8 WWE Superstars Likely to Get Their 'Future Endeavors'

George NolanAnalyst IMay 6, 2012

8 WWE Superstars Likely to Get Their 'Future Endeavors'

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    It's Spring time and you know what that means for the WWE?

    It is time for their annual spring cleaning of their roster. Anyone who is either stuck mostly on NXT or Superstars, left without any creative direction for their characters or in enough hot water with the company are in the company's cross hairs to likely get "future endeavored".

    Here are my thoughts on eight WWE wrestlers likely to be kicked to the curb.

1. Jinder Mahal

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    The brother-in-law of the Great Khali has failed to get any kind of attention for storylines, even when he had briefly made Khali heel during the middle of last year on Smackdown.

    Jinder has since mostly been left to flounder on NXT and Superstars, only getting some attention for feuding with Ted DiBiase in December of last year.

    Considering fans haven't taken well to Jinder as a heel, he could likely find himself getting axed.

2. Natalya

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    Hate to see her go, but it looks like WWE creative doesn't have anything left for her in storyline considering they separated her from Beth Phoenix and stuck her with her farting gimmick for a time on Smackdown a few months ago.

3. Evan Bourne

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    The former tag team partner of Kofi Kingston in Air Boom from last year has done quite a bit to get in hot water with the WWE in the past several months.

    From getting two Wellness Policy violations in only a few months to currently being sidelined with injury, the WWE could find Bourne to be enough of a liability to cut him loose.

4. Tyson Kidd

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    Ever since he was separated from former tag team partner, David Hart Smith, in 2010, Tyson's been mostly stuck in limbo on NXT and Superstars.

    Considering David was released from the company last year, I could quite likely picture Tyson sharing a similar fate this year.

5. JTG

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    The former Cryme Time tag team member is another victim of the WWE's separation of tag teams and has since been left mostly floundering on NXT and Superstars.

    I can also see him getting booted from the WWE like his partner, Shad, from 2010 thanks to the company having nothing left for his character.

6. Mason Ryan

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    The former Nexus member hasn't been able to make any solid impression on fans when WWE attempted some pushes with his character last year for his "big man" persona, from manhandling Big Show and Kane to a face turn where he briefly feuded with Dolph Ziggler.

    With WWE having enough established big men on their current roster, like Mark Henry and Lord Tensai, Ryan may find himself getting cut loose.

7. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Big Zeke faces the same problems that Mason Ryan has with his status in the WWE, even with the run he had with the Intercontinental Title in the summer of last year.

8. Rey Mysterio

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    Shocking as it may seem, the popular masked wrestler for the WWE has started to become enough of a liability for the company in the past year.

    Throughout the second half of 2011 and this year, Mysterio has been in contract disputes, was sidelined with injury yet again thanks to re-injuring his already worn-out knees and is currently serving his second Wellness Policy violation after failing a drug test back in February.

    Even with his fame as an established luchador, Mysterio's years of in-ring action with his lucha libre style have done enough of a toll on his body where the WWE could cut him loose and try relying on younger and more physically capable Mexican stars like Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio to appeal to the company's Hispanic audience.