The Craziest Sports Fans Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2012

The Craziest Sports Fans Ever

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    Surely you've heard the oft-repeated cliche that the word "fan," as it pertains to sports, is short for "fanatic." 

    So it's no surprise that fans often engage in fanatical behavior. Fanatical fans run the gamut of crazy. 

    On the lesser end of the fanatical behavior scale, you have excessive (but acceptable) behavior such as massive memorabilia collections, horrifyingly stupid tattoos and outrageous, but legal, celebrations. 

    On the more extreme end of fanatical behavior, you have your stalkers, your field-chargers and your murderous psychopaths. 

    Here are 50 of the craziest sports fans ever!

50. Sidney Crosby Superfan

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    In January 2007, a photo was circulating of a blonde girl at a Pittsburgh Penguins game holding a sign that read "Put it in my five hole Sidney."  If you're not sure what that term means, look it up. 

    Her parents must be so very proud. 

49. Ron Brakes

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    In December 2010, distraught Chicago Cubs fan Ron Brakes was arrested and charged with criminal defacement of property and possession of a marker with intent to deface for allegedly using a Sharpie marker to write a message about late Cubs legend Ron Santo on a CTA platform wall on Chicago's North Side.

    Brakes had attended a public visitation earlier in the day for Santo and thought he was doing a "good thing" by scribbling on the wall.

    You have to question the sanity of someone who expresses his grief through vandalism, but possession of a marker with intent to deface is a pretty BS charge. 

48. Anne Calhoon

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    In January 2012, the ChicoER reported on Anne Calhoon, a Spanish teacher at Aaron Rodgers' alma mater, Pleasant Valley High School. Calhoon is a Rodgers superfan whose classroom is a dedicated shrine to the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl-winning quarterback.  

    Displayed in Calhoon's shrine are a number of jerseys, photographs, newspaper clippings, a Fathead, footballs and dozens of other various items.

47. Emotional Clemson Fan

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    In September 2009, this dejected Clemson fan was caught on camera reacting to a loss to Georgia Tech. Chris Fowler's analysis of their grief is absolutely classic—seriously one of the most hilarious moments in sports broadcasting. 

    Get it together, dudes. 

46. Larissa Riquelme

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    Larissa Riquelme is a Paraguayan model and actress who became a global sensation during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. After photos of Riquelme celebrating with a Nokia phone between her breasts, she became the most famous fan of the World Cup. 

    Riquelme created even more or a stir when she vowed to run through the streets naked if her beloved Paraguay won the World Cup. Paraguay didn't win, but Riquelme offered a similar promise a year later and ultimately took it all off for Playboy Brazil.

45. Georgia Superfan

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    This UGA fan is fired up. Seriously, freaking fired up. 

44. Whoever Runs the Henrik Lundqvist Blog

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    There is no information about the author of the Henrik Lundqvist blog, but it's one of the most dedicated athlete fan blogs on the Internet.

    Now I'm not saying this person who has been posting daily updates on the New York Rangers goalie is stalking Lundqvist, but I'm not not saying it, either. 

43. Spartak Moscow PK Hero

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    In September 2009, a Spartak Moscow superfan couldn't stand the anticipation of a penalty kick against Saturn for another moment—so he stormed the pitch and fired the goal past the the rival's goaltender. 

    The fan managed to avoid getting tackled or tased, but since this happened in Russia, it's safe to assume the offender has been put to death. 

    I kid.

42. Karen Shemonsky

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    In 1999, baseball memorabilia collector Karen Shemonsky paid $8,000 for the dentures of baseball great Ty Cobb. 

    Say it with me, folks: ew. 

41. Denny DeLuca

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    Pittsburgh chef Denny DeLuca has turned the basement of his home into an epic Pittsburgh Steelers shrine packed with decades worth of memories.

    Denny's collection of memorabilia is massive and among other things includes: a steel beam from Three Rivers Stadium, a bust of Bill Cowher that wears a Steelers hat, sunglasses and has dribble coming out of its mouth, and two stadium seats that were offered as prototypes for Heinz Field. 

40. Super Manny

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    In October 2007, Deadspin posted this photo of "Super Manny" who was on hand for the Boston Red Sox playoff game—describing her as "making noise, inspiring chants and generally being a total loon."

    I'm just shocked anyone is crazy enough to be a Manny Ramirez fan. 

39. Barnsley Superfan Duo

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    In October 2009, two Tykes fans grabbed life by the balls and stormed the pitch during Manchester United's 2-0 victory over Barnsley in the Carling Cup.

    They headed straight for the net and, after whiffing on the first attempt, drilled in a goal and took off running like a couple of bats out of hell.

38. Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones

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    Crazy Ray, dressed in his signature cowboy duds, cheered on his beloved Dallas Cowboys for decades and was well-known for energizing the crowds with his sideline cheerleading. 

