WWE's Zack Ryder: Does the Long Island Loudmouth Really Deserve a Push?

Cory Coolson@CoolsonBRCorrespondent IApril 22, 2012

WWE's Zack Ryder: Does the Long Island Loudmouth Really Deserve a Push?

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    Over the past year, Zack Ryder has been pursuing a YouTube series that gradually attained him a fanbase.

    On that show, the majority of the Internet Wrestling Community really got behind Ryder as a performer. Us fans were entertained; we wanted his entertainment values on our television.

    Now is this article supporting Ryder's urge for a push—or is it a rebuttal?

    How about we start this on a positive note and I acknowledge what really stands out about Ryder.

His Determination

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    Ryder wants to succeed in the business—it's pretty blatant.

    He has a passion for the business.

    He started his own YouTube show to save his career because he loved his job and he'd do anything to keep it.

    Not many wrestlers strive to succeed as much as Ryder, and this is an extremely positive attribute. The WWE should really notice that this guy wants to do something with his career and that he isn't another guy who just feels "lucky to be here."

Rebuttal: The Way He Tries to Succeed

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    I'm impressed about Ryder's audacity about wanting to be utilized, but in all honesty, he doesn't seem to have the guts to walk into Vince McMahon's office and open up to him.

    Instead of growing a pair and opening up to management, he posts his problems on his Twitter timeline to indirectly express his displeasure to the executives.

    Ryder thinks it is appropriate to do this, but in my eyes, it makes him look like a coward. 

    Maybe he should try opening up to McMahon. It seemed to work out very well for Chris Jericho.

    By the way, Ryder, do you really expect WWE to post you complaining on their YouTube channel? Were you really that surprised when they edited it out?

He Creates Storylines for Himself

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    Have you heard of the creative team, Mr. Ryder? They create TV angles to try to advance programming.

    Ryder takes matters into his own hands. He decides to force WWE into doing things his way by using fans.

    On his YouTube show, he creates his own rivalry with Dolph Ziggler that he's now even trying to transfer to WrestleMania 29.

    This is beyond absurd. I'm fine with Ryder doing his little angles on his show, but when half the buildup for his U.S. title match against Ziggler is his own material on his YouTube show, that's a wake-up call to me that something's wrong with him.

Most Importantly: His Performances

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    Ryder showed one aspect of his ability on his YouTube show. By "one aspect," I mean one dimension of his personality. 

    Then he came to television due to the majority's—and the wrestler's—urge to see him on television.

    Ryder became the assistant GM on SmackDown and put on pretty underwhelming performances with that same one dimension we saw from him on our television: the goofy smart aleck who makes us laugh.

    And then he was attacked mirthlessly by Kane and when describing it on his YouTube show, he used that same one-dimension we often see: the goofy smart aleck who makes us laugh.

    When we see him on television, he uses that same one dimension that he can't seem to break out from—even in the most terrifying situations.

    He sure displayed emotion when his love, Eve, cost him his WrestleMania match and kicked him in the nuts.

    Ryder's lack of emotion makes him unreliable in upcoming storylines WWE wants to execute. More to the point, it makes him a bad actor.

    I will say, though, that his in-ring skills are up to par.

Conclusion: Should Zack Ryder Be Pushed

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    The main question coming out of this article is obviously, "Should Zack Ryder be pushed?"

    I think now that you're done reading this, you're pretty sure I'm against a push. The fact of the matter is, I am against one.

    I wouldn't be devastated if Ryder was in for an "utter freaking burial," because not only are his performances not up to par, but his attitude isn't either.

    Ryder has so much potential, but right now he's not utilizing it. I would love to see Zack Ryder become WWE Champion someday, but I would hate if the WWE Champion is the Zack Ryder we're seeing now.