WWE: WrestleMania 28 Match by Match, Move by Move Recap

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IApril 2, 2012

I sat down and watched WrestleMania 28 at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Oxford Valley, Pennsylvania.  I had my nachos with chicken in front of me and an unlimited supply of Coke by my side.  I found a good seat with a great view of at least one big screen and two smaller TVs (it is always a good idea to have a few different qualities when watching a WWE PPV, so you can really get the color scheme).

The night started with a pre-show Triple Threat Unified Tag Team Championship match between Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes vs. The Usos (Jey and Jimmy) vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.  As this match was only shown online, I was unable to watch it, but the results are Primo and Epico retained.

The PPV began with US troops holding American flags in front of a large digital American flag while Lillian Garcia sang "God Bless America."  The setting of the event was nice at Sun Life Arena in Miami, Florida.  There were four big fake palm trees holding up the big screen and lights over the ring.  A long entrance ramp led down to it, and beside the ramp was sand and trees planted in the sand.  The arena was packed, and as the jets flew over the crowd erupted.

A main event WrestleMania package aired, mixing and matching different clips of Cena vs The Rock and Triple H vs The Undertaker.

And here we go right into the first match (World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus).  Sheamus comes out first, then out comes Bryan in a long sequined robe with his girlfriend AJ (the whole front row had big "YES!" signs).  The bell rings and Bryan calls AJ onto the apron to give him a kiss.  As soon as Bryan turns around he is met by a Brogue Kick from Sheamus and 1,2,3, the match is over and Sheamus is our "NEW" World Heavyweight Champion.  Sheamus celebrates as Bryan scowls angrily and walks away with AJ.

Team Johnny is in the back, cockily jaw jacking.  Laurinaitis comes into the picture in what I can only describe as a Colonel Sanders outfit and gives his team a pep talk.  The camera then pans the arena, and there are still plenty of open seats in the top section and on the ground level.

Kane's pyro hits and it is time for match number two (Kane vs Randy Orton).  Kane enters, wearing his predator-like mask.  The wind in Miami is his worst enemy, as his pyro ended abruptly due to the wind blowing.  Randy Orton then comes out wearing black trunks, but with a blue version of his usual trunk design.

The bell rings and Orton is the aggressor.  They exchange punches in the corner, and Kane takes over.  It is a very even, back-and-forth match.  Orton goes for the rope hung DDT but gets caught on the rope himself and receives a huge boot from Kane.  Orton kicks out after two.  Kane gets a drop kick on a downed Orton and another two count.  There is a "yay, Orton," "boo, Kane," punching match in the middle of the ring.  It ends with a throat thrust from Kane and yet another two count.  Kane gets a side slam for a two count. 

Orton fights back, but Kane regains control, followed by a nice neckbreaker for a one count.  Kane takes back over with a big stalling suplex for a two and three quarters count.  Orton reverses a side slam into his unorthodox back breaker.  Then Orton hits Kane with a series of clotheslines followed by a powerslam.  He then throws Kane shoulder first into the ring post.  Orton sets Kane up and this time connects with the rope hung DDT.

Orton starts his finishing routine but gets his RKO reversed into a big boot from Kane.  Orton kicks out at two and seven-eighths.  Kane goes up top and is waiting.  He jumps and Orton catches him with a dropkick to the midsection.  Both men look hurt.  Kane is holding his stomach; Orton is favoring his left knee. 

Orton gets his composure and tries for the Punt Kick.  Kane reverses it into a Chokeslam.  After a two and three-quarter count, Orton kicks out.  Kane is frustrated.  Orton again goes for an RKO and Kane reverses it, but he gets knocked into the corner with a low dropkick from Orton.  Orton puts Kane onto the top rope, looking for a big RKO, but Kane reverses him and hits a top rope Chokeslam!  One, two, three, and Kane has beaten Randy Orton.

They show a cut scene of Santino Marella and Mick Foley eating crab with a person from The Deadliest Catch.  Santino Cobra's the crab, while Mick pulls out Mr. Socko for his.  The Deadliest Catch guy elbow drops his crab.  Ron Simmons walks out, looks at all three men and then says "DAMN!"  This is a nice bit of comic relief.

