Royal Rumble, A Look Back Part II-The Rumble Awards!!

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJanuary 13, 2009

Last week, I wrote the first part of a series of articles looking back at the Royal Rumble and it's great history.  The first article consisted of a list of the greatest Royal Rumbles of all-time (If you haven't read check it out). 

In part II of the article, I will take a look at some of the best (and worst) performers in Rumble history via the "Rumble Awards".

Best Performance by a Big Man


Kane is arguably the most accomplished superstar never to win the Royal Rumble.  He has participated in a dozen Royal Rumbles (ten as Kane). In 2001, Kane entered the Rumble sixth, and eliminated ten superstars before being eliminated by Steve Austin, the eventual winner. 

Honorable Mention: Yokozuna, The Undertaker, Rikishi

Best Performance by a Superstar Under Six Feet

Chris Benoit

Benoit won the Rumble in 2004 on his way to defeating Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XX.  Benoit became the second man in history to win the Royal Rumble after entering first. His time of 1:01:30 was the longest time a participant had ever stayed in the Rumble until...

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio broke Chris Benoit's "ironman" record with a time of 1:02:12 on his way to his improbable Rumble win in 2006.  Mysterio eliminated Randy Orton to win and went on to become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania XXII.

Best Performance by a Multi-Time Royal Rumble Winner

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin is the only man to ever win three Royal Rumbles.  Austin won in 1997, 1998, and 2001 with 97' being his most impressive outing.  He entered at fifth and lasted over 45 minutes on his way to victory.

Shawn Michaels

HBK won back to back Rumbles in 1995 and 1996. He became the first man ever to win the Royal Rumble entering at first in 1995. 

Honorable Mention: Hulk Hogan

The Royal "Fumbler" Worst Rumble Performance

The Warlord

The Warlord had a God-awful performance in 1989. He was eliminated by Hulk Hogan in two seconds, the quickest elimination ever.

Bushwacker Luke

Though The Warlord's performance was the worst ever, Luke had to put together the worst cumulative effort in history. He was eliminated in four seconds in 1991, and in 1995, he was eliminated in 12 seconds.  Pretty bad!

Honorable Mention: Gillberg (1999), The Miz (2007), Jerry "The King" Lawler (1997)

Best "Hall of Fame" Performance

Ric Flair

The "Nature Boy" participated in what is widely regarded as the best Royal Rumble ever in 1992.  He entered third, lasted nearly an hour, and not only won the Rumble, but became WWE Champion.

The "I Really Shouldn't Be Here" Award

Drew Carey

Technically speaking, Drew Carey can say nobody eliminated him from the Royal Rumble when he was entered in 2001.  He entered fifth, waiting for the sixth participant to enter.  When he saw it was Kane, he eliminated himself.

Best Actor in a Royal Rumble Performance

The Rock

Let's see....The Condemned with Stone Cold sucked, See No Evil with Kane sucked, and The Marine with John Cena sucked, so The Rock wins by default. He had at least a couple of decent movies. Oh yeah, and he won the Royal Rumble in 2000.

Honorable Mention: Hulk Hogan as "Thunderlips" in Rocky III

Weirdest Name in A Royal Rumble

Latin Lover

Enough Said....


When you were a kid and you thought of your "wrestling name," I'm sure Eugene was not even close to being on the list! 

Honorable Mention: Bastion Booger, Koko B. Ware, Grand Master Sexay

Best Performance By A Wrestler Turned Porn Star


The first and only woman ever to participate in a Royal Rumble went on a downward spiral upon leaving WWE.  She continues to go downhill.  I apologize to any Chyna fans...

Honorable Mention: XPAC

Comeback Kid Award

John Cena

Royal Rumble 2008 saw the shocking return of John Cena as entrant No. 30.  He was not expected to return from injury so soon but what did you expect from Super Cena?  He eliminated Triple H to win the Rumble and headline Wrestlemania XXIV.  The look on Triple H's face when he saw Cena was priceless.

Honorable Mention: Triple H (Royal Rumble 2002)

Mr. Irrelevant Award

Lex Luger

His run in WWE was pretty forgettable and so was his Royal Rumble victory in 1994.  We do remember that weird Wrestlemania X, where Bret Hart (who was the co-winner in the Rumble) had to fight Owen Hart, and then the winner of the match between Luger and Yokozuna. 

Honorable Mention: Big John Studd (Royal Rumble Winner 1989)

There you have it!  The Rumble Awards have been handed out to some most deserving superstars!  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. 


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