WWE: 5 Potential Paths for John Cena After Monday Night Raw

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IApril 4, 2012

WWE: 5 Potential Paths for John Cena After Monday Night Raw

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    In light of the recent events of John Cena's loss to The Rock at WrestleMania 28 and Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE, which culminated with an F-5 on John Cena, where does Cena go from here?

    I believe there are five separate paths that John Cena can take from this moment to pick up the pieces of the past two consecutive nights. I know many people do not like John Cena, while others will defend him till the day that he dies. I am what you would call a moderate. I do not hate John Cena, but I do think he needs a lot of improvement for me to like him. I just want everyone to put your feelings aside, take the points as they are on the paper and then decide whether or not you think they are plausible.

    That being said, I do respect John Cena, and I am a fan of professional wrestling.

    These are the five potential paths I see John Cena taking as a result of this past Monday Night RAW.

John Cena Can Retaliate

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    We have seen it countless times before.

    What did John Cena do when he got knifed by Carlito's lackey? He retaliated and took Carlito's U.S. Championship title.

    What did John Cena do when Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank against him? He threw Edge through two tables off of a ladder to take Edge's WWE Championship.

    What John Cena does best is retaliate!

    He retaliated to Kane and threw him off an ambulance.

    He retaliated to Batista and made him leave the WWE.

    John Cena always makes sure he comes back with a vengeance.

John Can Become a Superhero Again

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    That is correct. I just did that. SuperCena can return. Does anyone want that? If you are over the age of 16 and have male genitalia, probably not.

    But it is quite possible this will be the path John Cena takes.

    He has been soft recently. He allowed Kane to get under his skin and distract him from his goal of defeating The Rock.

    He let petty things like women distract him from his friendship with Zack Ryder. He even let the lose to The Rock allow Brock Lesnar to decimate him in the middle of a WWE ring.

    John Cena is seemingly in need of something different. And what is more different in the WWE then returning from which one has come.

    John Cena can potentially become the five moves of doom, much feared, and much hated SuperCena!

John Cena Can Continue as a Main Event Jobber

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    What is that? Letting your top merchandise seller and face of the company lose at WrestleMania makes your fans happy?

    Well it looks like the WWE might be on to something here. \Most wrestling fans don't pay their hard earned money to see John Cena hit his five moves of doom and win. They pay their money to boo him and see him fail.

    But this can be good for John Cena's character. Wait, how can losing be good for John Cena, you ask? Let me explain.

    John Cena loves to Rise Above Hate and to Never Give Up. So what if he truly becomes the Ultimate Underdog he wants to be. By losing in main events not only does he generate debate within the WWE Universe, but he also gives us a change to the status quo.

    It is beyond question that John Cena needs a change of some sort. So, why not just change the outcome of what usually happens?

    This could quite possibly be a terrible idea, but it could lead to a great comeback with a change of character that might just make John Cena more than tolerable.

John Cena Can Turn Heel

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    Yes, I did say that, and, yes, that is a picture of a nun chocking John Cena.

    Now, this is the least possible path for him to take, but it is a path that can be beneficial. This doesn't mean he has to turn his back on the fans, though. This just means that he embraces the hate, so to speak.

    He can become proud of the boos and start to persevere over his opponents doing whatever he can think of to win. Even if it means doing something dirty.

    Let's combine an Eddie Guerrero lie, cheat and steal, with John Cena's never give up.

    "We get a never give up and do what ever you can to get by" sort of mentality.

    I think this would be a fresh look to John Cena. Not only would be still be able to do all of his charity functions, mainly why he won't turn heel, but he will also get a change in character that will make him fresh.

    I know everyone else wants a full blown Hollywood Hogan type of heel turn, but what if it was much simpler than that and a progression.

    A loss here, a loss there and finally John Cena snaps, he loses his cool and does something uncharacteristically and sidelines a friend with an injury in a match. Maybe the next night he apologizes, but midway through the apology, he says he's not sorry. He's actually glad, because he finally got a victory.

    Just some food for thought.

John Cena Can Climb Back Up the Rungs of Success

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    It's been a while now since John Cena has been a Champion. He's been stuck in feuds with Kane and now recently the once in a lifetime match with The Rock, but no title matches.

    Eventually John Cena is going to return to the Title hunt, but why not sooner than later?

    Maybe Brock Lesnar is what John Cena needs to knock some sense back into him. Maybe that attack will make John Cena realize that petty feuds and pushing new merchandise is nothing compared to having gold wrapped around his waist.

    I would personally enjoy seeing John Cena in the hunt again. I wouldn't like to see him get it everytime, but it would be nice for him to pass the torch here and there.

    Like him or hate him you have to respect him.

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