NBA Predictions for 2012

Patrick Buscone@pbuscone10Senior Analyst IJanuary 1, 2012

NBA Predictions for 2012

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    Now that 2011 is over, we can look ahead to the New Year of 2012. 2012 will most likely prove to be a great year for the NBA. While we can't know for sure exactly what will happen this year, it is always fun to make predictions. And these predictions are more like educated guesses. As always, feel free to comment if agree or disagree with any of the predictions.

Kevin Durant Will Win MVP

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    I think that this year will finally be the year for Kevin Durant. He has been close the past few years to getting MVP and has had to settle for scoring titles. So far in this young season, he is averaging 27 points, seven rebound, and four assists and I don't see him slowing down at any point this season.

Kyrie Irving Will Win Rookie of the Year

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    Right now, Norris Cole is the popular choice for winning Rookie of the Year. And deservedly so, he has been a Godsend for the Miami Heat who have been searching for a point guard like him for a very long time. That being said, Cole, at best, is the fourth best player on that team. And while he has been able to have big scoring games, I see his scoring going down because Wade, LeBron, and Bosh will be doing most of the scoring going forward.

    With Cole out of the picture, I see first pick overall Kyrie Irving winning Rookie of the Year. So far, with the exception of the first game, he has played very well in terms of scoring, passing, and rebounding. He is also leading the Cavs, making him the number one candidate for the award.

Dwight Howard Will Win Defensive Player of the Year.......Again

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    Regardless of where he is at season's end, you can bet that Dwight Howard will be adding another Defensive Player of the Year Award to his collection. And to be honest, I don't see anyone who can beat him out for the award in the near future.

    As a side note, Howard is only third in the league in blocked shots behind DeAndre Jordan and..........GREG STIEMSMA! If they had stat for blocks per minute played, Stiemsma's would be off the chart (he is actually averaging about one block for every five minutes played). But alas, I guess Greg Stiemsma will just have to wait another year before he can win Defensive Player of the Year.

Brandon Bass Will Win Sixth Man of the Year

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    This one may seem a little far-fetched, but if you have been watching the Celtics at all this year, the first thing you would notice would be Brandon Bass. He has looked like the best or second best player on the team in the first few games and has been providing great scoring and rebounding off of the bench. He also, according to Synergy Sports Data, is the top defender on the Celtics. He is playing great on both ends of the floor and if he keeps it up, he will definitely be a top candidate for this award.

Scott Brooks Will Win Coach of the Year

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder are undefeated so far in this young season and look to continue their dominance. As much behind their great play as Durant and Westbrook is Coach Scott Brooks and this year, he will be awarded for it.

Executive of the Year Will Be Clipper's Neil Oshley

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    I can't think of any other general managers who have done more to help their team this year than Clipper's Neil Oshley. The trade he made for Chris Paul immediately transformed the Clippers into a playoff team, and barring any big in-season trades, this is the biggest move of the year.

James Harden Will Win Most Improved Player

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    James Harden showed some of his full talents in the playoffs last year, and so far this year, he is doing the same. He is already averaging nearly 18 points, six rebounds, and five assists per game, up nearly six points, two rebounds, and an assist from last season. The Thunder will cruise with his help and that will get him the necessary exposure to win this award.

Kobe Bryant Will Win All Star Game MVP.......Again

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    No one takes All-Star games more seriously than Kobe Bryant. Most players just want to have fun, maybe throw down a few dunks, and not get hurt. Kobe on the other hand is running isolation plays for himself and taking fade-aways from twenty feet away. No one else is willing to try or shoot as much as Kobe in an All-Star game, making him the obvious choice for All-Star game MVP.

Heat Will Beat Thunder in the NBA Finals

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    This year will finally be the year for the Oklahoma City Thunder to make the Finals. Unfortunately, it will also be the Heat's year to win it all. I don't want it to happen, but with another year together and the additions of Norris Cole and Shane Battier, it seems that this year is their year. But I think Dwayne Wade, not LeBron, will win the Bill Russell Award.

Wizards Will Get First Pick in the Draft and Select Jared Sullinger

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    The Wizards have yet to win a game this season and do not look like they are headed towards many wins this season. They will most likely end up with the first pick in the draft, and because they need to get bigger, they will select Jared Sullinger out of Ohio State. Since returning from injury he has played very well and could be just what the Wizards need.

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