Joc Pederson's Former Teammates: Tommy Pham Had Been Planning Slap Since Last Season

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured Columnist IVJune 27, 2022

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Atlanta Braves pitchers Tyler Matzek and Josh Tomlin were teammates with Joc Pederson last season, and they revealed that Tommy Pham's infamous slap of the outfielder was a long time coming during a discussion with the Chris Rose Rotation podcast.

"This was going on all last year," Matzek said. "So we would hear about this in our clubhouse before this ever happened. And the biggest one was when we went to San Diego that end of the year and he literally did not leave the clubhouse. Joc did not leave the clubhouse because he knew Tommy Pham was out there and Tommy Pham wanted to slap him and beat him up."

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β€œJoc did not leave the clubhouse because he knew Tommy Pham was out there, and Tommy Pham wanted to slap him and beat him up."<br><br>The Joc/Pham slap could have happened last September πŸ˜…<br><br>(via <a href="https://twitter.com/RoseRotation?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">@RoseRotation</a>) <a href="https://t.co/o20V22wIyg">pic.twitter.com/o20V22wIyg</a>

Pederson and Pham were on the field again this past weekend when the latter's Cincinnati Reds took two of three games in San Francisco.

Giants fans booed Pham even though Pederson previously told reporters he believed they would be respectful, saying: "It's an unfortunate incident, and I feel like we've moved past it. It was an off-field issue, handled and moved on. It's in the rear-view mirror."

Pham was suspended for three games for slapping Pederson before a game in May because of a fantasy football dispute.

"Last month, Pederson had said he was accused of cheating for the way he had maneuvered the big-money fantasy league's injured reserve spot," ESPN noted. "Pham had said the dispute stemmed from an old text sent by Pederson to the league's group chat in which he disrespected his teammates on the San Diego Padres, for whom he played last season."

Pham, who dropped out of the league, told The Athletic there was a $10,000 entry fee for the 12-team league and placed some of the blame on Mike Trout. The Los Angeles Angels star was the league's commissioner.

Trout told an ESPN broadcast the league is going to have a new commissioner.

Pederson at least has bragging rights over Pham when it comes to the National League standings, as his Giants are 39-33 compared to Cincinnati's 25-47 record.


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