Some love is given for the National Guard, as many National Guard members are shown throughout Sun Life Arena.

Match number three is about to begin (Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show).  Cody comes out wearing a full length, sleeveless jacket.  A video package airs making fun of Big Show and his WrestleMania debacles.  Cody is shown smiling, like the Joker, in his new red trunks.  Big Show comes out in his camo singlet. 

The crowd feels electric for this match. 

Big Show is clamoring with the crowd as he continues his entrance and even gives his beanie hat to a young boy in the crowd.  The bell rings and Big Show goes right after Cody.  Cody bails from the ring and Big Show follows after him.  Cody goes back into the ring and dropkicks Big Show through the ropes and then planchas onto Big Show.  Big Show catches him, though, and throws Cody back into the ring.  Big Show throws Cody from one turn buckle to the other, then he makes his rounds, slapping Cody in the chest with his giant hands.  They make it to two corners before Big Show slams Cody hard.  Show then hits some big punches in the corner, followed by a big hand slap and a modified stinkface.  Big Show gives a corner whip to the adjacent corner.  He runs to splash and Cody moves.  Cody with a dropkick and then a low dropkick and one more low dropkick.

Cody goes after Show on the ground.  Cody gets a one count and then gets thrown off of Show.  He gives yet another low dropkick, then he begins working on Show's left leg with a heel hold.  Cody taunts the crown and shouts, "this is my moment."  Cody tries another heel hold, and Big Show kicks him off.  Cody tries a running kick, and Big Show catches him and slaps him.  Cody counters Show into the corner. 

Big Show goes for a chokeslam from the top rope, but Cody jumps off the turnbuckle to the outside, catching Show's arm on the ring ropes.  Cody comes in and hits a beautiful disaster kick on Show.  Big Show is groggy but not going down.  Cody has another attempt, but Big Show reverses it into a spear.  Big Show calls for the WMD and it connects.  Big Show pins Cody and becomes the "new" Intercontinental Champion (with this title win, Big Show has now held every title in the WWE).  The Big Show tears up, holding up the title.

Bathroom break...

The fourth match was the divas' match (Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve).  There was a lot of back-and-forth action.  I didn't really watch this match.  Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos win after Maria rolls up Beth Phoenix.

Justin Roberts comes out and announces that the WWE set a new record for the number of attendees, with 78,363 people in the stands.  The fireworks hit to celebrate that feat.  Jim Ross comes out sporting a goatee and a slimmer physique.

Match five is about to begin (Triple H vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match with special guest referee Shawn Michaels).  Michaels (HBK) is out first and makes a huge entrance out of it.  Triple H (H) comes out next from a weird castle-like entrance way that resembles a barbarian with spiked spears.  The Undertaker (Taker) then comes out, with a great build-up entrance.  Smoke fills the entrance as fireballs ignite.  Taker emerges in a spiked robe with a hood, and more fireballs erupt behind him as he walks down the aisle.  Taker iconicly raises the lights followed by stadium pyro.  Taker enters the ring and stares down H as he removes his hood.

Taker reveals that he now has a short mohawk as the cell lowers.  They show that the cage is locked and H and Taker lock up in the middle of the ring.  They begin to engage in a huge punch battle.  Taker gets H into the corner and sends him into the other corner.  H takes over, but Taker regains control and sends H to the outside. 

Taker continues punching H and then uses the stairs.  He hits a headbutt and H uses the cage on Taker.  H is thrown into the cage and then hit with a big back body drop to the floor.  Taker uses more headbutts on H and throws him into the cage again.  Taker starts choking H on the apron.  HBK checks on H, but Taker pushes HBK away.  Taker has another headbutt then throws H into the cage again, followed by the stairs.  Taker whips H into the stairs and the stairs dislodge.

