B/R CFB Community: Biggest Week 1 Takeaways

Adam KramerSeptember 6, 2022

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It has been only one week and change, but many fans already believe they've figured out the 2022 college football season.

This is nothing new. No matter the time of the year, games and performance lead to opinions. Many of these opinions will prove to be wrong, although all thoughts are welcomed here. In fact, we want to tap into them.

With two weekends of college football in the books, we asked B/R readers to give us their biggest takeaways heading into Week 2.

Some were quite sensible. Some were perhaps a bit unhinged. And some were downright excessive. We love them all equally.

Here are B/R readers' thoughts after Week 1, with some accompanying commentary.

It’s a Two-Team World

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User: @dog79

Response: Bama and Georgia are heads above everyone, it’s not even close. This is what has become of college football. The talking heads can try and say all they want, but facts are facts. They will try to match Bama and Georgia in the first round of the playoffs to help Ohio State. But Ohio State would lose by 21 to either team. And sorry, Coach Day, you are not SEC tough or fast.

This is a lot to unpack. Thanks to @dog79 for the college football brain dump.

Let’s zero in on the first part of his response: It’s Alabama and Georgia, and that’s about it. Well, maybe.

It feels premature to declare this after only 60 minutes of football, especially given what we saw from Ohio State’s defense against Notre Dame. The Buckeyes will be a problem for many, and other teams are likely to emerge.

With that being said, Alabama delivered a 55-0 win over Utah State, while Georgia stomped Oregon, 49-3. The Bulldogs’ win was particularly impressive given all of the talent that exited the program after last season and the level of competition they faced in Week 1.

So, what do we know?

Well, we know Alabama is very, very good. We’ll learn more this week against Texas. We think Georgia might be very, very good as well, and Week 1 helped solidify that sentiment.

These two teams could very well be the best in the country once again. At this point, no one would argue against this. But we should probably allow other teams to have their say, even if we ultimately wind up right back where we started.

The Irish Fought

Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

User: Sglide15

Response: Notre Dame is better than I thought they were!

I completely agree with this, and it doesn’t feel like an overreaction.

Entering the matchup with Ohio State, I expected Notre Dame to be outclassed. The Irish put up a heck of a fight in a 21-10 loss.

Now, it’s still a loss. There are no moral victories, but there was still a lot to like in a losing effort.

We can look at stats and analytics, but I was anxious to look at game speed. Notre Dame was on the same athletic level as the Buckeyes, which is an enormous plus. The defense played exceptionally well against C.J. Stroud, which should be a factor moving forward.

I also thought we saw plenty of good from quarterback Tyler Buchner. Making your first start in Columbus is no easy assignment, but Buchner made some quality throws and will only get better as the season calms down.

Notre Dame’s season gets easier from here. With a handful of winnable games on deck, expect to see a much cleaner, better version of the Irish.

There are different levels of 0-1 across college football. This isn’t a bad 0-1.

One Step Closer to a Starting QB?

Nic Antaya/Getty Images

User: @tmoney3

Response: It’s J.J. McCarthy Season

Michigan is giving each of Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy one start to make an impression. While the Wolverines cruised to a 51-7 win over Colorado State, McNamara wasn’t exactly pristine in his opportunity.

After playing solid football last season, McNamara didn’t look like himself. He completed only 50 percent of his throws for 136 yards. Given the very public and unique nature of this quarterback battle, perhaps it’s taking a toll on his performance.

Either way, McCarthy will now get the start against Hawai’i. The Rainbow Warriors have issues, and McCarthy seems destined to post huge numbers as a result. (He also completed all four of his throws last week and ran for 50 yards and a touchdown.)

While Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh hasn’t tipped his hand yet on a potential starter in Week 3 and beyond, McCarthy is in an ideal spot right now.

A big performance in Week 2 should all but secure the starting gig for him moving forward.

West Coast Dud

Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

User: @rykerlloyd

Response: Pac-12 is a joke

I do not enjoy the yearly ritual of blasting different conferences after bad weekends. It’s an exhausting exercise that does little good, although it won’t prevent these takes from coming.

With that disclaimer delivered, let’s assess the damage after one weekend of Pac-12 football.

Oregon was crushed by Georgia, and Utah lost a heartbreaker to Florida. Colorado also lost to TCU. (I’m not sure whether this last result matters, although we’re taking inventory of all the losses.)

Yes, seeing two of the conference’s top teams suffer challenging defeats is not the optimal way to start the year. Still, USC showcased its reimagined offense against Rice. Oregon State was incredibly impressive in a win over Boise State. And even Arizona, which has struggled in recent years, delivered a solid win over San Diego State.

To be clear, none of this will stop the avalanche of criticism from coming. To do that, the Pac-12 will need to deliver a playoff team. This weekend was unquestionably a blow to those goals. But USC is in the Pac-12 for now, and the Trojans have plenty of firepower.

Plus, it’s early September. Let’s keep our conference affirmations concealed until at least Halloween. Deal?

QB1 Comes Out Swinging

David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

User: @BigBlueFL

Response: Two words. ANTHONY RICHARDSON!!!!!!

Anthony Richardson showed glimpses of promise last year. In fact, he looked like Florida’s quarterback of the future at various times during last fall.

After beating Utah in the opener, however, the optimism surrounding Richardson has reached an entirely different stratosphere.

In the upset over the Utes, Richardson threw for 168 yards, ran for 106 yards and scored three touchdowns. He was explosive, he protected the football and he led Florida to one of its most important wins in recent memory.

Now, let’s try to be measured about all of this hype. (We won't, but let's try.)

Richardson is still relatively young and is likely to have a hiccup or two along the way. But given his incredible size and duality at the position, he is likely to dazzle throughout the year.

If you’re a Florida fan, you should be thrilled by these developments. It’s been a weird stretch for one of the sport’s most successful programs. Richardson offers hope and excitement all at once, although we still need to try to take it slow. (We won't, but let's try.)

A Sad Day for Football

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

User: @mrwhitejr1987

Response: Iowa and South Dakota State set football back 100 years

I spent much of my collegiate life in Iowa City, which is a necessary bit of information before proceeding any further.

The fact that the Hawkeyes scored seven points without scoring a touchdown is maybe the most Iowa moment possible. Iowa scored two safeties and a field goal to reach seven points.

That’s it. South Dakota State also added three points.

The two teams combined for 286 yards of offense. Both teams averaged less than two yards per carry. This game also featured a combined 21 punts for nearly 1,000 yards.

If you watched this game, you should be given a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant and a hug from someone you care deeply about. This was somehow worse than advertised.


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