WWE Extreme Rules 2009: Top 10 Moments from an Eventful Night

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterApril 29, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules 2009: Top 10 Moments from an Eventful Night

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    Three years ago, the Extreme Rules event was held in June. Times have changed in WWE, but this show has not been altered very much.

    It was still a highly enjoyable show. The crowd was very active, and the company gave us one very "extreme" night of wrestling action.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

10. United States Championship

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    Kofi Kingston was the United States Champion. His opponents in the fatal four-way match were William Regal, Matt Hardy and MVP.

    That is quite the collection of talent. Right now, Kofi is the only active wrestler in WWE. That is something to think about...

    In the end, Kofi retained his gold in a short match.

9. Santina Marella

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    For some reason, Santino Marella wanted to be Miss Wrestle Mania in 2009. Well, transforming into Santina was a huge success for him.

    On this night, Santina took on Vickie and Chavo Guerrero in a hog pen match. Somehow, Miss WrestleMania won this battle, and everybody got a good laugh out of it.

    For a reference point, all you have to do is watch the 30 second clip I posted. The faces of the divas is priceless. Notice all the different girls in WWE three years ago...

8. Samoan Strap Match

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    Umaga and CM Punk were feuding on the Blue Brand. Umaga had begun speaking and Punk was lost in the middle of the card.

    At Extreme Rules, everything changed.

    Punk went on to win their Samoan Strap match and was not done for the night. On the flip side, Umaga lost, was suspended (then fired) by WWE for his second Wellness failure, and passed away six months later in December.

    Very memorable night.

7. Cena vs. Show

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    This was a submissions match.

    There was no way John Cena was tapping out. Big Show was a big heel at the time, but the bad guys should (almost) never win out in feuds.

    Thus, the result was easy.

    Cena wins in a hard fought battle. The match went way too long and didn't do much for me.

6. ECW Title Match

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    The ECW Championship was defended in a triple threat match. Christian was reigning title holder taking on Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer.

    There had been a lot of discussion that this was Dreamer's final night in WWE. He had promised to win the ECW title, or else he would leave.

    Well, he did leave WWE, but it was a few months later on an emotional Tuesday night.

    On this event, the fans were rooting for Tommy to win. Everybody knew how much ECW meant to him, and his win was treated as a major, major deal.

    Good for him!

5. WWE Championship

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    I have already touched on this match many times.

    Randy Orton was defending his WWE Title against Batista. One was enjoying a nice title reign, while the other needed surgery and time off.

    WWE gave Batista the gold for one night, took time off and vacated the title. It ended up back with Orton anyway.

4. Jericho vs. Mysterio

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    This was good stuff.

    Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho feuding over the Intercontinental Championship was great television. Their matches were just as entertaining.

    At Extreme Rules, it was Jericho's turn to run with the title. The two had a nice back and forth match, but the heel came out on top here.

3. Ladder Match

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    Jeff Hardy and Edge have had many excellent battles.

    On this night, Edge was the World Champion. Jeff Hardy was the challenger, and a ladder match was the added stipulation. This was sure to be an epic main event!

    It certainly was.

    While Edge had won most of their matches, this night belonged to Jeff Hardy. He won the World Title and finally bested his rival after many years.

2. Aftermath

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    This event was very good, but its after math was just as important.

    Then next on Raw, Vickie Guerrero quit as Raw General Manager. She would leave for a few months, before returning with Eric Escobar. Remember him?

    Also, Batista would take time off. Upon returning, he would quickly join SmackDown and be gone less than a year later.

    After this, The Miz (a newcomer on Raw) entered a feud with John Cena. While many threw around the word "buried" during their matches, Miz was a made man afterward. WWE gave a huge test, and he passed with flying colors.

    Jeff Hardy left the company in August and hasn't been back since.

    Raw was "sold" to Donald Trump, a big trade was done for all three brands, and the entire "youth movement" kicked into high gear.

    A lot of changes went down after Extreme Rules...

1. Punk Turns Heel

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    The only man to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase unannounced and stay face was CM Punk in 2008. Every other cash in was done by either a heel or a face in the middle of a heel turn.

    A lot of fans tried to tell me how Daniel Bryan was a face months back when he did it. I was ahead of the curve and saw him turning heel a mile away.

    The exact same scenario went down at Extreme Rules 2009. Hardy was celebrating his big World Title victory, when CM Punk made his way down the aisle.

    He was cashing in his title shot, and the fans did not like that one bit. He was a face, but the feeling was in the air that night. Punk was slowly becoming a...punk.

    While he did compete earlier that night, he only did a few moves to defeat Jeff Hardy. He was very safe, and the move was definitely right.

    The two entered into a feud all summer long, and yet another huge moment was made at Extreme Rules.

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