Prince Fielder Contract: What $214 Million Can Buy the New Prince of Detroit

Benjamin Klein@BenjaminJKleinContributor IIIFebruary 2, 2012

Prince Fielder Contract: What $214 Million Can Buy the New Prince of Detroit

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    The Detroit Tigers' signing of slugger 1B Prince Fielder has sparked several questions this offseason. How will he transition to the American League? How effective will Miguel Cabrera be when he transitions to third base? Are the Detroit Tigers the team to beat in the American League? How long until they win a World Series?

    His 10-year, $214 million contract makes Prince one of the richest baseball players in the game and certainly one of the more wealthy people in all of Michigan. Here's a fun, non-baseball related question to think about; how will Prince spend his new fortune? Here are ten potential purchases. 

107,000,000 Krispy Kreme Donuts

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    The closest Krispy Kreme location is just 15 minutes from Comerica Park. Fielder, weighing in at 275 pounds, has definitely eaten his fair share of donuts over the course of his life. Expecting that each donut would cost around two dollars, Fielder could purchase 107,000,000 total donuts. 

    That means that if Fielder ate one donut for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it would take him over 97,000 years to finish them all. His contract is only for ten years so finishing them may be a stretch.

321,000,000 McDonalds Cheeseburgers

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    If Prince isn't feeling donuts, then maybe he would be happier with a burger. With a McDonalds just five minutes away from the stadium, Prince could turn into the all-time best customer instead of the all-time home run leaders like many Tigers fans hope.

    Assuming a basic cheeseburger usually costs less than a dollar so he would be able to buy 321,000,000 total burgers with this new contract. If he shared with everyone on the team and most of the coaching staff, they would each have to eat almost 30,000 per day in order to finish them in one year.

42,800,000 Subway Foot-Long Sandwiches

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    If Jared got skinny from eating Subway every day, why can't Prince do the same? Everyone should know by now that a Subway foot-long sub only costs $5. That's works out to be nearly 43 million subs. 

    For some reason, I think that if you eat that many subs, it will do exactly the opposite of what happened to Jared. Could Prince get any bigger and still be able to run the bases?

214,000 $1,000 Westin Hotel (NY) Bagels

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    The Tigers travel to New York towards the end of April and chances are they will be staying at a very nice hotel like the Westin. This hotel offers a bagel that you won't find anywhere else in the world. You go to Dunkin' Donuts and pay a little more than a dollar for a bagel. Not here. At the Westin Hotel in New York, a bagel will cost you a thousand dollars!

    Buying 214,000 bagels during a three-game road trip might be a little excessive but I guess you can never have to many thousand dollar bagels.

89 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports Cars

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    Coming into Detroit, Prince will have to drive in style after signing this huge deal. What's better than filling his garage with 89 Bugatti Veyrons? say that not only is this car the most expensive, it is also the fastest legal street car you'll find. Priced at a modest $2.4 million each, Fielder has the opportunity to buy one for every Tigers player and their wives. 

4 Season Tickets to the Detroit Tigers for 8,366 Years

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    Going off of this season's season ticket packages, the most expensive seat in Comerica Park is right next to the on-deck circle. One season ticket there is $6,395.

    If Prince wanted to buy four tickets for the family for every season until his money ran out, he'd had enough to buy season tickets for 8,366 years. Who even knows if baseball or the world will be around by then.

535,000 Rawlings First Baseman Gloves

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    We know that Prince Fielder will primarily play first base for at least his first season in Detroit, so he'll have to stock up on first basemen mitts. Assuming that he uses Rawlings as his glove of choice, he can buy over half a million first basemen gloves.

    If he's feeling generous he can give each first baseman in the MLB almost 18,000 gloves.

428,000 iPads

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    One of the coolest pieces of technologies on the market right now is the iPad 2. The latest edition of the iPad 2 goes for around $400 minimum.

    Prince Fielder has the opportunity to buy nearly half a million iPad 2's, using his salary from the Detroit Tigers. By the time it takes Prince to complete this purchase, the iPad 3 may even be released.

856,000 Shares of the Green Bay Packers

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    By going to, the Green Bay Packers allow you to buy shares of the team, which is publicly owned. Each share costs $250 each, meaning that Prince Fielder can buy 856,000 shares of the Packers.

    Unfortunately the Detroit Lions aren't publicly owned so Prince won't be able to buy stock in them, but maybe someday he'll become a part-owner.

The Minnesota Wild

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    According to Forbes, the Minnesota Wild are currently worth $213 million, just one million less than Fielder will make during his 10 years in Detroit.

    Now, I'm not saying that the Wild are for sale or that Prince would even be interested in buying them, but he would have enough based on how much they are worth. Personally, I would think it would be pretty cool to own a hockey team, but that also is a lot of money.