They get back into the ring and H takes over, but Taker is not reeling at all.  Taker begins to work on H's left arm.  Taker goes old school and H goes down hard.  Back on the outside, Taker takes the steel steps into H's hand...I mean head.  And Taker puts the base of the steel steps into the ring.  Taker has a big book and sets up H for a leg drop on the apron.  Taker connects and leaves H reeling.  H gains some control and hits an impact DDT, leaving Taker down for the first time.  H hits Taker's head three times into the metal base.  H goes for a pedigree, but it's countered into a back body drop to the mat.  

There is punching on the mat by Taker, and H is thrown into the metal base.  There is more punching by Taker and a reverse into a spinebuster by H on Taker onto the steel base.  Taker locks in the Hell's Gate and H is in trouble.  H picks him up and drops Taker hard to the mat, breaking the hold. H gets a cover, but it is only a two count.

Triple H goes to the outside and gets a chair.  H is giving it to Taker with the chair.  Taker is thrown into the base that H has set up in the corner.  H gets a shot with the chair again, bending the chair.  He gets another and another.  HBK pulls H off of Taker.  There is another shot from H and HBK pulls him off again. 

H gets more chair shots.  HBK pulls the chair away from H, and H argues with him.  HBK checks on Taker, and H pulls HBK away and continues with his barrage of chair shots.  H tells HBK to end it or he will.  H gets a few more chair shots, then a cover.  HBK gives a slow two count and Taker kicks out.  HBK checks on Taker again and there is another chair shot from H.  HBK stops H from giving any more.  H then goes outside and gets a sledge hammer, which HBK stops H from using.  They argue while Taker gets up, and H connects the hammer to Taker's jaw.  Taker kicks out of a pin attempt at two and three-quarters.  H lines up the sledge hammer to crush Taker's skull like a watermelon, but HBK stops it.  H tells HBK to end the match.  HBK struggles with the decision as he tries to get Taker up.

Taker locks the Hell's Gate on HBK.  H lands the sledge hammer on Taker's face.  H then gets licked in the Hell's Gate, but HBK is down and can't make the call.  H goes for the hammer but drops it. 

H is asleep and HBK is still down. 

Another referee comes down and unlocks the cage.  Taker chokeslams H, who kicks out at two and seven-eighths.  Taker chokeslams the other referee.  Both men are now up, and Taker goes for a tombstone.  Triple H counters it and HBK superkicks Taker.  Taker is then hit with a pedigree by H and Taker kicks out of the pin attempt.  HBK is beside himself as H gets the sledge hammer.  HBK stops H from using the hammer.  H sends HBK out of the ring and Taker sits up and scares H.  Taker starts to come back and starts his finish routine.  Taker hits the tombstone and H kicks out.  HBK is in the corner again with his hands on his head.  He is emotional and has tears welling up in his eyes.

Both men are down.  They start fighting on their knees, and on their feet they are still fighting.  After another pedigree by H, Taker kicks out.  Taker sits up and HBK doesn't know what to do.  H goes for the hammer, Taker a chair.  Taker goes crazy with the chair on H.  Gut to back and then gut to back again.  HBK stops Taker.  Taker measures a gut shot, then a back one.  HBK and Taker argue.  At two and seven-eighths count, H kick outs.  He goes for the hammer again and struggles to get up.  Taker says "I'm sorry," and takes the hammer. 

H pushes Taker away and then DX chops him.  Taker goes for H's jaw with the hammer.  HBK looks away.  Taker cuts his throat and hits his second tombstone.  HBK counts to three and that's the end of the match.  The cage is raised and HBK stands over both men.  HBK helps Taker up and congratulates him.  Taker and HBK help H up, and they walk him to the back after Taker poses with 20-0 on the big screen behind him.

The Hall of Fame inductees are announced and make an appearance.  WrestleMania 29 is hyped and is set for April 7th, 2013.

Josh Matthews is with Flo Rida, and Heath Slater interrupts.  He asks Flo Rida if he can do a duet with him or be his DJ or even be a back up dancer.  Flo Rida pushes Slater into the wall.  When Slater gets up, Hawkins and Reks are there to explain what just happened to him.

