10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part I)

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IApril 6, 2012

10 WWE Superstars and Their Looney Tunes Counterparts (Part I)

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    For years, professional wrestlers have been called “living cartoons”—an interesting observation, given the nature of what they do.

    The use of bright colors and comedic props to inflict damage certainly allows one to see why the comparison is often made.

    But, what if wrestlers were actually cartoon characters?

    What follows is a list of WWE superstars and their Looney Tunes counterparts:

John Cena/Bugs Bunny

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    Both Cena and Bugs are the faces of their respective companies, icons who push thousands of pieces of merchandise.

    Love them or hate them, it is clear neither is going away for a while.

CM Punk/Daffy Duck

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    A perennial No. 2, and though neither Punk nor Daffy will ever be as popular as their companies' No. 1, true fans know that who the show’s real star is.

    Whether they are portrayed as good guys or bad guys, both will live up to the task of keeping you entertained.

Jim Ross/Foghorn Leghorn

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    There is more than just a Southern accent to both these guys.

    While neither may appear to be too bright, both are kind-hearted and always have a trick up their sleeves.

Michael Cole/Elmer Fudd

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    Both can be funny at times—until they start speaking.

    Cole and Fudd are both mostly around to give the good guys a hard time, though their actions are often times more annoying than threatening.


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    Big, red, and scary, both figures stand as some of the larger powerhouses of their respective companies, though you should not be surprised if a smaller rival (i.e. Cena/Bugs) easily overcomes them.

Rey Mysterio/Speedy Gonzalez

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    Yes, both have Mexican heritage, but there is much more to them.

    Their speed is uncanny often allowing them to do crazy stunts. Smart and crafty, do not be surprised if these little fellows take on an opponent twice their size.

Sheamus/Yosemite Sam

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    Easily recognizable by their red hair and peculiar beards, both Sheamus and Yosemite Sam should not be made angry. Their temperments can be best described as “explosive.”

Curt Hawkins/Pete the Puma

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    Both are little-used characters with flowing, golden manes.

    They both look tough, but are ultimately used to make others look better.

Sin Cara/Taz

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    On paper, both Sin Cara and Taz appear to be phenomenal, but their track record and their overall performance is often dissatisfying, making you wonder: How can someone who looks so cool mess up so often?

Zack Ryder/Wile E. Coyote

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    Often coming up with crazy tech-related schemes to find success, both Ryder and Wile E. cannot seem to get strong grounding in their companies.

    Although neither is particularly good at delivering lines, they are both entertaining to watch and make you wish they would get their respective targets or move on to better things.

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