WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: 10 Parallels to Last Year's Event

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: 10 Parallels to Last Year's Event

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    This past Sunday, WWE presented their third annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live from Milwaukee, WI. Although the event wasn't critically acclaimed, it succeeded in progressing towards the biggest show of the year in only six weeks, WrestleMania 28.

    However, while watching the show, I came across numerous parallels to last year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. If they were done on purpose is beyond me, but they seem more like coincidences than anything else.

    For those of you who are aware of my useless wrestling knowledge, I present you with 10 similarities I found that made this year's Chamber event no different from last year's. In doing so, I'll prove to you, Bleachers, as to why history does indeed repeat itself.

R-Truth Gets Eliminated First

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    For the past three years, R-Truth has been entered in the Elimination Chamber matches at the event, whether it be for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Obviously, Truth has never been a serious contender to win the strap, which has usually led to his early elimination from the bout.

    However, being eliminated first from the Chamber for the third year in a row just goes to show how little of a threat he stands to the title. What's even more ironic, you ask? The same superstar pinned Truth first on two separate occasions, with he being none other than CM Punk.

    As racist as it may sound, it's unfortunate to say that just like in the movies, it's always the black guy who's taken out first. 

Big Show Breaks a Chamber Pod

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    Being the replacement in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship last year, Big Show was determined to make an impact due to being the surprise entrant in the bout. He set his targets on recent foe Wade Barrett, who attacked him maliciously with help from the Corre.

    To express his frustrations on the Englishman, Show ended up sending him straight through one of the Chamber pods with brute force. Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, he too would meet the same fate moments later.

    Instead of Barrett this time around, Big Show has recently been focused on World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Why wait for Bryan to enter when you can just break through the top of the top?

    For the first time ever, the chains on top of one of the Chamber pods were broken, allowing Show to climb in and deliver a well-deserved beating on Bryan before the doors were eventually opened.

    If I were Big Show, I'd invest in some anger management courses.

Daniel Bryan Victorious

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    At this time last year, Daniel Bryan was the reigning United States Champion on Monday Night Raw with little to no direction. Not being booked for the Elimination Chamber card, Bryan was instead placed in the dark matches, where he soundly defeated long-time rival Ted DiBiase.

    Exactly one year later, Bryan is now the reigning World Heavyweight Champion on Friday Night SmackDown, being hotter than he has ever been. On Sunday night at Elimination Chamber, Bryan successfully defended his golden prize inside the Satan's structure itself.

    But then again, 2012 is the year of the Dragon, so this shouldn't come as a shock to most people.

Raw Chamber Participant Goes High Risk

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    It's no secret that John Morrison was the Superstar to go to for awe-inspiring spots during his WWE tenure. That being said, it was a brilliant idea to enter him as a participant in the Raw Elimination Chamber, especially after his impressive performance during the 2011 Royal Rumble.

    During the Chamber bout, Morrison got innovative and performed a diving cross body off the top of the structure, strongly resembling Spiderman. Shockingly enough, the Shaman of Sexy survived until the final three before being eliminated by CM Punk.

    With Morrison no longer a part of the company, Kofi Kingston has seemingly replaced him in his adrenaline-junkie role, also competing in this year's Raw Elimination Chamber. During the bout, Kingston easily earned the MVP award of the night with his DDT off the side of the Chamber as well as his amazing jump atop one of the pods.

    Now, all Creative has to do is not reinsert the Boom Squad commander back into the tag team division and maybe then he can receive the push he so rightfully deserves.

Christian Returns

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    In late 2010, Christian tore his pectoral muscle that would keep him sidelined for months. On television, the injury was sustained by Alberto Del Rio, who exclaimed he had ended the career of Captain Charisma.

    At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view last year, Christian made his shocking return by attacking his arch-rival Del Rio and delivered a well-placed Killswitch. The two would resume their feud over the next few months, with Christian eventually defeating Del Rio to win his first World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules.

    On Sunday, Christian once again made his highly-anticipated comeback from injury by joining John Lauriniaitis in his protest against Teddy Long. Ironically enough, it was alongside Del Rio, the same man he ambushed one year prior.

