WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from Sunday's Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterApril 30, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from Sunday's Show

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    What a great show!

    Every year, fans wonder how WWE will handle the first pay-per-view after WrestleMania. Every year, it delivers and puts on an amazing night.

    You can complain about the many rematches all you want, but everybody came through last night with flying colors. My hat goes off to everyone, and I grade this show a solid B+.

    What were the top moments? Let's find out!

10. United States Championship

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    I liked the tag team title match during the pre-show at WrestleMania, but this show's pre-show match was even better.

    Santino Marella defeated The Miz, and it was a fine battle for the live crowd.

    The viewing audience on the Internet likely wasn't paying for the show, and it is a nice idea to hype up the actual paying customers before the top of the hour.

9. Clay vs. Ziggler

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    Remember when Brodus Clay returned to Raw and a lot of fans (not me) didn't like his character?

    The terms "wasted" and "buried" were thrown around, even though those words mean nothing in the wrestling business.

    Months later, the Funky Crew is still riding high. Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler, and both men did their job effectively last night.

    As usual, Vickie Guerrero, Cameron and Naomi looked stunning ringside. Jack Swagger added nothing, and it is always great to see Hornswoggle appear.

8. Divas Championship

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    I loved this. Taking out Beth Phoenix made it interesting and definitely something to watch out for.

    WWE teased its fans with a Kharma return, and as expected, they all took the bait and were left shocked.

    Remember, WWE is the one running the show, not the fans. You could just feel the WWE Universe expecting Kharma to return and beat Nikki Bella.

    While that may still happen, this night belonged to Layla. She returned from injury and became the new Divas champion.

    I do have two minor issues with this segment.

    First, Layla pinned Brie Bella. The twins tried to use their magic, but it didn't work. Right or wrong, Layla won a title without even pinning the champion.

    Second, I loved the Chicago crowd. But once again, a "too smart" crowd acted like a five-year-old child. Once the fans realized Kharma wasn't coming out, they all started pouting and booed Layla.

    She makes her grand return and since the crowd was wrong about Kharma coming out, the fans threw a fit. I felt sorry for Layla a little bit here...

7. Tables Match

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    Wow, wasn't Cody Rhodes "buried" on Smackdown?

    Remember how terrible he looked all week?


    Can all of the overreacting officially come to an end after every single loss? Every time somebody loses a match, it is the end of the world.

    He took a few losses in the past few weeks, and they meant nothing. The man will still entertain and be a huge star one day. Again, there is no such thing as being "buried" in this business.

    Cody Rhodes beat Big Show in a Tables match for the Intercontinental Championship. Just as expected, their match at Mania was simply a way to give Show a big moment.

    The belt was never meant to be on Show, and all of that was just something extra. The title was never referenced in April, and everything will go back to normal.

    Cody may have "won" the match, but Show (rightfully) stood tall to close the feud.

6. Opening Match

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    These two had a brutal opening match. I laughed at the Zack Ryder interference; the guy is a goofball that nobody takes seriously. Moving on...

    Randy Orton and Kane tore each other apart all over the arena. With this being the end of their feud, there was only one option.

    Orton had to win, and he did. Just as I wrote about in December, Kane putting his mask back on was never going to mean anything major.

    The amount of "fantasy booking" going on at that time was ridiculous. This man is still going to the WWE Hall of Fame one day, but another dominant run at the top is very unlikely.

    The face (rightfully) stands tall in the end, and we can all move on.

5. Ryback Dominates

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    Wow, this was excellent.

    With Santino Marella and Great Khali watching backstage, Ryback was set for another match. This time, it was against two local talents.

    I love that tactic. It is rarely used these days, but it works. Taking out one man is fine, but he took out two men at once.

    He looked very impressive here, and his stock rose big time last night.

    As for the "Goldberg" chants from the Chicago fans, I am not sure how to take it.

    Was it an insult for copying his undefeated-streak gimmick or was it praising him as being just as dominant as Goldberg was many years ago?

    If anybody attended the show, please let me know. I would really like to know what the Goldberg chant directed toward Ryback was all about.