Match number six is about to get underway (Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy, with the winner receiving full control of both Raw and SmackDown).  The Miz is out first, followed by Henry, McIntyre, Swagger, Ziggler and Otunga.  Then comes Laurinaitis and Vickie Guerrero, waving the Team Johnny flag.  Brie Bella does their announcements.  Nikki Bell is doing Team Teddy's announcements, and out first is Kofi, followed by Khali, Truth, Ryder with Eve, Booker and Santino.  Hornswoggle has the flag for Team Teddy, and Teddy comes out in a powder blue suit with Aksana.

Kofi and Ziggler lock up to start the match.  Ziggler does a fireman's carry.  Kofi goes into the corner, but he gets his books up and Kofi top rope dives onto Ziggler for a two count.  Truth is tagged in.  There is a double team on Ziggler, with Kofi hitting him with a boot.  Truth does a dancing leg drop for a two count.  Ziggler tags in McIntyre, but Truth hits him with the lie detector. 

Truth tags in Khali, and Khali hits McIntyre with an arm to the head.  Khali gives some corner slaps and a clothesline, then tags in Booker, who chops McIntyre in the corner.  Booker does a sidekick and a side slam for a two count.  McIntyre fights back, and Otunga hits Booker.  Booker hits everyone on Team Johnny and Otunga ropes Booker.  McIntyre gives a boot followed by a tag to Swagger.  Swagger gets a one count on Booker, who is in the corner.  Swagger puts an arm lock on him and brings him to the mat.  Booker fights out but gets caught by a clothesline for a two count.

Henry is tagged in.  He hits a powerslam and attacks Booker in the corner.  Team Johnny takes advantage of this.  The Miz is tagged in and knees Booker for another one count.  The hot tag builds for Team Teddy, and Booker hits a suplex after an exchange of counters.  Ziggler is tagged in.  Ziggler goes right after Booker and hits him with a jumping elbow drop for a two count. 

The Miz is back in and hits a boot.  He attacks Booker on the ground as another hot tag builds for Team Teddy.  Booker gives a back kick, and Henry comes in and hits the world's strongest slam, only to be met by Khali's brain chop.  McIntyre and Swagger drop Khali, and Swagger is double teamed.  Hornswoggle is thrown onto Team Johnny, and Henry throws him onto the ground.  Right after that, Trith, Kofi and Ryder all plancha over the top rop onto Team Johnny.  Aksana and Vickie begin to cat fight, and the Bellas try to break it up but then join into the fray.

Miz and Booker are in the ring, and Santino gets the hot tag and sets up for the cobra.  Laurinaitis tries to distract him, but Santino lands the Cobra on The Miz.  Ziggler breaks up the pin.  He misses Santino, and Ryder hits Ziggler with a move, followed by a Rough Ryder turned into an insane monkey flip, where Ziggler does two rotations in the air before landing.  

Ryder sets up Miz for a Rough Ryder, but Miz throws Ryder over his head and Ryder connects with Ziggler.  Ryder sets up the Miz in the corner for the Broski Boot.  Eve and Ryder fist pump, but the ref takes Eve out of the ring.  That is enough of a distraction to allow Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale and pick up the win for Team Johnny.  After the match, Laurinaitis jumps up and down with his team in victory.  Team Teddy consoles one another in the ring until Eve kicks Ryder between the legs and walks away.  Eve mocks Ryder from the stage.

Video footage is shown of the world coverage of WrestleMania and of the Fan Axxess.

Match number seven is about to get underway (WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho).  We are shown a cut scene where Team Laurinaitis passes CM Punk.  Laurinaitis talks to Punk and drops a bomb of a stipulation: if CM Punk gets disqualified, Chris Jericho will win the WWE Championship.

The lights go out in the arena, and Jericho emerges with a new light-up jacket and a new trunk design ("Jericho" in the front and "Best in the World" on the back).  A breakdown of the match video is shown, highlighting Jericho talking down on Punk's family. 

Cult of personality builds, and out comes CM Punk with a huge firework display behind him. 

