WWE: The Top 5 Worst Feuds Kane Has Been Involved in

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WWE: The Top 5 Worst Feuds Kane Has Been Involved in

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    Since his début in 1997, Kane has been involved in feuds that defied logic and, quite frankly, insulted the intelligence of pro wrestling fans.

    But for whatever reason, the WWE continues to pair Kane up with wrestlers that are inferior to his own abilities despite the fact that he is one of the WWE’s most seasoned wrestlers. 

    In addition, he is one of the very few big men in the business that can work a decent match.

    Here are the top five worst feuds Kane has been Involved in, from No. 5 to No. 1

5) Kane vs. Big Daddy V (2007)

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    This feud sparked when Big Daddy V, previously known as Mable from the forgettable 90’s tag team “Men on a Mission,” attacked Kane in retaliation for a 3-on-2 Handicap Match loss when V, John Morrison and The Miz lost to CM Punk and Kane on the October 16th Edition of ECW.

    They battled for weeks after that first confrontation in some forgettable matches. Their final meeting was at WWE Armageddon 2007, when CM Punk and Kane were defeated by Big Daddy V and Mark Henry.

    This feud is one that wrestling fans have no problem filing away in the “horrendous” category.

4) Kane vs. Snitsky (2004)

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    This brief feud started when Kane wrestled in a match against the debuting Snitsky on the September 13th, 2004 edition of WWE RAW.

    Snitsky hit Kane in the back with a steel chair, causing him to fall on top of Kane’s new bride, Lita, which caused Lita’s miscarriage.

    Kane blamed Snitsky for the death of his child, and the two met face-to-face at the October pay-per-view Taboo Tuesday in a Steel Chain Match, which was far from being in the marquee category.

    Kane lost the match and Snitsky injured Kane’s larynx in the storyline, but Kane returned in January 2005 and defeated Snitsky at WWE New Year’s Revolution. Once again, wrestling fans were relieved when this horrible feud finally came to an end.

3) Kane vs. Impostor Kane (2006)

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    In an exact carbon copy of the less-than-stellar feud between The Undertaker and the Impostor Undertaker in 1994, Kane was the victim of an attack by the Impostor Kane on the May 29th, 2006 edition of WWE RAW.

    Kane was in a match against Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Title when the Impostor Kane, dressed in Kane’s vintage mask and outfit, interfered in the match.

    The two Kanes fought each other in the following weeks, and they met in a match at WWE Vengeance. This match was horribly booked, and it resulted in the real Kane losing the match to his doppelganger.

    On the June 26th edition of WWE RAW, the feud finally ended with the real Kane ejecting the impostor Kane out of the arena and taking back his mask. Wrestling fans certainly didn't’t miss this feud when it finally came to a close.

2) Kane vs. the Great Khali (2009)

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    This feud sparked when Kane assisted Dolph Ziggler in a win against Khali by attacking him with a steel chair at WWE’s The Bash pay-per-view in June, 2009.

    The feud continued for the next two months and saw Kane beat Khali at SummerSlam and Breaking Point in some really bad matches.

    This awful feud ended shortly after Breaking Point due to Khali injuring his toe and having to take time off to have surgery.

    With the combination of Khali’s limited skills in the ring, and Kane’s battle against age, this feud certainly needed to have the proverbial towel thrown in to stop it.

    And now, the No. 1 worst feud that Kane has been involved in….

1) Kane vs. John Cena (2011)

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    Although this feud is still ongoing, it earns its title as the worst feud in Kane’s career.

    It started on the December 12th, 2011 edition of WWE RAW, when Kane re-emerged with a new mask, and a new target: John Cena.

    Kane interfered in a match that pitted John Cena against Mark Henry in the main event. Simple, logical booking would have had Kane attack the man who put him out for four months, Mark Henry.

    But instead, Kane choke-slammed Cena and left him a broken heap in the middle of the ring. Kane explained that he was trying to persuade Cena to “embrace the hate,” the polar opposite of Cena’s “rise above hate” slogan that he instills in all of his Cenation followers.

    They have been fighting over the past few weeks, and they met at the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble in a match that ended in a double count-out, a silly finish to say the least.

    This feud will continue in the February pay-per-view Elimination Chamber in a Last Man Standing Match, and rest assured, wrestling fans will be overjoyed when this “dog” is finally put to sleep.


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