    When Crazy Ray died in 2007, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke fondly of him saying,

    "He touched thousands of lives and generations of football fans. He will remain an important part of this team's heritage and family for as long as fans go to Cowboys games and feel his spirit."

37. Spencer Lewis

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    New York native Spencer Lewis describes the New York Yankees as his religion—his everything.

    Demonstrating his devotion: A car painted with every retired Yanks number on it, Derek Jeter game-worn socks, Boston Red Sox toilet paper, a business named after the Yanks (Yankee Puppy, a non-profit animals rescue) and a Yankees-crazed fiancee to whom he proposed on the scoreboard in 2006. 

36. Fireman Ed

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    New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed has been leading the J-E-T-S chant from his stadium section since 1986.

    Since appearing on the Boomer and Carton radio show on WFAN, Fireman Ed (aka Edwin Anzalone) has become one of the most recognized fans in the country. 

35. 850 Packer Fans

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    In January 2012, the Packers were set to battle it out with the Giants for a spot in the NFC Championship game. There was just once problem—Lambeau Field was buried under a mass of snow. 

    The Packers offered $10 an hour to fans who were willing to show up at the stadium at 4:30 a.m. to shovel snow. Apparently they only needed about 450 people but, because Green Bay fans are awesome/insane, more than 800 ended up being turned away

34. Texas Rangers' Most Confident Fan

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    In November 2011, there was one Rangers fan who was so convinced that his team was going to defeat the Cardinals in the World Series that he decided to get his commemorative tattoo a few days early.

    Good call, dude. Good call. 

33. Voodoo Man

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    If you've ever watched a New Orleans Saints home game on television, you may have seen Voodoo Man and his Voodoo Krewe, Who Dat Nation's most famous superfans, cheering on Drew Brees and Company. 

    The Voodoo Krewe may look crazy, but apparently they are quite polite

32. Mark Miller

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    In 1993, the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys were scheduled to do battle in Super Bowl XXVII and nobody was more excited than Bills superfan Mark Miller.

    Miller was sure the third time would be a charm for his Bills and loudly predicted a blowout victory. 

    The Cowboys defeated the Bills 52-17.

31. Jennifer Wiley

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    In 2006, Florida Gators superfan Jennifer Wiley paid homage to her alma mater by naming her newborn son Spurrier Urban Wiley—obviously named after Gator great Steve Spurrier and then-coach Urban Meyer. What could go wrong?

    Fast-forward to December 2011: The Wiley family is contemplating a name change after Urban Meyer accepted the head coaching position at Ohio State. 

    This is what you get for being an idiot. 

30. Steeler Ron

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    Steeler Ron (aka Ron Vergerio) is the (self-proclaimed) Pittsburgh Steelers' Ultimate Fan because he's spent the last seven years dedicating his body "as the canvas of artwork symbolizing my passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers."

    To date, Steeler Ron has spent over 200 hours getting stabbed with needles to support the Steelers, and he's not even close to done.

    You can read more about Steeler Ron's obsession on his website

29. Unidentified Spectator

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    At the Open in October 2011, PGA golfer Tiger Woods found himself at the center of yet another bizarre incident.

    Woods was just going about his business on the 16th hole of the final round when he looked up to find an unidentified male and a hot dog heading right for him.

    Luckily, he dodged the hot dog and the fan was immediately arrested for disturbing the peace.

    Later Tiger said of the incident,

    "I don't know how he tried to throw (the hot dog), but I was kind of focusing on my putt when he started yelling…It looked like he wanted to be arrested, really, because he laid on the ground, put his hands behind his back and turned his head. So it was one of those things. It was bizarre."

28. Nathan Blackhall

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    Well, apparently there's at least one superfan more than willing to overlook all the negative press dished on LeBron James in the last few years.

    In July 2011, LarryBrownSports reported that Nathan Blackhall, presumably LeBron's No. 1 fan, got his ridiculous portrait tattooed on his leg. 

    Blackhall was reportedly ridiculed on Twitter, but never once doubted the decision to get the tattoo because he's a big fan and knows King James is destined for the Hall of Fame. 

27. Clemson Tom

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    In November 2011, Deadspin posted a video of "Clemson Tom" offering postgame analysis of the Clemson/South Carolina game.

    All of his videos are certifiable, but this one is particularly goofy—and not just because he admits he'd eat a squirrel. 

26. Vancouver Green Men

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    The Vancouver "Green Men" have become staples at Canucks home games and can often be seen harassing opposing players in the penalty box and performing carious attention-grabbing acrobatic taunts.

    In 2009, the NHL cracked down on some of their more outrageous shenanigans, but didn't go overboard by banning them from games. 

    Check out the Green Men exchanging pleasantries with Boston Bruins tough guy Milan Lucic. 

