NBA All Star Game 2012: Grading Every Player Who Made the East-West Rosters

Chris Herbert@@BigCRIT_Contributor IIIFebruary 10, 2012

NBA All Star Game 2012: Grading Every Player Who Made the East-West Rosters

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    On Sunday, February 26, 2012, we will once again be treated with the 61st annual NBA All-Star Game. This year’s game will be at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

    Even with an lockout-filled season, the NBA All-Star Weekend is sure to deliver once again a fun showcase of NBA Basketball.

    Last week, the all-star lineups were released. This week, the reserve rosters were issued and I will grade every player by his performance this season.

    Let’s see who made this year's Eastern and Western Conference rosters!

Eastern Conference Starters: PG Derrick Rose

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    Team: Chicago Bulls

    PPG: 22

    APG: .7.8

    RPG: 3.4

    All-Star appearance: 3rd

    Derrick Rose as the Starting Point Guard for the Eastern Conference should be a no-brainer. The reigning NBA MVP has led the Chicago Bulls to the first seed in the East. Considering that he is also one of the premier stars in the NBA also makes this an obvious pick.

    Grade: A

Eastern Conference Starters: SG Dwyane Wade

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    Team: Miami Heat

    PPG: 22.0

    APG: 5.1

    RPG: 4.1

    All-Star appearance: 8th

    Despite missing eight games this season, Dwyane Wade is putting on another great season and is one of three players from Miami to make the East Roster. Wade easily made his way as starter for the East.

    Grade: B+

Eastern Conference Starters: SF Lebron James

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    Team: Miami Heat

    PPG: 28.5

    APG: 6.9

    RPG: 8.2

    All-Star appearance: 8th

    Despite taking major criticism for his 4th-quarter troubles, Lebron James is currently putting up one of the best seasons In the NBA. James is also the 2nd of three players from Miami to play for the East.

    Grade: A+

Eastern Conference Starters: PF Carmelo Anthony

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    Team: New York Knicks

    PPG: 22.3

    APG: 4.2

    RPG: 6.0

    All-Star appearance: 5th

    I am certainly surprised that Melo was voted in as a starter this season. He so far has an okay season with a Knicks Roster that has struggled. To make matters worse, his team is actually winning without him. I think Anthony is All-Star material, just not a starter.

    Grade: D

Eastern Conference Starters: C Dwight Howard

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    Team: Orlando Magic

    PPG: 21.0

    RPG: 15.4

    BLKPG: 2.2

    All-Star appearance: 6th

    Dwight Howard is no doubt the best post-threat in the NBA, but there have been some problems with him and his team. One week he is happy and Orlando is playing well, next week he is disgruntled and demanding trades. Apart from all of the trade drama, Howard is the upright post threat in the East.

    Grade: B-

Eastern Conference Reserves: PF Chris Bosh

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    Team: Miami Heat

    PPG: 19.2

    RPG: 7.8

    BLKPG: 0.8

    All-Star appearance: 7th

    The third of the Big Three from Miami that starts out the All-Star Reserves and should be starting. A lot of people tend to forget about Bosh’s ability and that he has stepped up since Wade’s injury and is one of the better eastern conference forwards.

    Grade: A

Eastern Conference Reserves: SG Joe Johnson

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    Team: Atlanta Hawks

    PPG: 18.6

    APG: 3.7

    RPG: 4.0

    All-Star appearance: 6th

    I have no problem with Joe Johnson as a East reserve. He is a good player but not great for the Hawks. I feel that is a great offensive weapon but not someone who I think will lead the Hawks into a Championship. He’s having another good season and is one of the best shooters in the league, bar none.

    Grade: B-

Eastern Conference Reserves: C Roy Hibbert

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    Team: Indiana Pacers

    PPG: 13.6

    RPG: 9.9

    BLKPG: 1.8

    All-Star appearance: 1st

    I always have enjoyed Hibbert's play as a center. I love that he made the East roster and I hope that he and the Pacers continue to play great like they have all season.

    Grade: B

Eastern Conference Reserves: SG Paul Pierce

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    Team: Boston Celtics

    PPG: 18.4

    APG: 5.7

    RPG: 5.6

    All-Star appearance: 10th

    I will give Pierce credit for saving the Celtics this season, but I don’t think he should be on the roster this season. Danny Granger (another player in Pierce's position) is having a much better season than Pierce and is probably the best small forward besides Lebron James in the east. Pierce is the bigger name, but shouldn’t be here.

    Grade: C-

Eastern Conference Reserves: PG Deron Williams

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    Team: New Jersey Nets


    APG: 8.6

    RPG: 3.5

    All-Star appearance: 3rd

    Another player that I feel should not be here. Williams is having a good season, but his team isn’t doing well and I feel that Rajon Rondo for the Celtics has played better than Williams despite missing games with an injury.

    Grade: C

Eastern Conference Reserves: SF Luol Deng

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    Team: Chicago Bulls

    PPG: 16.0

    APG: 2.5

    RPG: 7.3

    All-Star appearance: 1st

    Deng is the 2nd Bulls player to make the Eastern roster and he gratefully deserves it. Deng has been suffering from injuries but is having a good enough season to make the All-Star for the first time in his career.

