WWE News: Triple H Inks New Long-Term Deal with the Company

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 2, 2012

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com

There is no doubt that the upper echelon of the WWE and Vince McMahon see Triple H as a valued employee who has put a lot of “asses in the seats,” and they realize that he is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

A lot of wrestling fans are speculating on what Triple H's future will be after WrestleMania 28 when he faces The Undertaker in their Hell in a Cell Match. Some fans are guessing that he will give up his in-ring duties and focus on the corporate side of the company, while others are hoping that he will continue to be an in-ring performer.

Whatever Triple H decides to do with the remainder of his career in the WWE, he will have a secure future with the company.

According to the WWE Corporate Website, Triple H signed a new long-term deal in December 2011 that has been extended to March 2016. The new contract offers a lot of perks to ensure he stays with the company.

Some of the terms of his new contract include:

 A minimum annual compensation of 1 Million Dollars US for each year that he is under contract with the WWE.

No more that 180 days on the road, and no more than 15 dates per month. Unless Triple H agrees to do more dates.

With Triple H signing this new deal, there is a clause that states that he "is not to perform for any other professional wrestling promotion, or martial arts promotion during his employment with the WWE."

With this new deal now set in stone, the WWE is confident that Triple H will be a long-term stable within the company and also seems confident that he is still a bankable star within the company as well.

The entire contract agreement can be viewed here.


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