't do it! It isn't rocket science. If you continue, consequences will be taken.

    That is how life works.

    Some listen. Others do not. Last night, Big Show did not listen to Johnny Ace or Eve. He just kept making fun of the Raw and SmackDown general manager.

    He did apologize, but I don't think this is all over with yet. Hopefully, he will actually listen next time...

9. Next Week?

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    WWE teased that Triple H would be live on Raw next week.


    That does not need to happen. This story does not warrant a return for The Game after just two weeks. Brock Lesnar broke his arm last week, and he is ready to appear live again.

    Both men should be off television for at least a month.

    I hope Triple H just says good-bye next week and says he needs major rehab before coming back again. Then the story with Lesnar can resume in another month or so.

8. CM Punk Observations

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    I had a couple of issues with CM Punk on Monday.

    Last night, CM Punk was Raw! John Cena was kept to a minimum. Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Kane and other big names did not appear.

    This was Punk leading the charge. It may have been a coincidence. The entire show felt dull. Maybe it was due to Punk being the top guy? Maybe it wasn't? The show just lacked energy from start to finish.

    Next up was his great day on Twitter! On his official account, he told a fan to kill himself. Punk needs to learn to "rise above hate" like some of us. Hours later, he realized his mistake and apologized.

    I would tend to believe it was heartfelt, except a similar incident happened last year at a live event. He used a gay slur towards a fan. Of course, he issued an apology later on. Will it occur again?

    Finally, Punk was tweeting during Raw that Paul Heyman was ready to appear. I don't follow any WWE or TNA talents (read about this all later on), but was this really needed?

    For those of you following him, he gave away a major spoiler just minutes away from it happening. I really hope WWE told him to do that because that would be ridiculous.

    He also tweeted about the Cubs while Raw was airing live. Way to show you are focused! You are on Twitter during Raw, as you are in the main event as WWE Champion. I know Punk is outspoken and just being himself, but there has to be limits.

    Yet some fans wonder why Cena is still given the spotlight over Punk?

7. Tag Team Match

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    Sheamus and Randy Orton took on Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio at the top of the second hour. It was a decent tag match, but the real story was on the ending.

    Jericho picked up a pin fall victory over Sheamus. Thanks to a little bit of confusion with Orton, the heels won the match.

    It was a much-needed result. All of this was done to set up the following backstage segment!

6. World Title Scene

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    Sheamus did eliminate Jericho last to win the Royal Rumble in January.

    Randy Orton did "take out" Jericho in 2010 with a punt to the skull.

    Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus did wrestle a few weeks ago.

    In the end all of these men have history with each other. To see them all feuding is a nice change of pace.

    The new World Heavyweight Championship match at Over the Limit is a fatal four-way match. Sheamus will defend his title against Jericho, Alberto and Orton.

    I certainly like that idea more than the one-on-one match between Sheamus and Del Rio.

    The result will still be the same (Sheamus retaining), but this will create a much better story.

5. Brodus Clay Wrestles

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    Brodus Clay has added more to his entrance. It seems like there is always more and more to his arrival on Raw. Also, Naomi, and Cameron looked amazing last night!

    As for the match, Brodus Clay wrestled against The Miz.

    This was his first real big test. I think he did fine, but it is time for Clay to do more. Fans know about his entrance. They know about his moves.

    The WWE Universe has been introduced to him for the past few months. The next step must be taken at some point, right?

    As for The Miz, he looked good out there. He was never going to win, but the former WWE Champion made Brodus look like a million bucks.

    Job well done!

4. Main Event

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    Well, it was set to be Tensai vs. Punk. However, Mr. Excitement added Daniel Bryan to the match later on. I think Jerry Lawler said something about the change earlier, but who listens to him anymore?

    The main event was good. It was clear that this entire night's goal was to put over the main heels. That is one of the huge points to take home from WWE Monday night.

    Once again, Tensai picked up a huge win. This time, he pinned Punk in the middle of the ring. Thanks to his partner, Daniel Bryan, Punk never stood a chance.

    I guess this is the big feud between Tensai and Punk? Thanks for yet another "exclusive" report!

    Anyways, Bryan did some damage to Punk after the match was over—that was to add to their match coming up on pay-per-view in 12 days. Doing that was perfectly acceptable.

    I would regret not mentioning how much the "Yes!" chants have died down the past month. Just as I expected, the Miami crowd is a special case of so many "too smart" fans being in town for WrestleMania.

    It may pick up again, but the fad seems to be over with for now. Just like the "We Want Ryder!" chants a few months ago, they were destined to be short-term.

3. WWE Universe Challenge

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    Speaking of Bryan and Punk, their big night is coming.

    At Over the Limit, the night belongs to them. Cena likely won't close the show. I doubt the World Title will end the event.

    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship will be the main event.

    On May 20th, it is up the fans to support these two. If you want these men to stay in the main event scene, this is put up or shut up time.

    Streaming Over the Limit through an illegal stream is telling WWE that Bryan and Punk can't draw.

    Streaming Over the Limit through an illegal stream is telling the world that these two are not worth the money to pay for their main event match.

    Streaming Over the Limit through an illegal stream will give WWE full rights to push these two to the middle of the card on Superstars forever and never give them a chance at the top again.

    While that may be over the top, the message is clear.

    It's time for fans to step up and put their money where their mouth is. Help Over the Limit get 500,000 buys! Support the show from bombing! Help Punk and Bryan draw an excellent buy rate.

    If not, that is on you. Remember folks, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it...

2. Paul Heyman Returns

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    Raw is seen by nearly five million viewers each week.

    How many of them recognized Paul Heyman last night? How many jumped up and down with joy over his face appearing on Raw again?

    My guess would be not many.

    The crowd reaction he received was yet another reminder of just how small the internet WWE fan base is. There were the usual cheers, but the rest of the audience was silent.

    A cold dose of reality!

    Despite that, Heyman was great. Lesnar was always best as a quiet destroyer. He didn't have to say anything. Everything he stood for was shown inside the squared circle.

    With Heyman speaking for him, that is a nice touch.

    I doubt we see him every week, but these small appearances can work. When Lesnar is gone, he can just send Paul out there to speak for him. It is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

    As for Brock "quitting" WWE, it means nothing. He will be back. It is just a matter of when and where.

1. John Cena Speaks

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    I loved this.

    This entire show was disappointing, but John Cena had the best segment of the night. Even Michael Cole did a nice job and was fairly impartial.

    Cena was not live in the arena (appeared after the show went off the air). That was a nice little touch to make his injury seem legitimate.

    He made John Laurinaitis seem like the worst man alive. Just as he should, the man is a face taking on a hated heel character.

    This segment made Over the Limit feel like a major. Cena, injured or not, was showing up to fight his boss and put him in his place.

    Their match may not be pretty, but this build up has been very entertaining thus far.

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