WWE Raw: A New Champion, Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania, Rock/Cena and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 6, 2012


Monday Night Raw opened with Shawn Michaels. He brought up what happened a few weeks ago between himself and Triple H.

It’s all in the past, though, because Triple H accepted the match with the Undertaker.

He then called out Triple H. The Game came out and Michaels apologized for what he said to him and admitted that he was a man of honor.

Michaels kept bringing up everything he said, including calling him a coward and wanted to know what changed his mind.

Before he could answer, though, HBK insisted that they show the segment since he didn’t get to see it. Michaels didn’t look too happy that all it took was “Shawn Michaels is better than you” to get him to accept the match.

Triple H said it had nothing to do with that but is tired of everyone saying that Michaels was a failure. Triple H doesn’t believe that as he thinks he’s the best in-ring performer of all time.

It pains him to see HBK as a loser and that’s why he’s going to end the Undertaker.

Michaels was right about who won last year and will be right about who will win this year. He then revealed that he was named the special referee and left.

I thought this was a great segment. Shawn Michaels was quite good on the mic and was very entertaining while he screwed with Triple H.

Triple H was Triple H and delivered his usual good mic work. Michaels was the definite star of this segment and it showed.

While it’s been widely rumored that HBK would be the referee for Hell in a Cell, I liked the way they announced it here.

It creates a lot of intrigue as Michaels could screw the man who beat him twice or the man who sees him as a loser.

I can’t wait for this match at WrestleMania!

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella: United States Championship

As the match began, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga came out and Otunga distracted the referee. Dolph Ziggler attacked Santino and Swagger hit his finisher.

Santino kicked out and Teddy Long made his way out with Kofi Kingston and Aksana.

Santino then became the new United States champion with the rollup of doom!

Before the celebration could begin, Laurinaitis tried to say that Raw was his show but Teddy declared that it was his show tonight.

He then called out security and kicked both Johnny Ace and Otunga out of the building.

The celebration then began!

The match itself was very chaotic and wasn’t too good. You know the war for general manager is getting a little out of hand when it’s the focal point of a match it has nothing to do with.

I’m glad to see Santino win the title as I think his popularity with the WWE Universe will end up making him a much better champion than Swagger would.

I mean, Swagger may be a heel but he only gets heat because of Vickie Guerrero.

Swagger makes a boring champion; at least Santino will be entertaining!

The Rock’s first history lesson was up next. In 1773, Boston had enough of the British much like the WWE Universe has gotten sick of John Cena.

Boston threw the tea into the harbor and Rock began to throw Cena merchandise into the harbor while making fun of each and every piece.

Rock then said Cena can take all his crap, turn it sideways and stick it straight up his rooty tooty, fresh and fruity ass.

It’s been a while since I had a huge laugh while watching wrestling, but boy did I laugh here. The Rock was hilarious and the comedy aspect of his promos is back in full force!

Describing how he described each piece of merchandise doesn’t do the promo justice. If you didn’t see it, I suggest finding the video!

Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

Eve picked up the win after what looked like a really sloppy match. This seemed shorter than the typical Divas match and made me shake my head like never before.

Heel Eve is still boring the hell out of me and I have nothing to really say about Alicia. The Divas division has really hit rock bottom.

Post-match, Zack Ryder returned and said he was glad that he and Eve never hooked up. He declared broski’s before hoeski’s then left.

It’s good to see Ryder back and I hope he’s able to now escape the grasp of Eve and get back on track!

Backstage, Eve approached Ryder and kissed him. She walked away, leaving Ryder with a big smile on his face.

Great, looks like Ryder is still stuck in this horrid storyline. Hopefully, he’s just playing along so he can eventually get his revenge!

Earlier, John Cena spoke of WrestleMania and basically said the only match that matters is his with the Rock. Cena wants and needs to win the match and then talked about Boston.

He said the biggest heartbreak was the Patriots losing the perfect season and that every New Englander felt the same way.

Cena doesn’t want to be another name in the Rock’s book of defeated opponents and refuses to be second place.

Sorry to break it to you, Cena, but I’m from New England and I loved it when the Patriots lost!

Anyway, Cena gave an emotional speech here and seemed to really speak from the heart. Unfortunately, I couldn’t care less about what he said.

