Ranking the 20 English Premier League Home Team Jerseys

Mohamed Al-Hendy@Mo_HendyCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2012

Ranking the 20 English Premier League Home Team Jerseys

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    Football isn't about looks. Just ask Ronaldinho, Franck Ribery, or Wayne Rooney.

    Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra style on the field to get the crowd pumped. 

    A good home team jersey is also great for sales, and what team doesn't want to sell lots of jerseys?

    Here, we will rank all 20 Premier League jerseys, starting from the very worst the EPL has to offer until we reach the best there is.

    Please note that the ranking here is completely subjective, i.e. I will be ranking these jerseys based on my personal taste. Feel free to disagree, but understand this before flipping through the slides.


20. Bolton Wanderers

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    Bolton have had a rough season, but even so, their ranking in the league table remains higher than their jersey's ranking among Premier League kits.

    There just seems to be way too much going on with the shirt. Their sponsor logo in the middle of the shirt is way too big, and the angles seem rather pointless as well.

    Definitely a disappointment from Reebok.

19. Wolverhampton Wanderers

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    It's hard to go wrong with orange and black, right? Wrong.

    Again, the sponsor's colors really clash with the rest of the shirt, and that line has to be the most awkward line I've seen on a jersey ever. What were the designers going for there?

    Another low ranking for another struggling Premier League team. Maybe there's a correlation.

18. Queens Park Rangers

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    Okay, there officially must be some sort of correlation between poor jerseys and poor league performances. We're 3-for-3 now.

    Like Wolves, QPR's ranking here exactly matches their ranking in the league. With their jersey, it simply comes down to whether you like hoop-design jerseys or not and, unfortunately for QPR, I'm not a fan.

    Quite honestly, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a jersey that makes it look like I just broke out of jail. It's not awful, but I much prefer the team's 2010-11 jersey to their current one. 

17. Swansea City

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    Less is more...to a point.

    There isn't enough going on with Swansea City's home jersey to satisfy me. You have the club logo, the Adidas logo and the sponsor's logo (also quite boring), but that's it.

    Then the jersey is almost all white with the exception of the stripes at the top.

    In addition, the fold-over collar just isn't very stylish. It would've been much better to just go with a simpler collar.

16. Fulham

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    Fulham have an even simpler jersey than Swansea, but the improved collar earns them a couple extra points.

    That's really all there is to say on this very plainly designed jersey.

15. Wigan Athletic

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    Wigan fans (do those exist?) probably have a right to be upset with my low ranking of their jersey, but there a couple of things that really hurt its favorability for me.

    First of all, I hate the polo collar on a jersey. A jersey should look like a jersey, not a polo, and so the collar definitely costs the jersey major points for me.

    Additionally, the white on the sides of the jersey is pointless. Having the jersey stay blue all around would've been a much wiser pick.

    The jersey definitely isn't bad, and probably could've been ranked higher. With so many well-designed jerseys, it's the little things that count.

14. Stoke City

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    When I'm shopping for a football jersey, I want one that strikes me as simple and cool.

    Stoke City might have the simple part down, but I wouldn't use "cool" to describe Stoke's jersey. Maybe I'm being unfair, but I simply don't like Stoke City's color scheme.

    For me, they match the team's playing style perfectly: rough but effective. The design gets the job done, but the stripes aren't calming or eye-catching; they're rigid and workmanlike.

    Just like Stoke City.

13. Blackburn Rovers

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    Just like QPR, Blackburn regressed stylistically when they changed from last year's jersey to this year's.

    Last year's jersey had the dreaded polo collar, which luckily was removed this year, but the simplicity is gone.

    The addition of red all over the jersey has not been a positive one, and made the jersey more complicated than it needed to be. The new sponsor's logo has also not helped.

    The old jersey probably would've come in around seventh or eighth on this list, but Blackburn's new jersey will have to settle for 13th.

12. West Bromwich Albion

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    West Bromwich's jersey looks almost exactly like Stoke City's. The only difference is that its colors make the jersey much more aesthetically pleasing.

    Well, that is almost the only difference. For some reason, the Adidas logo is centered on West Brom's jersey, rather than off to the right like most EPL jerseys have it.

    Overall, West Brom's jersey is much more calming and cool than Stoke City's, and is ranked higher for that reason. But it still isn't unique or eye-catching enough to beat out its competition.

11. Tottenham Hotspur

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    I'm a big fan of Tottenham's away and alternate jerseys, but the home one strikes me as just too simple.

    The sponsor logo doesn't clash with the shirt, and the collar is a nice mix between a polo collar and the standard jersey collar. Otherwise, there isn't much to differentiate this shirt from Fulham's or Swansea's.

    Overall, Tottenham have a very nice kit, but the home jersey alone isn't really that special.

10. Chelsea

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    Take out the hidden stripes, and this is a top-five jersey without a doubt.

    But when we're splitting hairs to decide between them, everything counts. The unnecessary extra detail drops Chelsea significantly.

9. Norwich City

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    It's a nice, simple jersey that definitely deserves its spot in the top half of the rankings.

    However, the sponsor logo is a bit too big, knocking Norwich a few spots down the rankings.

8. Everton

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    I'm a huge fan of the blue and simplicity of Everton's shirt.

    But the polo collar is just not something I'm okay with, even if Everton do the best job of incorporating it into their jersey.

7. Manchester City

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    Who doesn't like sky blue?

    The shirt design is very simple, maybe too simple for the extra-critical, but I certainly don't mind.

    Manchester City find themselves at seventh more because of the superiority of those above them rather than any fault in their own jersey.

6. Newcastle United

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    Honestly, I may have ranked Newcastle too high. I'm a big fan of black-and-white jerseys, so my bias to those kinds of jerseys definitely crept in here.

    One thing I do not like though is the way Newcastle did their stripes this year. The old stripes were better, and could've earned Newcastle a spot in the top five.

5. Sunderland

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    It's strange—I thought after ranking Stoke City so low for an overall decent design, that it must've been the color red that turned me off.

    Yet, as you'll see in the next few slides, four of the top five jerseys have red in them. 

    There's really nothing to complain about with Sunderland's shirt; it's simple, cool and a jersey I would have no problem pulling on.

4. Manchester United

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    Manchester United's color combination of red, white and black means they're always favorites for a top-five spot.

    However, there are definitely things that could've been improved on. Stripes at the end or along the sides of the shirt would've been a nice touch, and I'm not sure how I feel about the collar.

    Overall, good enough for fourth, but could be better.

3. Liverpool

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    If you've noticed, when it comes to football jerseys, sometimes it's all about finding the balance between too simple and too complex.

    Liverpool have got that balance. The shirt sticks with the club's traditions, but the stripes are a solid new touch to the shirt.

2. Aston Villa

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    This is the one jersey people will probably tell me I've ranked too high, but I can't hide my favoritism towards Aston Villa's team colors.

    They're unlike any of the colors sported by other teams in the EPL, and they're not colors you'd think would work well with each other.

    Yet they do.

    The hidden squares are the jersey's most debatable feature, but overall, I don't think they hurt the shirt. 

1. Arsenal

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    Traditionally the best jersey in England, Arsenal's red shirt with white sleeves is a hard design to mess up.

    The updated crest gives the shirt a more modern feel, and the simplification from last year's jersey was definitely a good move by the designers.

    This may just be Arsenal's best jersey in more than a decade, and one I'd be happy to wear at any time (if I wasn't a Spurs fan).


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