The bell rings, and Punk and Jericho exchange wrestling holds, jockeying for position.  There is a lot of mat work to start the match, and CM Punk gains the advantage, delivering some punches to the back of Jericho's head.  Punk gives a whip into a knee to the midsection.  Jericho is in the corner, and Punk hits a series of knees.  The referee backs Punk off.

Jericho comes out and slaps Punk in the face.  Punk repeatedly kicks Jericho in the corner.  A four disqualification count and Punk relents.  Jericho slaps Punk again.  Punk hits a dropkick and some punches.  The ref gets to four again, and Punk backs off.  Jericho yells out something about Punk's dad.  Punk hits a set of elbows to Jericho's exposed neck.  He is distraught and slams Jericho.  He goes up top to set up the Macho Man elbow drop, but Jericho rolls out of the ring.  Punk is still up top. 

Jericho turns around, and CM Punk lands a huge clothesline from the top rope to the outside!  Jericho says something about Punk's sister as he is on the floor.  Punk gets a chair and chases Jericho into the ring.  Jericho is not protecting himself, egging Punk on to hit him, continuing to say things about Punk's family.  Punk is trying to decide what to do.  He drops the chair and delivers a kick to Jericho.

Jericho dropkicks Punk from the corner.  Jericho gets on top of Punk with a knee and a few elbows off the ropes. 

And Jericho is now in control. 

Jericho tries to set up his apron dropkick from the corner, but Punk counters and Jericho clotheslines Punk over the rope into the ring.  Jericho suplex slams Punk to the outside, and both men are down.  Jericho gets up and kicks Punk in the gut while running.  He gets Punk into the ring for a one count.  Jericho gives a few elbows to the downed Punk, followed by a double underhook backbreaker for a two count.  Jericho starts to apply a choke hold on Punk, and then modifies it with a knee into Punk's back.  Punk fights out but is caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count.  

There is another Jericho attack and another two count.  Jericho begins punching a downed Punk, and the ref calls him off.  After more kicks by Jericho, Punk fights back.  Jericho throws Punk to the mat and Punk gets his arm up at two and a half.  Jericho does a surfboard stretch on Punk, who fights out with a kick to the head.  Jericho gets his foot up in the corner and goes for a bulldog on Punk, but Punk throws Jericho into the corner.  Punk delivers a jumping calfkick and a spinning neckbreaker for a two count.

Punk lines up Jericho and delivers a corner high knee and goes for a bulldog of his own, but Jericho throws him.  Jericho attempts a lionsault, but Punk gets his knees up.  Jericho recovers and tries for the Walls of Jericho, but Punk flips out of it.  After a big kick to the head on Jericho, he kicks out at two and three-quarters.  Punk slams Jericho again and takes his time setting up the Macho Man elbow drop, and Jericho gets his knees up. 

Jericho hits a Codebreaker, but Punk falls out of the ring.  Both men are now back in the ring, and Punk hits a GTS.  He covers, but Jericho gets a foot on the rope.  Punk attacks Jericho, and he misses with a kick, but catches Jericho with a powerslam for a two count.  Punk is frustrated.  Punk goes for a suplex, and Jericho reverses it. 

They exchange lock ups and Jericho front suplexes Punk onto the ropes and hits a lionsault for a two count.  Jericho goes up top and taunts Punk, who gets up and chops Jericho a few times and then hits Jericho with a mongolian chop.  Punk goes for a Frankenstiener, but Jericho holds him up and drops him into the Walls of Jericho.  Punk is trapped in the middle of the ring and Jericho has it synced in.  Punk fights for the ropes and he gets to them.

Jericho thinks he has won and, frustrated, argues with the referee.  Both men are up, and Jericho is sent to the outside.  Punk dives through the ropes and connects, but then he goes head first into the barricade.  Punk gets up and hits a high knee on Jericho, whose head is on the ring post.  He lines up his jumping clothesline, but Jericho counters into another Codebreaker for a two and seven-eighths count. 

Jericho is talking at Punk. 

