Daniel Bryan's YES! and Power Ranking Pro Wrestling's Greatest Chants

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2012

Daniel Bryan's YES! and Power Ranking Pro Wrestling's Greatest Chants

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    Crowd participation is an integral part of the spectacle of pro wrestling.  Without interest from the fans, any given wrestling segment is immediately diminished. 

    The WWE uses fan reaction to dictate which superstars will rise up its capricious pecking order, and has often attempted to force fans to invest emotionally in select stars.  This is a testament to how important crowd involvement really is to the promotion. 

    Nothing screams crowd participation like screaming fans, joining in unison to chant in support or disdain for a superstar or entity. 

    Some of the most entertaining chants ever have been manifested in sports entertainment.  Whether fans are chanting for who or what they are supposed to be chanting for, there is nothing more gratifying to a performer than spontaneous, synchronized cheers. 

15. "You're Gonna Get You're [Expletive] Head Kicked In!"

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    It's no secret that Daniel Bryan made his hay in Ring of Honor as Bryan Danielson.  As the ROH's top star and a legend on the independent scene, fans generally became hyped for his matches before they would even start. 

    Paying homage to Bryan's knack for throwing lethal kicks at his opponent, fans would explode into this anticipatory chant directed at Bryan's opposition before the two locked up. 

14. "Sexual Chocolate!"

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    This is a new one, but it brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.  In honor of his Attitude Era gimmick as a lusting superheavyweight, fans have recently showered Mark Henry with chants of "Sexual Chocolate" despite his long-standing status as a heel. 

    The chants originated during Henry's hot run as world champion when the former Olympian was virtually unstoppable. 

    Now, namely in hostile territories, Henry is the beneficiary of this multi-syllabic chant. 

13. "USA!"

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    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan popularized this chant in the WWE as the patriotic superstar would connect with fans with the three most American letters in the alphabet. 

    Duggan's popularity still lives on as he recently made a surprise entrance into the 2012 Royal Rumble, leading to an eruption of "USA!" chants during his brief stay in the Royal Rumble match. 

12. "You Still Got It!"

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    An unfortunate trend in pro wrestling is a wrestler staying well past his prime.  However, the brighter side of this prevailing problem is a wrestler returning to the spotlight, and not showing a hint or ring rust. 

    This chant has been reserved for pro wrestling icons such as the Rock and Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat, both of whom looked as good as ever in their recent in-ring returns.

11. "Joe Is Gonna Kill You!"

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    Samoa Joe's white-hot entry into TNA was accompanied with a well-deserved battle cry.  If being across the ring from a near-300 pound heavyweight with speed wasn't intimidating enough, fans would often chant "Joe is Gonna Kill You!" in support of the talented TNA star. 

    Samoa went undefeated for 18 months in TNA, never losing a match by pinfall or submission, and the soundtrack to this excellence was a very unique and appropriate chant. 

10. "Balls!"

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    Balls Mahoney was a cult hero who embodied everything that ECW was about.  Mahoney underwhelmed with his physique and looks, but made up for it with showmanship, not to mention an affinity for being hardcore.

    Fans embraced Mahoney as a people's champion.  With time, the ECW wrestler would claim ownership to the most popular punches in pro wrestling, as they, too, received their own chant.   

9. "You Suck!"

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    It's not the most creative chant, but it was pretty much synonymous with Kurt Angle's theme music during his WWE days.

    The "You Suck" chant remains a staple within the WWE as more of a generic, yet prominent, sentiment that fans direct at heels. 

8. "Boo! Yeah!"

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    This popular overseas ballad is one of the best compliments a match can receive, as it usually occurs in the heat of battle when two stars are going back-and-forth with one another. 

    In the states, John Cena is usually on the "Boo" end of these chants as the loud, anti-Cena contingent lets the WWE poster boy know what they think of him. 

7. "Yes!"

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    "Yes!" is the hottest institution in the WWE right now.  The T-shirts are selling out, the chants are nice and loud, and Daniel Bryan is as over as he has ever been. 

    Originally designed as a heel tactic to get under fans' skin, "Yes!" has been caught on at live arenas as fans defiantly scream the affirmative word in support of the heel former world champion. 

    This support only intensified after fans felt robbed when Daniel Bryan dropped the world heavyweight championship to Sheamus in 18 seconds at WrestleMania XXVIII, and the chant has even spilled over into other matches and wrestlers (i.e. "Si!" for Alberto Del Rio). 

    While this one-word symphony still needs to stand the test of time to move up this list, it is currently on fire and may become popular enough to eventually be considered annoying. 

6. "What?!"

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin used this word during promos in order to garnish heel heat, but in doing so, he only created a monster that still lives on to this day. 

    If Vince McMahon had his way, the word "What?!" would be eliminated from the dictionary as fans have abused their privilege and used this word to antagonize heels with go-away heat.

5. "You Screwed Bret!"

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    This was the personification of unadulterated outrage, anger and betrayal all rolled into one.  After Bret Hart's barefaced departure from the WWE, angered Canadian fans showed their anger by reminding Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels of his role in the infamous Montreal Screwjob. 

    The "You Screwed Bret" chants lived on in Canada for years, and finally died down after Hart returned to the WWE in 2010 after a 13-year absence. 

4. "Let's Go Cena! Cena Sucks!"

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    One doesn't need to explain John Cena's role as the most polarizing WWE superstar in history.  Simply watch one of his matches and wait for the inevitable 50-50 reaction. 

    As a rising star in the WWE, chants of "Cena" were commonplace as fans showed their appreciation for the face of the WWE. 

    But after becoming jaded, chants of "Let's go Cena" cannot be heard without the obligatory follow up of "Cena Sucks."

3. "A--Hole!"

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    Many moments, wrestlers and matches defined the Attitude Era, but few things spelled attitude like the seven-letter noun fans not-so-warmly bestowed upon Vince McMahon. 

    You knew you were in the TV-14 era when Vince McMahon couldn't go 10 words without being interrupted with this popular curse word by fans in attendance. 

2. "Goldberg!"

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    The WCW's last great superstar was Bill Goldberg, whose undefeated dominance in the promotion was unprecedented. 

    Goldberg was so over that chants of his name before, during and after matches became a part of his mystique.  That included a well-produced entrance where Goldberg was accompanied by security and pyrotechnics.

1. "E-C-W!"

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    ECW was counterculture and everything the over-the-top WWF wasn't.  ECW could be described in a few adjectives, with each being synonymous with passion, fervor and energy. 

    It was the seal of approval from fans following wild stunts, and in between impassioned promos delivered by Heyman and/or his mercenaries.

    Of all the great chants to come out of ECW—and there were some great ones—no single chant resembled what this promotion was all about than the ECW chant itself. 

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