Vince Russo Offering to Teach People How to Write a Wrestling Show

Ryan SzAnalyst IIMarch 13, 2012

The world of professional wrestling has time and time again proven that it has numerous ways for someone to benefit financially from it.

Whether it be doing reunion shows, indy appearances, fan expos, writing books, or any number of things, if a person has a will, there is a way to earn money from pro wrestling.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that former writer and booker for TNA, WCW and WWF/E, Vince Russo is finding ways to earn off of the industry. According to an announcement sent out by Russo's booking agent, Bill Behrens, Russo is now hosting seminars on how to write a pro wrestling show.

From the actual announcement:


Everything you wanted to know about writing a professional wrestling show but were afraid to ask.


During the years of 1995-2012, Vince Russo was one of the most controversial figures in the history of sports entertainment/professional wrestling, while serving as the head writer of all three major wrestling companies, WWE, WCW and TNA.

During that tenure, Russo wrote over a thousand televised wrestling shows--which achieved some of the highest ratings of all time-- while also having a hand in helping create some of the biggest stars in the history of the business. From Stone Cold Steve Austin to “The Rock”, Russo has written for just about anybody who’s anybody in the world of sports entertainment/pro wrestling.

Whether it was in front of the camera, or behind the scenes, Russo has played an influential part in helping to bring the drama of the squared circle to the forefront of American pop culture.

Now, in this limited engagement and for the first time ever, Russo is going to bring the “behind the curtain” aspect of his job, into the spotlight, by sharing his craft and experience with wrestling fans around the world. In his ground-breaking seminar entitled, “Baby Faces, Blade Jobs, and Booking, “, Russo is going to share first hand, what it takes to be a successful writer in the world of sports entertainment/professional wrestling.

Just some of the topics Russo will be covering in this no-holds-barred presentation:

· Where to get your start in writing for a professional wrestling organization.
· How to use the experience you’ve built to get in the door of one of the major companies
· How to create larger-than-life personas and personalities
· Writing effective dialogue for specific characters
· How to format a wrestling show
· How to generate new ideas 52-weeks out of the year
· How to present and sell your idea to a talent
· How to create a successful working environment between talent and writer
· Dealing with egos
· Overcoming writer’s block
· Avoiding the pitfalls of politics
· How to generate ratings
· The difference between “writing” a show and “booking” a show

Baby Faces, Blade Jobs and Booking; nothing will no longer be sacred!!


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Now if this is a honest-to-goodness seminar on how to write and book a wrestling event, it might be an interesting thing to pay and see as Russo does have quite a bit of experience in the business, regardless of his success rate.

One thing that will be important to know is which Russo will show up to the seminar.

Will it be the Russo most fans know and loathe that takes credit for the good things that he does, but says it was everyone else's fault for when things went bad?

Will it be the Russo that is honest about the things that he has done in the business and acknowledges that some of his ideas might not have been the best?

Either way, it could prove to be an interesting seminar to attend for those who want to learn more about the wrestling business. If not going for that, it may be interesting to see how Russo handles a crowd that may very well be made up of smarks out to jeer him in public.