5 Reasons New England Patriots Own the Greatest Dynasty Ever

Cindy FigueroaContributor IIJanuary 31, 2012

5 Reasons New England Patriots Own the Greatest Dynasty Ever

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    The Super Bowl is right around the corner and the reputation of the New England Patriots is on the line. On Sunday, they will prove to all the skeptic fans of the NFL that their throne is too high and they cannot be touched.

    But in the mean time, here are five reasons why they have already earned the title of "Best Dynasty Ever."

Most Disciplined Team

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    The Patriots are the heavyweight champs that do a KO in the first round, leaving the ring in total silence before even being pronounced the winner. And by the time the loser regains consciousness, the Pats are already planning termination of the next team.

    There is no glitz or glam about football. It is a rugged sport that is played by the tough and fearless. Bill Belichick knows this and he has implemented it religiously in his locker room.

    His players are conditioned to stay 100 percent focused on the game. There is no room for nonsense or diva tantrums. Those antics will not fly in Belichick's world, and there is no mercy for those who don’t abide by the system. 

    Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and Mike Vrabel used to monitor the locker room and call out guys when they were late or not busy working out. Belichick fined Randy Moss when he was late to a meeting during a snowstorm.

    Belichick is also very stern about the team’s media exposure. He likes to control what is said and not be too flashy. This makes perfect sense—the guy has a whole wardrobe of half-cropped hoodies.

    There is no other way but the Patriot way. Get with it or you’re gone. The discipline and mind control on this team is the unique quality that separates the Patriots from everyone else.

Best Drafting System

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    Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round and is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Who would have ever thought that was possible?

    Bill Belichick.

    He has perfected the drafting system, but more importantly knows exactly how to take advantage of free agency.

    The drafting method the Pats use is based on a number scale within different categories. Instead of comparing college prospects to their success in the NCAA, they are compared to the players on the Patriots and in the NFL.

    How do they match up to the pros? If the college player isn’t good enough to replace anyone on the team, he is of no use.

    Belichick and his recruiting team also look for specific qualities in their prospects. Leadership, devotion and maturity are huge factors. The player must posses these in order to compliment the style in the locker room.

    The Pats have acquired numerous star veterans through free agency and know how to bargain to keep the upper hand. Belichick knows the draft like the back of his hand, and has trained the best scouting team in the league.

Three Super Bowls

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    Every Patriot-hater out there should feel lucky the Patriots haven’t turned their trio of Super Bowl rings into brass knuckles and made them eat their words.

    They are for too poised for that.

    The Patriots have three Super Bowl rings, and they are on their way to their fifth Super Bowl appearance in 12 years.  

    There are 14 teams who have never won a Super Bowl, including four that have never even made an appearance. The Pats just keep going back like it's their annual holiday trip.

    There is not one contender in the present or league history that can compare to the thriving reign of the New England Patriots. There is no collapse in sight for the Pats. As much as haters want to deny this statement, the Patriots are the best.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are like Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson. They run the city of Boston like Kobe and Phil used to run L.A.

    They are the most winning coach-QB duo, surpassing Dan Marino and Don Shula with 117 wins. Belichick devises the plans and Brady executes them to perfection.

    Brady and Belichick have a force field that circulates throughout the team, making everyone as competitive in nature as they are. Players and coaches alike force their best just because of the intimidation the dynamic duo carry over this team.

18-0 Still Makes Perfect

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    In 2007, the New England Patriots went 18-0 prior to the Super Bowl. They might not have won the Super Bowl, but they had a perfect regular season regardless.

    Although that record does not mean a thing without a ring to show for it, there is not a greater example of a complete and “elite” team. With a win over the Giants this Sunday, the Pats will indefinitely secure their mark in NFL history.

    The Patriots are not seeking revenge against the Giants. They could care less about them. It’s been four years since they have stepped foot in the limelight of a Super Bowl. They want their pride back, because true Patriots know losing is not allowed.