WWE Rights a Wrong with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai Tag Title Win; More Raw Takes

Kevin BergeSeptember 13, 2022

WWE Rights a Wrong with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai Tag Title Win; More Raw Takes

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    Damage CTRL capture the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship they should have won weeks ago. Credit: WWE.com.

    Mondays have become must-watch lately for WWE fans, and the September 12 edition of WWE Raw was no different.

    Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai righted their course by defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah to become the new WWE women's tag team champions.

    The Judgment Day opened and closed the night on top, particularly helped by Finn Bálor's big win over Matt Riddle and Dominik Mysterio's performance against Edge.

    Johnny Gargano showed out in his in-ring debut for the red brand. He worked the match of the night with Chad Gable and stood tall with a win.

    Bianca Belair set up an open challenge, which was answered by Sonya Deville. The former authority figure lost, but she challenged The EST of WWE more than she might have done in the past.

    Raw continued to move forward with a refreshingly wrestling-focused night.

No Point to Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah Winning Women's Tag Titles

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    Just 14 days after Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships tournament, the victors have already lost the gold to the women they beat in the finals, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai.

    Damage CTRL are the biggest story in the women's division. Giving Sky and Kai the tag team belts was an inevitability as this group can reform the reputation of the titles.

    There was no point in delaying. In fact, it may have hurt the moment to wait. Damage CTRL would remain completely undefeated and hold the gold if Sky and Kai had won the tournament.

    Aliyah's limitations in the ring were exposed in recent performances. Rodriguez added a third tag team title reign to her legacy, but she has just 17 days as champion between those reigns. She has not been able to make an impact most of her title runs.

    In the end, Damage CTRL will thrive while Aliyah and Rodriguez may not stay together for long if WWE wants to push the latter.

Dominik Mysterio Already Elevating The Judgment Day

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    The Judgment Day make a statement at Edge's expense. Credit: WWE.com.

    The Judgment Day needed a restart, and it began with adding Dominik Mysterio to the group. With a big win in Monday's opener and standing tall to close the show, the stable is building credibility for the first time in months.

    Finn Bálor defeating Matt Riddle was a surprising but smart move, especially with Seth Rollins getting involved. It should be the first step in The Prince building himself as a top star again.

    The main event was a test for Dominik, and he looked good against Edge. He had one of his best performances in recent memory. While there was no definitive finish, The Judgment Day ended the night on top.

    Rhea Ripley's influence over the younger Mysterio is especially interesting. The group has found its full dynamic, which may allow Bálor, Damian Priest, Ripley and Dominik to realize their potential.

Johnny Gargano Instantly Proves His Worth in Memorable Debut

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    Johnny Gargano left WWE as one of the top names in wrestling, and he has returned with just as much drive and passion. He put on a show with Chad Gable, who continued to outperform his status each week.

    Gable was a perfect first opponent for Johnny Wrestling in his return to the ring. The two had the match of the night easily, given plenty of time to make sure they both shined.

    Immediately, Gargano adds value to Raw. He can have good matches with just about anyone, especially those who can reach for his in-ring level like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, Dolph Ziggler and more.

    With the right build, Johnny Wrestling can be one of the top stars in WWE. Triple H knows what he has in the 35-year-old, so that prediction looks likely to become reality.

Sonya Deville Starting to Make Her Mark Again

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    Sonya Deville has had a rocky road to success in WWE. She has risen up the ranks before, but a necessary hiatus from wrestling stopped her momentum. She then spent over half-a-year in a non-competitive role.

    Since getting back to in-ring action in May, the 28-year-old has been slow to find her feet again, but the past week has been an important showcase that she is getting comfortable again.

    Her performance against Ronda Rousey on Friday's SmackDown was memorable, but it was her physical battle with Bianca Belair on Raw that showed her true potential again.

    Deville is better than she has been able to show and a rare asset to WWE at a time when every woman needs to step up. She may not be going after championships anytime soon, but she is beginning to look like a challenger again.


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