Punk goes for a GTS, but Jericho reverses.  Punk goes for it again and there is another Jericho reversal.  Jericho hits Punk and kicks him.  He goes up top, but Punk hits a jumping kick to his back.  Punk sets up the GTS and yells "best in the world."  Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho.  Punk can't go anywhere.  Jericho has all of his weight on Punk's back.  Punk fights for the ropes, but Jericho pulls him back to the middle.

Punk counters into a roll up for two.  Jericho counters into a roll up of his own for a two count.  Punk reverses into the Andaconda Vice!  Jericho counters into a pin attempt for two.  After another Anaconda Vice attempt, Jericho lands a few knees on Punk, trying to fight out.  Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and Punk is fighting out.  He gets the Andaconda Vice again, and Jericho tries a few knees but eventually taps!  CM Punk wins and is handed the WWE Championship.  He gets up in the corner and yells "best in the world."

Another WrestleMania 29 preview/hype video is shown, and then we are introduced to the pilots who flew the jets over the stadium at the beginning of the night.

Brodus Clay comes out with his dancers, and he tells everyone in the crowd to call their mammas.  He says his momma is here with her bridge club.  His momma comes out.  She is a black woman with a large fake behind.  She begins to booty pop and shake what her momma gave her.  Then her bridge club comes out, another group of women dressed just like Momma Clay.  They all dance with Brodus for some more comic relief.

A short GI Joe commercial airs, and Cole and Lawler begin to hard-sell tonight's main event.  This is a "Once in a Lifetime Match."  We see the build up footage.

Sean "Diddy" Combs comes out next and introduces MGK, who is performing for John Cena.  He begins, and there is Cena footage on the screen behind him.

Match number eight is about to begin (John Cena vs. The Rock).  John Cena comes out wearing a new rise above hate shirt and jorts.  There is a loud chorus of boos for Cena.  He gives an older lady a note and receives more boos.  This is one of the more lackluster entrances of the night.  Cena yells "I'm ready," and he begins talking with people from the crowd.

Flo Rida is announced, and he begins to perform two songs while The Rock's footage is shown on the screen behind him.  Miami is going wild for him.  There are more pyro hits and The Rock's music begins.  Out comes The Rock, and he is eating up the crowd.  He walks to one side of the stage and then the other.  He is bouncing and getting pumped for the match.  He then makes his way down to the ring.  More boos for Cena are heard during the introductions.  Rock gets a loud cheer before he is even announced, and the crowd erupts when he is announced.

The Rock and Cena are jaw jacking back and forth. They get face to face and the crowd is electric.  There is a big fight feel.  The bell rings, and the two circle the ring.  They start to feel each other out and finally lock up.  Cena pushes Rock down.  A "let's go Cena, Cena sucks" chant begins, but transforms into a "Rocky" chant. 

The wrestlers lock up again, and this time Rock pushes down Cena.  They exchange glances, as the crowd is hot for this match.  They circle the ring again and go into a third lock up. The Rock gets Cena into a headlock.  He moves it into an arm wrench, and Cena reverses it.  Then The Rock reverses it again into an arm whip.  Rock gives a roll up, and it's a two count.  Cena gets caught in another headlock.  Cena throws Rock, but Rock knocks him down with a shoulder.  He jumps over, then Cena jumps over and connects with a hip toss on Rock. 

Cena gets Rock in a headlock on the ground and begins talking.  The Rock gets up and throws Cena.  The Rock connects with a kick and then throws Cena down again.  He goes for the sharpshooter and Cena rolls out.

Cena goes for a shoulder block, but Rock moves and kicks Cena.  Rock finds himself in the corner, and Cena spears him into the corner and then does it again.  There is a big clothesline by Cena for a two count.  Cena locks in a front waist lock.  Rock fights out and gets sent to the outside.  Cena follows and drops Rock on the barricade.  Cena throws him to the announce table.  Cena gets in the ring, and Mike Chioda gets out to check on The Rock. 

