WWE News: Jim Ross Remembers Owen Hart's Legacy on His Birthday

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2012

Picture: wrestlingvalley.com
Picture: wrestlingvalley.com

Today is May 7th and while that may not mean anything to anyone in particular, it is notable for being the birthday of one Owen Hart.

Owen died in a very tragic accident 13 years ago but his legacy of being one of the best wrestlers still lives on today.

Jim Ross is known for being someone with as much respect for the business as anyone, so it should come as no surprise that the legendary announcer took time in his most recent blog to pay respect to Hart.

Here are the comments Ross had about Owen. You can read the rest of his blog at JRsBarBQ.com.

Today is Owen Hart's birthday. The youngest child of the Stu and Helen Hart dynasty would have been 47 years of age. Owen will always be one of my favorite wrestlers for a variety of reasons. He was amazingly skilled in the ring in a variety of styles that he worked and sacrificed to master. Owen could execute basic, catch as catch can wrestling, high flying, brawling and submission wrestling as well as anyone I can recall. There was really nothing in the ring that Owen Hart couldn't do. The masterful practical joker made everyone that he performed with, whether they be friend or foe, better. That's an amazing gift. 

Owen's match vs. his brother Bret at WM10 is a must see bout for any wrestler desiring to improve their game or for young people who are thinking about a career in the squared circle. 

For all his athletic and entertaining gifts, Owen Hart was a far better person. In the often times world of sports entertainment that can be dotted with massive egos, insecurities, jealousy, and other unflattering traits, much like that can be found in pro sports and the entertainment world in general, Owen Hart was loved by all that knew him. 

In my 4+ decade career, I never heard any one ever 'knock' or speak badly of Owen Hart. That's high praise.

The night Owen died in Kansas City was one of the most traumatic days of my life and that event is nothing more than a blur in my mind. I have little recall of the accident and Owen's subsequent death. I have never watched a tape or DVD of 'Over the Edge' nor do I ever plan on doing so unless someday I decided to write my autobiography. 

A week never goes by that someone doesn't ask me what I think about what happened that night. What was I feeling when I saw Owen fall just mere feet in front of me? It's a question that I never answer. Perhaps some day I will because I know if I go back and watch what occurred that all the emotions that I have supressed all these years will return. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that moment if that day comes. 

Until then, I will remember my friend Owen Hart the same as I always have... with a smile. 

I think I can speak for many fans when I say that Jim Ross could not be more right about Owen being one of the best in the business.

As someone who grew up watching the Hart brothers run rampant in WWE, it always feels bittersweet to remember Owen because I loved his performances, but feel pain when thinking about how he died.

Owen Hart was truly underrated in wrestling and should be considered one of the greatest heels of all time. Happy Birthday, Owen Hart and rest in peace.


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