    Did you know? Christian returned in 2011 with crimson red hair, whereas he made his comeback this year supporting a beard. 

CM Punk Gets Stuck in the Chamber Door

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    Leading into last year's Elimination Chamber event, CM Punk made a rival in Randy Orton after costing him the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. With both of them participating in the No. 1 contenders Chamber match, their paths would surely collide.

    During the bout, CM Punk's pod door accidentally malfunctioned, sandwiching him in as Randy Orton looked on. Fortunately, Punk was able to re-enter and pinned Orton while mocking him moments later.

    Similar to last year, Punk found another rival in the envious Chris Jericho, who has had his focus set on the WWE Championship since his return to WWE last month. To further humiliate Punk, Jericho slammed the WWE Champion's skull in the Chamber door, rendering the Straightedge Savior motionless for a few minutes.

    I think it's safe to say that Punk should start wearing a helmet during Elimination Chamber matches to avoid further brain damage.

The Miz Has a Strong Showing

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    Prior to this Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, The Miz has emerged victorious in the past two Elimination Chamber events.

    In 2010, he successfully defended his United States Championship against MVP in an impromptu match. In 2011, he was able to once again defeat Jerry Lawler to retain his WWE Championship.

    Although he wasn't victorious this time around, he did indeed have a strong showing apart from the Raw Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship. Given how it's been heavily rumored that's he's been in the doghouse with officials recently, it came as a shock to this viewer that Miz survived until the final two before being lastly eliminated by the defending champion CM Punk.

    If the Awesome One can offer more impressive performances like this on a regular basis, we could finally see him get elevated back to main event status where he belongs.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Replacement

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    Two days prior to 2011's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Dolph Ziggler was "fired" from the blue brand at the hands of the returning SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long. Subsequently, his spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber rendered vacant.

    Although many were expecting the injured Christian to fill the opening, it was Big Show who anticlimactically filled the role instead. Royal Rumble 2012, anyone?

    This year, the favorite Randy Orton was removed from the SmackDown Elimination Chamber due to an injury sustained on Raw last Monday night at the hands of Daniel Bryan. The following night at the SmackDown tapings, Santino Marella won a battle royal to earn his spot in the title bout.

    While many were hoping he'd be replaced in the match somehow, Santino ended up being the highlight of the night by playing the underdog role to perfection. 

Both World Championships Successfully Defended

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    Since the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is billed as one of the most unpredictable events of the year, you'd think we'd see more title changes, right? Think again.

    Last year, then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge kicked off the show by successfully defending his golden prize against five other hungry competitors inside the Elimination Chamber. Later in the night, The Miz was able to get the better of Jerry Lawler and retain his strap as well.

    Despite speculation that both titles would changing hands this time around, both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were able to walk out of Wisconsin with their belts still around their waists. This would mean that in the last three Chamber matches, all three champions were able to retain their titles.

    That being said, I guess the odds are no longer stacked against the title holder given this statistic, huh? 

John Cena Ends the Show Victorious

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    Okay, John Cena ending a pay-per-view with a victory isn't all that surprising, but it's just something I found interesting. Cena hasn't headlined an event since Survivor Series, so his absence from the spotlight was nice while it lasted.

    At last year's show, Cena predictably defeated five other valiant Raw Superstars to earn the right to compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 27. That would be his third victory inside Satan's structure over the course of his career.

    Although he wasn't competing inside the Chamber this past Sunday, he was able to defeat his arch-rival Kane in an innovative Ambulance match to end their boiling rivalry. Sure, it sent the crowd home happy, but there was not a moment when I doubted the finish of the bout.

    Nonetheless, it was a nice build for Cena come WrestleMania 28, where he will face The Rock in one of the biggest main events in WWE history.


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    By the end of the night, I really felt I had reordered last year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view rather than watch the one I originally paid for. While most of the competitors may have altered, the results and the sense of deja vu certainly didn't.

    Was WWE's intentions to cause this year's event to be such a rehash? Or are my keen detective skills and memory just too much for them to handle?

    Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and make sure to drop a comment regarding your thoughts on this past Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and its similarities to last year. If you enjoy my useless wrestling knowledge and would like to see weekly column about it, feel free to include that below as well.

    GSM out.

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