10 Reasons CM Punk Is the Best WWE Champ in Years

Colton Kokrda@kokrdaCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2012

10 Reasons CM Punk Is the Best WWE Champ in Years

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    When anyone mentions who they believe was the best champion, you often hear names such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

    I'm adding another name to that list: CM Punk.

    With the industry being dominated by one man over recent years (John Cena), the WWE has focused its spotlight on a unique individual in CM Punk, and it is paying dividends to the industry.

    It has been years since the WWE has had a champion of the caliber that Punk possesses. I will analyze just some of the reasons why Punk is the best WWE Champion in years.

No. 10: CM Punk Is Well Rounded

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    CM Punk is one of the most well-rounded wrestlers in the business today.

    When he first entered the WWE, he was widely known for his fast striking ability. He has blossomed since then, and now is a good grappler and a great mat specialist, and he uses submission abilities as well.

    He can also head up to to the top rope to deliver some high-flying moves.

    With the ability to be so versatile, Punk has become a formidable champion.

No. 9: He Is Great on the Microphone

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    The WWE has been missing that personality that can energize the crowd ever since The Rock left the WWE for Hollywood.

    They have found that man in CM Punk.

    His no-nonsense attitude leads him to confront various people in the business at the drop of a dime.

    And the crowd soaks up every bit of it, usually getting behind Punk.

No. 8: He Can Drop a Pipe Bomb at Any Moment

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    *Skip to 1:45 in the video

    This video says it all.

    Meet CM Punk, the newest in-your-face edition of the company's answer to a Stone Cold-less WWE.

    Famous for the large pipe bombs that he has been dropping lately, they bring a new edge to wrestling. The company has not had someone of this caliber on the mic since Stone Cold left the business.

    Let's face it. Controversy=ratings in show business. CM Punk has turned into one of the most controversial figures of all time in the WWE, and having him as a champion now just adds to his ability to be heard.

No. 7: He Is the "New Stone Cold"

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    Tying into the last slide, CM Punk offers up the angle that WWE fans have been craving so desperately.

    Since Stone Cold Steve Austin retired from wrestling, there really hasn't been the dominant speaker on the microphone who would speak his mind and bash anything and everything in his path.

    Punk is not afraid to go after anyone in a war of words. This puts him above recent champions in my book.

    And continuing with the Stone Cold comparisons...

No. 6: Punk Feuds Well with Administration

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    The Attitude Era was famous for the feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

    Many will argue that it all started when Stone Cold first attacked Vince to set off the rivalry of a lifetime.

    It appears we are entering a new era in the WWE, and CM Punk is the one spearheading the change.

    He has gone after authority figures for quite some time now in the WWE, leading back to his chase of the WWE Championship this past summer. Let's just take a look at some of the people he has targeted in his infamous pipe bombs.

    His list:

    • John Cena (arguably the face of the company today)
    • The Rock
    • Vince McMahon
    • The McMahon Family
    • Triple H (when he was COO)
    • John Laurinaitis

    These have all occurred within the last year.

    His feud with Laurinaitis has grown larger recently and appeared to be climaxing at the Royal Rumble. Laurinaitis even admitted he planned on screwing Punk at the Rumble, but the powers that be changed that outcome from occurring.

    With his fearless ambition to attack corporate at any chance he gets, he provides the company with a champion who is not afraid to say what needs to be said.

No. 5: Punk Can Help Put over the Younger Wrestlers

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    Punk just finished up with a feud with Dolph Ziggler, and it could prove to pay huge dividends in the long run.

    Once Punk ended up with the WWE Championship, he ended up pulling a Randy Orton-esque move and maintained his same personality but won over the fans.

    Thus, he became a baby face while maintaining heel characteristics.

    This allowed Ziggler to work on and master his heel persona. He has become one of the top heels on Raw.

    Look for Ziggler to remain in the main event spotlight, even after his loss to Punk at the Royal Rumble.

No. 4: He Has a Strong Following from ROH

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    At this point in time, this is no secret.

    Everyone knows that Punk and fellow World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan both gained fame first from their days in the Ring of Honor.

    They were the Rocks, and the Stone Coldsβ€”the superstars of ROH.Β 

    When they came over to the WWE, they brought some of their strong followers along with them. Bringing in new fans is the instant way to Vince's heart, as it equals more money.

    Here, CM Punk adds a new dimension to the championship scene and could help in changing the landscape of the WWE for the future.

No. 3: He Has Staying Power

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    Some of the recent WWE Champions (with the exception of John Cena), have not been able to maintain the same level of intensity or ability after their championship reigns.

    CM Punk has been performing at this level of intensity and ability for quite some time now.

    And whenever he does lose the championship, he will maintain the same dedication to the company.

    That is what makes Punk the best WWE Champion in years. He brings the same level of work to the company week in and week out, regardless of whether or not he is the champion.

No. 2: He Has the Clean Image

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    Let me fully explain what I mean by this first.

    Normally, the clean image everyone imagines is freshly shaved, no tattoos, clean language and professional demeanor.

    This is not the case for CM Punk.

    As everyone is well aware, punk is sporting a beard and has tattoos galore.

    Punk has the clean image of being drug free.

    Ever since he has been in professional wrestling, Punk has proudly stated the fact that he is straight edge. He does not do drugs (also displayed by the tattoos on his fingers stating "Drug Free") or use alcohol.

    With the WWE doing their part in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with the Anti-Bullying, they could also use Punk as a figurehead for living the straight-edge lifestyle. That could prove to be powerful, with Punk becoming popular among the youth, and specifically the teenagers of today's society.

    To have a champion that you can use to heavily promote something that will benefit society as well instantly makes them jump up the rankings of great WWE champions.

No. 1: CM Punk Is a Breath of Fresh Air in WWE

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    For a few years now, the WWE has been a stale product.

    Year in and year out, it seemed as if John Cena would consistently get his championship match and eventually become the WWE champion once again.

    He was the main face who would always hold the title.

    Finally, Punk provides a breath of fresh air to the WWE Title scene.

    His humorous antics and behavior characteristic of a heel give him the unique persona to be successful as the top dog in the company.


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