5 Jokes Coming from John Cena's Car Accident

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistMarch 19, 2012

5 Jokes Coming from John Cena's Car Accident

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    As previously reported, John Cena's SUV he was traveling in was hit from behind by a Honda Civic, which was hit from behind by a tractor trailer.

    It has been reported by WWE.com that Cena is OK and said he is still going to be taking on Mark Henry tonight on RAW.

    Now that it's confirmed no one was injured from the accident, thought I'd share the many punch lines that have been making the rounds via Twitter and message threads online.

    Again, I stress that he is OK and that this is done to share the comical jokes that were made once it was known that everyone walked away okay.

5. Keep Cena Safe

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    I had reported exclusively on Wrestlezone.com several weeks ago that Vince McMahon ordered the WWE talent to not take any unneeded risks with John Cena in the ring as they build to WrestleMania 28:

    It seems McMahon will be carrying on these orders to Cena's drivers as well.

4. Sell, Sell, Sell

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    In the news that Cena walked away from the accident with no injuries:

    Cena doesn't even sell car accidents.

3. Nexus > Tractor Trailer and Honda Civic

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    I had several fans who were still skeptical of the legitimacy of the accident and asked if they thought Cena was OK. I replied with:

    Screw a tractor trailer; Cena once beat the entire Nexus. He's fine.

2. You Can't See Me

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    To be fair to the other drivers:

    They couldn't see John Cena's SUV.

1. Where Was Rikishi on March 19?

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    When asking who the drivers were of the other vehicles:

    It was Rikishi, and he said "he did it for The Rock."

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