4. Extra Thoughts

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    1. I am intrigued by Triple H possibly returning to Raw. If it has anything to do with Mr. Excitement, I have my worries. We saw that mess last fall, and I really don't care to see it again.

    If The Game is back to talk to Brock Lesnar or any other talent, I will wait and see.

    2. Chicago was great. I have been there before, and it is definitely a "wrestling city." Outside of a few rough spots, they came through in a big, big way.

    3. I am very curious as to how well this show drew on pay-per-view. As most know, a few weeks ago was the best-selling event of all time. WrestleMania did 1.3 million buys, breaking the previous record.

    As a paying customer, I would love to know how everybody else watched Extreme Rules. Whether it was simply reading the results after the show aired, watching at a sports bar, going to a friend's place, stealing it illegally online, paying for it on television or WWE.com, please let me know!

    Share your story from Extreme Rules in the comment section below or message me on Twitter with the hash tag paying customer (#payingcustomer). I really am curious as to how the WWE Universe enjoyed the event.

3. Sheamus Wins

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    Wasn't that great when AJ helped Daniel Bryan win the World Title back? The crowd cheered wildly, and everybody chanted "Yes! Yes! Yes!" all night long.

    Oh wait, that didn't happen. I live in the real world watching WWE, not some sort of fantasy land.

    As I wrote about in January, Sheamus shouldn't lose through April.

    As I wrote about in March, Sheamus should have defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania in less than a minute.

    Anybody not happy with Sheamus as World Champion better stop watch Smackdown for the next year or so. He isn't going anywhere, and his title reign is just getting started.

    At Extreme Rules, he and Daniel Bryan put on a great match. The two can certainly "go" in the ring, and it showed last night. I liked keeping AJ out of the match, as that story will be told in the coming weeks.

    There was no reason for her to come and interfere. Bryan was never going to win here (barely got a fall), and Sheamus doesn't need help.

    Alberto Del Rio is next in line to lose to Sheamus, while Bryan and AJ can continue their battle.

2. Chicago Street Fight

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    Just like Sheamus, I can't see CM Punk losing his title for a long time. Chris Jericho did not return to the company for "wins" or "titles."

    Those mean nothing to him. Just like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and others, there comes a point in time where they just do not want to be champion anymore.

    Jericho came back for a great feud with Punk, have entertaining matches and make the next crop of stars in WWE look like a million bucks. He has done all of that since January.

    Where Jericho goes from here is anybody's guess. I assume some time off, but you never know heading into the summer. He may have one more feud with somebody new.

    As for their Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules, it was excellent. As hinted at, Punk had his sister there. Also, both men destroyed each other in this grudge match.

    In the end, the face (rightfully) stood tall to close the feud. If they really wanted one more match, be my guest. However, I think it is best for Punk and Jericho to go in opposite directions from here.

1. Main Event

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    I said a long time ago that I will never say a bad word about John Cena. While others are wishing harm on the man or begging for the 56,397th time for him to turn heel, I am doing none of that.

    The man can do whatever he wants, as far as I am concerned. When he retires, a lot of fans are going to truly realize what he meant to this business. If Cena wants/needs time off, he has more than earned it.

    As for his main event match against Brock Lesnar, it went just as most expected. The former UFC Champion dominated Cena for 95 percent of the match and looked like a monster.

    In their 17-minute match, Lesnar was on the offense for about 16 of those minutes. The crowd was all over him, and some actually (gasp!) cheered for Cena! Shocking, right?

    The big talking point will be the ending. In my mind, I really didn't mind it. The "winners" and "losers" often mean very little. Lesnar is still a beast, and Cena gets a big win.

    Chael Sonnen destroyed Anderson Silva for 24 minutes in UFC, yet he lost the next minute and tapped out. Who really won there? The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania XVIII, yet the Hulkster was the star. A month later, he won the WWE Undisputed title, and Rock was gone.

    Lesnar crushed the biggest star of this industry, yet he took a loss. He also lost his last two UFC matches and nobody really cared. He is still Brock Lesnar! Nothing can hurt his credibility in WWE... 

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