Philadelphia Flyers Drinking Game for Series vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Jason Sapunka@moreSapunkaCorrespondent IIApril 10, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 18: Deryk Engelland #5 of the Pittsburgh Penguins skates past signs made by Philadelphia Flyers fans during the pregame skate at the Wells Fargo Center on February 18, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For whatever reason, alcohol and sports have become intertwined over the years.

Philadelphia Flyers fans who were lucky enough to get tickets for the first-round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins will absolutely be tailgating in the Wells Fargo Center parking lots, getting a buzz going for the playoff action.

Fans who wish to make a game out of the game while enjoying their favorite beverage can use the following contest as a guide.

Assuming you're of legal age, feel free to play along.

WARNING: This game has not been tested. Your safety is your responsibility. You do not have to play this game or follow the rules.

Drink like an adult if you decide to participate. Do not hurt yourself.


Whoa, these are complicated: You put beer in your mouth and swallow it. That counts as one drink.

The game consists of drinking to specific events that may occur in the series. For some events, you will drink once, for other events you will drink more than once.


-Claude Giroux assist

-Scott Hartnell falls down (#hartnelldown)

-Jake Voracek misses a scoring chance

-Danny Briere takes a dumb penalty

-Matt Read or Eric Wellwood dominates a race for the puck

-Wayne Simmonds wins a battle for the puck along the boards

-Zac Rinaldo checks someone

-Flyers block a shot

-Ilya Bryzgalov makes a save

-Every time you hear "The Flyers are going on the Pecooooooooooooooooooo Powerplay!"

-Every "Crosby Sucks" chant


-Mike Emrick says "firewagon change"

-Pierre McGuire does something creepy

-NBC shows a close-up of Sidney Crosby sitting on the bench

-Evgeni Malkin gets away with something that should be a penalty

-Kris Letang dives or pretends to get hit by a high stick

-Matt Carle turns the puck over

-Zac Rinaldo gets penalized for something that's not worth a penalty

-Any Penguins goal


-When Lauren Hart finishes "God Bless America"

-Any Flyers goal

-Any fight

-If Bryzgalov absolutely robs someone

-If someone lays out Crosby

-If Andreas Lilja actually does something good


-Jaromir Jagr scores


-When the Flyers win the game


-Flyers win game in overtime

How to "shotgun a beer" 

(Another warning, shotguns can end very terribly if you've never done one before)

1. Get a can of beer.

2. Turn can upside-down.

3. Puncture hole in side of can towards bottom.

4. Put mouth on hole.

5. Turn can back to normal position.

6. Open the top of the can.

7. Drink!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them.

Jason Sapunka is a Featured Columnist for the NHL and covers the Philadelphia Flyers.


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