I know he wants to win and I know he refuses to lose. It’s the same old John Cena shtick.

It was a bit disturbing that Cena said that his match was the only one that mattered, just without saying those exact words.

Personally I’m not getting WrestleMania for Rock/Cena; I could honestly care less about the match.

I’m getting WrestleMania because of Punk/Jericho, Bryan/Sheamus and Hell in a Cell!

CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho

Jericho and Bryan picked up the win when Jericho rolled up Punk. I thought this was quite the good match.

It was great seeing WrestleMania opponents in the ring together giving the fans a taste of what was to come.

All four wrestlers performed great and it made for a very enjoyable match!

This got me even more excited for WrestleMania!

Wrestling-wise, the two title matches will be the best wrestling matches on the card and I think this match was an indicator of that!

It was then time for the second history lesson. The Rock talked about Paul Revere and asked what if Cena was on top of the horse.

He would have been shot right away and we’d all be playing cricket.

If that happened, the Rock would have created a time machine just to go back in time to kick Cena’s ass.

He then changed the lyrics of “Yankee Doodle” before walking off.

This was another hilarious promo and I’m loving every second of it! If you didn’t see it, find the video! Describing it just doesn’t do it justice!

The Miz vs. The Big Show

Cody Rhodes first presented another embarrassing Big Show moment. At WrestleMania X8, Big Show wasn’t even there but he apparently made a fool himself at the WWF New York restaurant.

Big Show then quickly won with the WMD.

So this is what the Miz has been reduced to? I remember a time when the Miz was actually awesome.

The once “must-see WWE champion in history” has just become a joke. At this rate, he won’t even have a match at WrestleMania.

I love the Cody Rhodes/Big Show storyline, though I do fear that it’ll lead to Big Show winning the Intercontinental Championship. Rhodes has worked too hard over the past year to lose at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

While I’m glad Big Show actually has a legit match at the big event, I don’t under any circumstances want to see him win!

It was then announced the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels will confront each other next week. With that announcement, I’m already excited for the show!

Kane vs. R-Truth

Kane picked up the victory with a chokeslam. This was an overall squash that saw Truth get in some offense only for Kane to deliver his finisher.

The main purpose of this match seemed to be the post-match actions of Randy Orton. The Apex Predator made his way out, and with a little help from R-Truth, hit the RKO on the Big Red Monster.

It’s a shame that R-Truth was squashed here but it served a greater purpose.

I find it interesting that WWE would move Kane from John Cena to Randy Orton so quickly.

I figured that he’d finally go after Mark Henry but with Orton needing something to do at WrestleMania; I guess this was the best option for both superstars.

The Rock then gave another history lesson. He talked at the Boston Common and said that it’s where America became America.

The Rock Revolution was coming and he was going to kick John Cena’s ass at WrestleMania.

This wasn’t very funny compared to the other two, but still quite good. Another one that, if you haven’t seen it, you should find the video!

Monday Night Raw ended much like last week, with John Cena and the Rock having words with one another.

Cena was out first and said that he thought that the Rock was trying too hard and that last week he looked shaken up.

It was him that did the shaking and he wanted the real Rock to show up at WrestleMania.

That brought out the People’s Champion who said that he saw fear in John Cena. He wasn’t shook up, he was more confident.

After you strip away all of his hype, the Rock said all there was to look at was a person who was going to rip out Cena’s throat at WrestleMania.

When you take away Cena’s hype you got a little boy who’ll be the Rock’s bitch.

The Rock left and Cena ended the segment by saying that he was going to whip the Rock’s ass at WrestleMania.

Much like last week, this was a great segment. Both men were very solid on the mic and the jokes were left to a minimum.

I didn’t like that Cena was smiling and laughing during the Rock’s serious promo, but I suppose WWE has to make him look strong somehow.

For me, it’s hard to decide who won this particular confrontation.

The clear winner last week was John Cena, but this week both were equally as good.

Overall, I thought this was a very solid episode of Monday Night Raw!

The show started off strong with Shawn Michaels and Triple H as well as Santino Marella’s United States Championship win.

It did take a dive with the Divas and Cena’s taped promo but it was picked right back up by the tag-team match, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and the end segment.

The Rock’s history lessons were also very entertaining and the overall show made for quite the enjoyable night of professional wrestling.


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