25. Likely Unemployed Raiders Fan

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    Nothing says "I'm employable" like a giant bald head completely covered in tattoos, am I right?

    In January 2011, LarryBrownSports posted this photo of the Raiders fan (I, alone) voted "Most Likely to Get Arrested for Double Murder."

24. Donny Murphy

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    In February 2011, NESN reported that Boston Red Sox superfan Donny Murphy was spending every day of the MLB offseason outside of Fenway Park awaiting the start of the season.

    Murphy said he is the ultimate Sox superfan and that he was spending the offseason outside Fenway because he didn't have much else to do.

    Just living the dream, ya'll. Awesome. 

23. Pieter Van Zyl

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    In August 2002, Pieter van Zyl was arrested for assaulting a referee during a rugby match between South Africa's Tri Nations and New Zealand. The two sides were tied early in the second half when Van Zyl charged the field and leveled Irish referee David McHugh. 

    Players immediately came to McHugh's aid, but after the event he was carted off the field and unable to return to the game. No surprise, considering he was attacked by a wildebeest. 

    The immediate aftermath of the attack was captured on video.

22. This NASCAR Fan

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    This NASCAR superfine superfan shaved a No. 3 in his back hair as a tribute to driver Dale Earnhardt.

    How he has never been identified by name is anybody's guess—this isn't a look anyone would ever forget. 

21. Chris Brown

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    In 2011, the Houston Texans had their best season ever and even made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

    The whole thing proved a bit overwhelming for Chris Brown, a Texans superfan who really put the cart in front of the horse when he got this tattoo in early November.

    Needless to say, the Texans did not win the Super Bowl. 

20. Steve Consalvi

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    In May 2010, (then) 17-year-old Steve Consalvi was attending a Philadelphia Phillies game when he phoned his dad with an odd request—his permission to storm the field at Citizens Bank Park.

    Apparently he received it, because within minutes he was getting laid out by a taser in front of 45,000 people. Nice parenting, dad. 

19. Penn State Students

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    In November 2011, the Penn State board of trustees ousted the university's legendary head coach, the late Joe Paterno, after allegations of sexual misconduct by former coordinator Jerry Sandusky came to light. 

    Students at the university reacted to the news with the cool-headed dignity of a pack of rabid raccoons. They took to the streets around midnight for a good old-fashioned riot.

    Enraged students flipped over a media van and engaged in various other acts of destruction before dispersing hours later. 

18. Dennis Veteri

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    In January 2012, Dennis Veteri was arrested and charged with simple assault stemming from an incident which occurred outside Geno's Steaks after the NHL's Winter Classic in Philadelphia. 

    Veteri, an outraged Philadelphia Flyers fan, targeted Neal Auricchio Jr., a decorated Marine veteran of the Iraq War, because he was wearing a New York Rangers jersey.

    Auricchio suffered a concussion and facial injuries that required a titanium plate implanted in his face to repair the damage. 

    Veteri likely reserved his place in hell for that one. Way to be, dude. 

17. Skip Bayless

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    First Take co-host Skip Bayless makes no effort to conceal his affinity for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

    Actually, "affinity" might be putting it a bit too mildly—it's more like an unprofessional, passionate, undying man-love that borders on absolute obsession.

    Be afraid, Timmy Terrific, be very afraid. 

16. @javpasquel and @killa_keese_

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    When the San Francisco 49ers lost to the New York Giants in the 2011 NFC Championship, many irate Bay Area fans directed their rage at Niners wide receiver Kyle Williams, who fumbled twice in the game, including a critical punt in overtime that ultimately led to the Giants' game-winning score. 

    Fans hurled death threats, racial slurs and other miscellaneous hateful comments at Williams via Twitter in the days following the game.

    One fan (@UBE_fiasco) even directed Niners coach Jim Harbaugh to give Williams the game ball—and make sure it explodes when he gets in his car.

    Stay classy, San Francisco. 

15. Vasco da Gama's Most Devoted Fan

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    In December 2008, a Vasco da Gama superfan threatened to jump to his death from the stadium after it was announced that his team had been demoted from Brazil's top division.

    Vasco da Gama was one of only four teams to be demoted in the league's 110-year history. Police were able to talk him down, and the whole insane incident was captured on video

14. Lakers Fans

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    I'm not going to generalize and say that Los Angeles residents love to riot—I'm just going to say that nobody does it better. After the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship in 2010, nearly 40 people were arrested while "celebrating."

    Lakers fans "celebrated" by starting bonfires on the streets, hurling rocks and bottles at police officers, and attacking unsuspecting motorists outside the Staples Center. 

13. The Hogettes

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    The Hogettes are a group of 12 dudes who happen to enjoy cheering on their beloved Washington Redskins in dresses, party hats, costume jewelry and pig noses.

    The group was founded in 1983 and has become a staple at 'Skins games ever since. 