Cena gets back out and is on the attack.  He throws Rock into the ring and gets a two count.  Cena lands a big punch and then another.  Cena is measuring up The Rock, and hits a belly to belly for a two count.  Cena throws a punch, but Rock blocks it and takes over, only to find himself in a Cena bear hug.  Cena really wrenches it in by lifting Rock up.  Rock tries to fight out, but Cena gets it locked in tighter.  It looks to be really wearing down The Rock.  Lawler say it is a really smart strategy by Cena.  The Rock is fighting out.  He gets a few punches in and lands a DDT for a two count.

The Rock is holding his ribs and both men are down. 

The Rock is up first, but Cena lands some punches and throws him into the corner.  Rock fights out and ducks a clothesline to catch Cena with a spinebuster.  Rock goes for The People's Elbow, but it is reversed into a STFU attempt.  The Rock gets out.  Cena gives a few spinning powerbombs.  He sets up the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and connects it. 

Cena, grinning, is measuring Rock for the AA.  The Rock gets up and reverses the attempt.  There is a big double clothesline and both men are down.  Chioda gets to a seven count and Rock is up first.  They exchange fists.  Cena is getting the better, and Rock says "you can't see me," spits into his hand, and Cena ducks.  He picks up Rock and hits the AA for only a one count.  Rock kicks out as Chioda comes down for two.  Cena picks him up and Rock hits the Rock Bottom!  It's a two count.  Cena is in the corner.  Rock throws kicks and elbows on Cena.  The ref calls him off.

Cena hits a side slam for a two count.  Cena goes up top, looking for his diving leg drop.  The Rock gets up and Cena connects, but Rock kicks out at two and three-quarters. 

Cena is frustrated. He goes for the AA, but Rock gets on the ropes.  He connects with a spear and locks in the sharpshooter.  They are in the middle of the ring, and the Rock is really wrenching in.  Cena gets to the ropes.  Rock gets a few punches in and goes right back to the sharpshooter. 

Cena screams in pain as Rock really drops into it.  Cena goes to the ropes again, and this time he drags himself under the ropes.  Rock goes to the outside and punches Cena on the apron, followed by an elbow.  Both men are outside and Cena is thrown into the steps.  Rock breaks the count and puts Cena into the steps again.  Both men are back in.  Cena gives a shoulder block follwed by a sunset flip into the STFU. 

Rock is fighting for the ropes but is in a bad position.  Cena pulls him back into the middle of the ring.  Rock fights again and gets to about a body length from the ropes.  He is fading.  He is out and Chioda starts the arm count.  One, two, and Rock comes back.  He fights for the ropes and gets them.  Cena is hurting and looks frustrated.  Rock looks drowsy.

Cena is up first, but Rock catches him with a Samoan drop.  Chioda gets to an eight count, since both men are down.  Rock is up first and starts punching Cena.  Cena gets a kick in.  Rock tries for the Rock Bottom, but Cena gets him up for the AA.  Rock counters into a spinebuster and sets up The People's Elbow.  He pulls off his right elbow pad and jumps over Cena twice and connects with the most electrifying move in the WWE.  A two and seven-eighths count and Cena kicks out. 

Rock looks tired and Cena is down.  

There is a small package by Cena for a two count.  Both men are down again, and the end is near, with the time being 10:51 PM.  Both men get up, but Cena is up first.  He slingshots Rock into the corner and rolls up for a two count.  Cena puts Rock up top and goes up too.  The Rock fights back and throws Cena down to the mat.  He hits a cross body and Cena rolls through and picks up Rock into an AA.  Rock kicks out after two.  Cena argues with the ref, as he looks to be in shock.  Cena does the "you can't see me," and he takes off an arm band and goes for a CeNation elbow, but Rock gets up and hits a Rock Bottom.  Cena is pinned and The Rock has won this once-in-a-lifetime match.

Cena crawls out of the ring as Rock celebrates and hugs Chioda.  Cena is shocked and frustrated.  Rock is getting emotional.  Rock takes to the corners to celebrate some more.  Cena is shown sitting on the ground in disbelief with the WrestleMania entrance behind him.  The pyro goes off behind The Rock as he is posing, and Michael Cole talks us out of the PPV.

What a PPV!

Check back tomorrow for an article with a run down of what each match means going forward in the WWE.

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