MLB Rumors: Players Union to Present CBA Counteroffer at Upcoming Meeting

Doric SamJanuary 20, 2022

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 11: Third base during Game 3 of the NLDS between the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers on October 11, 2021 at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association are reportedly set to meet for the second time since the league locked out the players in December.

ESPN's Jeff Passan reported Thursday that the two sides plan to meet on Monday and the MLBPA is expected to make a counteroffer to the league's proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement.

The two sides reportedly met for the first time since the lockout in mid-December. ESPN's Jesse Rogers reported that they discussed "non-core economic issues" including "scheduling, grievance procedures, special events, and/or the drug and domestic violence policies."

The owners made a proposal to the players last Thursday that reportedly didn't go over well. Passan reported that the players' reaction "was not positive" and the start of spring training could be delayed.

Jon Heyman of MLB Network stated that the league's proposal included higher pay for younger players that included an increased minimum salary. But according to Heyman, the players viewed the offer as "disappointing."

The lockout officially began on Dec. 2 after the league and MLBPA failed to come to an agreement on a new CBA before the old one expired. According to Rogers, "revenue sharing between clubs, the arbitration process and years in the league to free agency" are among the major issues that led to the lockout.

Spring training is scheduled to begin on Feb. 26 and the MLB regular season is scheduled to start on March 31. Unless one of the sides starts is able to soften its stance, those dates could be subjected to changes.