12. William Lepeska

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    In 2005, police arrested wet, naked drifter William Lepeska sprawled out on a pool chair three houses down from tennis angel Anna Kournikova's Miami mansion. 

    When Lepeska was taken into custody, he was screaming "Anna! Save me!" and police at the scene noted an "Anna" tattoo on his right biceps.

    Lepeska had been sending sexually explicit letters to Kournikova for almost a year and told arrested officers that he was in love with her and desperate to meet her.

    The line forms to the left, dude…

11. Tim Tebow's Weirdest Fan

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    In December 2011, a dude walked into a Denver tattoo parlor with nothing but a drawing and a dream.

    Less than two hours later, he walked out with Tim Tebow rendered as a centaur permanently inked on his thigh. 

    According to Gabe, the tattoo artist, the man had designed the image personally and left the shop a very happy man. 

10. Kentucky Basketball Fans

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    In September 2011, hundreds of Kentucky fans gathered across the street from the basketball ticket office to spend two days camping out in order to gain the slightest advantage in the queue to get tickets for a glorified scrimmage.

    Clearly there's not much going on in Kentucky. 

9. Donald Ray Ayro

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    After the New Orleans Saints' loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC divisional playoffs in January 2012, Saints fans Donald Ray Ayro was arrested for shooting two 49ers fans in the parking lot of an Applebee's in New Orleans. 

    According to police, Ayro became upset with Corey Adams and Christopher Middleton over the course of the game and when they got up to leave, Ayro followed them to the parking lot and opened fire—striking Middleton in the stomach and grazing Adam's head. 

    Ayro fled the scene but was caught a short time later and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

    At least Ayro was drunk at the time—which is an explanation for his insane behavior, not an excuse

8. Harvey Updyke Jr.

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    In January 2011, a man called into The Paul Finebaum Show to brag about poisoning the Toomer's Corner oak trees on the campus of Auburn University.

    Two weeks later, police arrested 62-year-old Harvey Updyke Jr., a retired Texas state trooper, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief for applying a herbicide to the oaks. 

    Apparently, nothing says "Roll Tide" like killing trees. 

7. Shawn Payton

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    In January 2012, a Detroit Lions fan, ironically named Shawn Payton, was arrested and charged with phoning in bomb threats to the Superdome during the playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and Lions. 

    Payton, distraught about the Lions being blown out by the Saints, called various extensions at the Superdome in an effort to have his message relayed to the sideline. 

    Payton wasn't under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, just driven momentarily insane in the heat of the moment. He did apologize. 

6. Blooming of Bolivia Fan

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    In August 2009, a Copa Sudamerica match in Bolivia was called off after a deranged Blooming fan stormed the pitch armed with a knife and assaulted forward Henry Gimenez of Uruguay's River Plate. 

    The security lapse was reportedly a result of in-event staff focusing on the game rather than doing their jobs. 

5. Chris Falcone

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    Any hockey fan will tell you that (the now-retired) Tie Domi is one of the meanest mothers ever to lace up skates.

    So you really have to wonder what Philadelphia Flyers fan Chris Falcone was thinking in March 2001, when he jumped over three rows of people and into the penalty box to take a shot at Domi. 

    Things probably didn't go as well as Falcone had hoped—he was escorted from the building with a police citation after the altercation and needed several stitches to close the gash on his forehead. 

    Dude is crazy, but has balls of steel. 

4. Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood

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    In July 2011, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood were arrested for the brutal beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow outside Dodger Stadium on Opening Day.

    The pair's violent assault left Stow, a paramedic and father of two, with brain injuries as a result of several kicks to the head. 

    Police say Stow was attacked solely because he was donning Giants gear, and the suspects were angry about the Los Angeles Dodgers' loss. 

3. Brian Downing

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    In January 2011, Deadspin reported on a disturbing incident that happened in the wake of the BCS Championship Game.

    Alabama fan Brian Downing spotted an LSU fan passed out at a restaurant on Bourbon Street and his first thought was to drop trow and urinate on the fan and then post the video on YouTube. 

    Downing was later arrested for the incident and charged with sexual battery for the lewd assault.

    Roll Tide?

2. Matthew Clemmens

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    In April 2010, Philadelphia Phillies fan Matthew Clemmens was arrested at Citizens Bank Park after he allegedly vomited on an off-duty police officer and his 11-year-old daughter on purpose.

    The police officer said that Clemmens acted deliberately when he put his fingers down his throat and thew up on him and his daughter. 

    The mad-puker was slapped with a number of charges stemming from the incident, including aggravated assault, resisting arrest and harassment. 

1. Alphonso Omondi

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    In May 2009, Arsenal lost 3-1 to Manchester United in the Champions League semifinal.

    Arsenal fan Alphonso Omondi took the loss particularly hard—he committed suicide just hours after the game.

    This takes team commitment to a tragic new level.