John Cena Is Bigger Than WWE, Breaking Up The Street Profits, More WWE Raw Takes

Kevin BergeJune 28, 2022

John Cena Is Bigger Than WWE, Breaking Up The Street Profits, More WWE Raw Takes

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    WWE Raw had two focus points in its June 27 edition. While ramping up to Saturday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the show also honored John Cena.

    The Champ proved his value by making the most of his appearance, working with many stars throughout the night before cutting one of his signature promos thanking the crowd for his 20-year career with the company.

    Becky Lynch finally qualified for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match after several awkward misses in recent weeks.

    The Miz helped announce the return of Logan Paul to a WWE ring at SummerSlam, though it is still unclear exactly what the YouTuber will be doing.

    The Street Profits continued to pick up solo victories over Jimmy and Jey Uso. Montez Ford proved his value as a solo star again, which is something that should be further explored.

    It was a big show for Raw as it plots a course beyond Money in the Bank all the way to SummerSlam on July 30.

WWE Needs Cena More Than He Needs WWE

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    John Cena is one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history. He represented the company as its top name for over a decade, even with a crowd that often gave him mixed responses.

    Each time he returns, he feels like an even bigger star, and WWE needs someone who makes that kind of impact. While the roster is loaded with talent, Cody Rhodes' injury and Roman Reigns' absence have left the red brand lacking most weeks.

    Cena has found success in Hollywood from Peacemaker to Fast 9, and he can stay in that lane for a long time to come. He does not need to wrestle another match in his career.

    However, WWE needs him. He was the absolute star of Monday night while not having to do much of anything. Everyone sat through the three-hour Raw to hear from the 45-year-old.

    It is only Cena's love for WWE that keeps him coming back, and the company desperately needs to take advantage of that to get him on the show as much as possible to make up for the lack of star power on Raw right now.

The Necessary Evil of Logan Paul

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    Logan Paul may not be the most likable man in the world, but he knows how to draw attention.

    His work at WrestleMania 38 impressed many and also created headlines for WWE's biggest night.

    SummerSlam could use that same attention. Whether Paul is teaming with The Miz again or fighting him, the show will benefit from that contest.

    While WWE has talent enough to fill any size card, star power is necessary to get more eyes on the product. Much like at The Show of Shows in April, fresh eyes will be watching to see what Paul does.

    If the social media star can bring the same energy he did to his first match, he can shock many once again.

    It would be a nice way to give the whole summer of WWE a jolt of energy.

It's Time For The Street Profits to Break Up

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    Sometimes, a fresh start is necessary for even the most popular of acts.

    The Street Profits have a ton of talent and remain a constant positive force for WWE, but the tag team division no longer needs Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.

    Assuming they will lose to The Usos at Money in the Bank, it's time for a change.

    Ford especially is a star in the making. He has bulked up recently while remaining as agile as ever. He is a human highlight reel with the charisma to match.

    Dawkins may not be able to keep up with his teammate, but he can make the most of a fresh opportunity. He has also looked good in recent solo action.

    The two men don't need to turn on each other, but both should fly solo for a while. The upper midcard scene on Raw is wide open, and Theory could use some fresh competition after this weekend's match against Bobby Lashley.

Becky Lynch's Convoluted Storyline

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    After losing the Raw Women's Championship, it seemed like Becky Lynch was ready to step out of the spotlight. Then, she ran into Asuka, who had repeatedly got in her way and cost her real opportunities, which could have led to an interesting angle.

    Big Time Becks can be heel or face without trouble, but she needs a clear story in either role. Her struggles recently have amounted to nothing because she keeps getting title shot after title shot.

    Lynch qualifying for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match at the last minute was a foregone conclusion. If she can find this much success with The Empress of Tomorrow trying to ruin her life, what is the point of the feud?

    An unhinged Big Time Becks would have been fun to watch. She could have told a great story without having to stay in the spotlight. Instead, she often still overshadows Bianca Belair in spite of The EST of WWE's best efforts.


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