WWE News: RVD's Return to TNA Proves WWE's Mistake

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2012

With the success WWE has supposedly found bringing back veterans like Albert and Brock Lesnar, the natural presumption that they would again turn to the ever-entertaining Rob Van Dam has been cast aside.

This comes on the heels of the news that Van Dam reappeared on Impact Wrestling and will be participating at TNA's Lockdown pay-per-view on Sunday.

Many insiders had said that WWE would take a serious look at the former champion, but the rush to get him back on TNA TV shows that the company decided they wanted to re-sign the top-tier star.

WrestleZone is reporting via PWInsider.com RVD’s return to TNA and possible long-term push:

According to PWInsider.com, Rob Van Dam is now back full time with TNA following several months of inactivity. RVD made his return at Impact Wrestling last night and was added to the Lethal Lockdown match at TNA Lockdown. It's being said that going forward, TNA will be pushing RVD as a top star in the company.

With a possible world championship run on the horizon, RVD is the perfect guy to break the WCW monotony that has become Impact Wrestling over the last year or so. 

TNA needs to push a mainstream star like RVD to the top if they want to gain some of the viewers they have lost with the poor programming and mismanaged roster.

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Maybe a feud with someone like Austin Aries for the X Division title is in order.

As for WWE’s chance to re-sign the star, it looks like their ship has passed.

I would put my money on RVD making a run in ROH over WWE again after seeing that he would rather take a big push over more money.

The big push is the key to this whole deal and could be ultimately the way ROH gets the former ECW star to jump ship to the independent promotion. While that is still farfetched, the love for the indy scene is something that can’t be undersold.

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