    Grade: B

Eastern Conference Reserves: SG Andre Iguodala

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    Team: Philadelphia 76ers

    PPG: 13.0

    APG: 5.2

    RPG: 6.7

    All-Star appearance: 1st

    Another All-Star first-timer makes the list. With the season the Sixers are having, A.I. was a lock to make the All-Star team. With Iguodala making the roster, expect more people to pay attention to the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Grade: A-

Western Conference Starters: PG Chris Paul

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    Team: Los Angeles Clippers

    PPG: 18.4

    APG: 9.1

    RPG: 3.5

    Grade: A

    All-Star appearance: 6th

    Chris Paul has turned the Los Angeles Clippers from a irreverent franchise to the toast of the town. This L.A team is currently 2nd in a very tight Western Conference race. CP3 is easily the best point guard for the Western Conference this season.

    Grade: A

Western Conference Starters: SG Kobe Bryant

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    Team: Los Angeles Lakers 

    PPG: 29.3

    APG: 5.4

    RPG: 5.8

    All-Star appearance: 14th

    This season was supposed to be a declining season for the Lakers All-Star. I guess the critics were wrong. Kobe Bryant is still playing a high level and has making a average Lakers roster a winning team.

    Grade: A

Western Conference Starters: SF Kevin Durant

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    Team: Oklahoma City Thunder 

    PPG: 27.3

    APG: 3.4

    RPG: 8.3

    All-Star appearance: 3rd

    While Lebron James has been putting an MVP-like season, Kevin Durant is right behind him. In fact, Durant has done a better job than James when it comes to clutch time. Right now the Thunder is the best team in West and Durant is the prime reason.

    Grade: A+

Western Conference Starters: PF Blake Griffin

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    Team: Los Angeles Clippers

    PPG: 21.4

    RPG: 11.0

    BLKPG: 1.0

    All-Star Appearance: 2nd

    Griffin is arguably having one of the best NBA season for a 2nd-year player ever, but I still don’t think he should be the starting four in the West. However, Griffin has the Edge consider that the Clippers currently have 2nd best record in the west and is one of the most exciting players in the NBA today.

    Grade: B-

Western Conference Starters: C Andrew Bynum

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    Team: Los Angeles Lakers

    PPG: 17.1

    RPG: 12.4

    BLKPG: 2.0

    All-Star appearance: 1st

    The Lakers Center is clearly having the best season above any center in the West, but the reason is he doesn’t have much completion in his position. Not taking away anything from Bynum, but besides Marc Gasol, the Center position is kind of thin All-Star-wise.

    Grade: A-

Western Conference Reserves: PF Kevin Love

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    Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

    PPG: 25.0

    RPG: 13.7

    BPG: 0.5

    All-Star appearance: 2nd

    To start out the reserves, Kevin Love is having the best season right now for a Power Forward, and I am very disappointed that he was not voted as a starter for the Western Conference. However, I am glad that Kevin is getting some well deserved love.

    Grade: A

Western Conference Reserves: PF Lamarcus Aldridge

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    PPG: 23.3

    RPG: 8.5

     BPG: 0.8

    All-Star appearance: 1st

    While Blake Griffin and Kevin Love are the top four spots in the West, Aldridge is not that far behind. He is leading the Blazers to a 14-12 and is on par to having one of the best seasons in his young NBA career.

    Grade: B+

Western Conference Reserves: PG Russell Westbrook

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    Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

    PPG: 22.3

    APG: 5.9

    SPG: 2.0

    All-Star appearance: 2nd

    The starting Point Guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder has also made the All-Star roster, and this is really no surprise from me. People can argue his decision-making at times but there is no denying him of an All-Star roster spot.

    Grade: B

Western Conference Reserves: PF Dirk Nowitzski

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    Team: Dallas Mavericks

    PPG: 17.6

    RPG: 6.2

    BPG 0.5

    All-Star appearance: 11th

    I feel that the reigning NBA Champion got an All-Star spot by default. Nowitzki and his teammates are not having a great season. It's a bit of surprise that players like Danilo Gallinari did not make the roster. Nothing against Dirk, but he is currently not having an All-Star season.

    Grade: F

Western Conference Reserves: PG Tony Parker

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    Team: San Antonio Spurs

    PPG: 18.9

    APG: 7.7

    RPG: 2.9

    All-Star appearance: 4th

    Tony Parker is clearly the best player right now for the Spurs and is having a pretty good season with 19 points and seven assists a game. As the Spurs currently lead the Southwest Division, we shall see if Parker continues his great play down the stretch.

    Grade: B

Western Conference Reserves: PG Steve Nash

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    Team: Phoenix Suns

    PPG: 15.1

    APG: 10.0

    SPG: 0.6

    All-Star appearance: 8th

    I love Steve Nash, but I don’t think that he should be here. Sure, he’s having a good season for the Suns. But his team isn’t exactly playing as well as they have had in the previous years. Other guards like Ty Lawson for the Nuggets and Kyle Lowry for the Rockets should have gotten Nash’s roster spot.

    Grade: C-

Western Conference Reserves: C Marc Gasol

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    Team: Memphis Grizzlies

    PPG: 15.0

    RPG: 10.2

    BPG: 2.2

    All-Star Appearance: 1st

    The Grizzlies aren’t having a great season with the absence of Zach Randolph, but Marc Gasol is having a good season. While other teammates like O.J Mayo and Rudy Gay also deserved berths in the roster, I think Gasol is still a good choice.

    Grade: C+