Kevin Nash: 'WWE Hall of Fame Means Nothing to Me'

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIApril 27, 2012


In a surprising series of late-night/early-morning tweets, former WWE champion Kevin Nash tweeted the following:

HOF means nothing to me,If I Die before it I,ve asked my wife to pass.Nothing against it or WWE,but if Pete Rose ain't in cooperstown

Just don't need it to validate my life.I wake every morning to the sight of the ocean. for a Detroit boy I'm already in

I watched it this year from up close,just don't need the stress,I love the WWE,just love me more.90% of my shout outs are gone.Not cool

— Kevin Nash (@realkevinnash)

I'm surprised to see Nash take the stance that he has. I respect his decision, but whether people like him or not, he is certainly deserving of a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Nash, who gained most of his notoriety as Diesel, is a former WCW and WWE World Champion who helped revolutionize the wrestling business back in 1996, when he and good friend Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, departed the World Wrestling Federation. In the process, they shocked the wrestling world by heading south to World Championship Wrestling.

Nash, who was a huge star at the time and a former Triple Crown winner in the WWF, arrived on Monday Nitro in the summer of 1996 to join Scott Hall as the duo known as The Outsiders.

Just a few weeks later, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would shock the world when at the Bash at the Beach event, legendary superstar Hulk Hogan joined them. The trio former the revolutionary faction known as the nWo.

Photo Credit pwpix.net
Photo Credit pwpix.net

Kevin Nash was arguably the most popular member of the nWo and later went on to form his own faction known as The Wolfpac.

In 2002, Nash returned to World Wrestling Entertainment alongside good friend Scott Hall and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. In 2003, Nash was featured in a very good feud against Triple-H. The two battled in a great series of matches that summer, culminating in a Hell in the Cell match.

Nash made a surprise return to World Wrestling Entertainment at last year's Royal Rumble event. He eventually feuded with CM Punk and Triple H, but hasn't been seen on TV since that time.

I always considered Kevin a future Hall of Famer and would like to see him take the stage and get the recognition he deserves and give the fans a chance to celebrate his career.

Perhaps he will change his mind at some point, but as of now, he seems to have made up his mind: He wants no part of the WWE Hall of Fame.


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